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How To Plan the Ultimate Airbnb Wedding For Your Special Day

In recent years, many brides and grooms have been opting out a traditional wedding venue to hold their ceremonies at Airbnb mansions and other kinds of listings.

These types of weddings work for adventurous couples who want to have a stunning ceremony while making the most of a smaller budget. Others prefer the simplicity of these places if they were already imagining to have a beautiful destination wedding or elopement.

As a relatively new idea for event planning, you and your partner might be having trouble with figuring out how to have an Airbnb wedding.


Don’t sweat it because you can find all of your answers about how to host an Airbnb wedding with our tips here at YeahWeddings!

Organizing an Airbnb wedding is pretty similar to the planning process for a traditional ceremony location.

In both situations, you’re typically renting a space that doesn’t belong to you and your future spouse. You’ll need to take the same precautions with Airbnb wedding venues as you would with a waterfront, barn, country club, house of worship, or any other place.

Learn everything else that you need to know about how to get married at an Airbnb with our guide!

Create a Guest List

guest list

If you and your partner are wondering about how to host an Airbnb wedding, keep in mind that you can only invite a certain number of people to your location. The property owner has already decided on this limit.

Even the largest of AirBnb mansions and fabulous country estates can only room up to forty people at a time. Determine your guest count by thinking in terms of planning a micro wedding that involves only the closest people in your life.

Make Sure Your Accommodations Fit Your Needs

looking at airbnb wedding listings

Before you figure out how to get married at an Airbnb, you need to make sure that your listing will provide you with everything that you need for your special day.

If you’re searching for Airbnb wedding venues to have an alfresco reception, you should find an option that has enough indoor spaces in case the weather proves to be less than ideal. Check if you’ll need extension cords or generators to have power with these outdoor spaces in the first place.

Look out for any options that include extra amenities like a swimming pool or hot tub. Your future spouse will definitely enjoy having the chance to relax with you in this perfect location.

Communicate With Your Host

cell phone

One of the most significant parts of knowing how to have an Airbnb wedding is establishing a steady amount of contact with your host.

Unlike with an event coordinator and wedding planner, these property owners might not live nearby to answer any immediate questions that you may have when experiencing your intimate ceremony.

Double check that they even allow for wedding events before booking their accommodations. Don’t be afraid to ask directly if they do not include this information in their listing.

Visit Airbnb Wedding Venues


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If possible, see your wedding locations in-person before making a final decision. Even the most detailed photos of Airbnb mansions and other kinds of rentals can’t fully capture the vibe.

Touring a wedding venue option usually makes or breaks the choice for couples to book these elopement friendly lodgings. Use this time to find the white sandy beaches, mountain views, and other backdrops that you want for your beautiful wedding photos.

Decorate Your Space


Learning how to host an Airbnb wedding means adorning your ceremonial space with the furniture that has already been provided.

Embellish the tables with silverware that matches your wedding theme. Hang ornaments on the walls with the permission of your host.

If you do want certain objects out of the background of your Airbnb wedding photos, feel free to move them away safely. Don’t forget to return them to their original positions before you check out.

Research Lodgings For Your Guests

airbnb guest listings

If you didn’t envision that your guests would be staying with you and your partner at your Airbnb wedding location, save them any trouble by looking into additional accommodations in the area.

Feel free to go with hotels or other Airbnb listings as potential options. 

Organize Travel Arrangements


Knowing how to host an Airbnb wedding involves keeping track of travel arrangements for your celebrant, vendors, and guests. Find the nearest airports, train stations, or bus stops so you know how they will be arriving to your ceremonial space. 

If they haven’t arranged for their own transportation, offer to plan car rentals and other methods of ride sharing so they won’t have to worry about missing your wedding day.

Double check that there will be enough parking at your Airbnb wedding address for everybody who will be attending. 

Purchase Wedding Insurance

a picture of a wedding insurance policy

The smaller space of Airbnb wedding venues usually means that fewer people are able to attend so you and your partner are less likely to face as many mishaps than you would find with a traditional event space.

At the same time, your intimate wedding reception venue isn’t immune to every kind of problem. Buying insurance coverage will protect you against lost deposits from vendors, lost or stolen gifts, and other unexpected situations with your wedding guests.

The financial cost may be worth calming any anxieties that you may be feeling while planning this type of wedding.

Hire a Mobile Bar


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If you’re unable to visit any pubs but still want to have a toast during your dream wedding weekend, book a mobile bar to bring alcoholic beverages to you.

Many Airbnb wedding venues will have plenty of space for parking a van that serves wine, beer, and cocktails to your guest list. Mobile bars may also include sodas and desserts for anybody in your wedding party who is unable to have alcohol.

Respect the Neighbors


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Unless you’re thinking about how to host an Airbnb wedding in a secluded area, be aware that you may have neighbors who are living in the houses next to your romantic celebration.

Turn down the noise as your backyard wedding continues later in the evening. You’ll want to avoid a complaint or a negative guest rating from your host.

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