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What is Wedding Insurance? Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Insurance Coverage

If you’ve spent most of your time dreaming about how everything will feel magical and unforgettable on your special day, it might be difficult to imagine anything going wrong.

With so much money and effort spent on organizing your romantic celebration, you may want to protect your investment with a wedding insurance policy. But what is wedding insurance, and what does it cover? 

Many couples tend to skip out on wedding insurance if they intend on eloping or hosting an intimate ceremony. Buying wedding day insurance may be worth appeasing the worries of you and your partner so you can continue arranging your special day with a breath of fresh air. 

Wedding event insurance isn’t nearly as well-known as its counterparts for property and automobiles so if you are wondering about what is applicable for your special day, just know that countless brides and grooms have shared your same inquiries. 

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A good rule of thumb is to assume that a wedding insurance policy pertains to circumstances that are beyond the control of you and your partner. From inclement weather to venue malfunctions, all of these potential dilemmas can be claimed through the best wedding insurance. 

Bad Weather

Choosing an outdoor wedding venue means being at the mercy of the surrounding climate on your special day. Despite your best efforts to combat these weather patterns, you and your partner might be forced to reschedule your romantic celebration altogether. 

Typical rainy days are not qualified for refunds through wedding cancellation insurance. Brides and grooms can only file claims for weather conditions that make it unsafe for people to travel and participate safely during your special day. 

beach wedding

Wedding venue insurance becomes the most relevant for couples who are organizing a beach wedding that might be eventually affected by hurricane or typhoon season. Others may be interested in an insurance policy if snowstorms have a fair chance at postponing their winter ceremonies

If you’re planning a destination wedding, double check that your indemnity for inclement weather works for international locations and not only domestic events.

Lost Deposits

With so many fine details to consider during the wedding planning process, most couples don’t think about lost deposits as one of the potential problems on their special day. 

The best wedding insurance companies will compensate brides and grooms who have provided deposits for bakers, caterers, bridal boutiques, and venues that have ultimately filed for bankruptcy and lost their business permits. 

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Having this reimbursement through wedding cancellation insurance allows couples to find new options and not miss out on these services during their special day. 

Sickness and Injury

If you’ve learned that an essential person in your wedding party has fallen ill or become injured and will have to miss your romantic celebration, you can file a claim so the costs of postponing your wedding can be refunded through your insurance policy. Be aware that a request may be rejected if the illness relates to a pre-existing condition. 

Any other costs associated with your honeymoon may be evaluated as part of your wedding day insurance plan. A rescheduled ceremony and reception means that your honeymoon may have to be delayed so that it can occur after your romantic celebration. 

Lost or Stolen Wedding Gifts

wedding gifts

If you and your partner are planning to have a large guest list, you’re more than likely to lose track of your wedding gifts whether they’re sent in the mail or given during the reception.

Wedding insurance covers these valuables if they were lost in transit or stolen by one of your guests. Cash and gift cards are often excluded. 

Couples usually need to file a police report for stolen wedding gifts before making a claim with their wedding event insurance company. These requests typically need to be submitted within a certain time, ranging from a day to a week, from when the thefts occurred.



When hiring various services for your romantic celebration, you and your partner might be overlooking the possibility that they may not follow through with your expectations.

If promised content has not been delivered after being lost, stolen, damaged or improperly developed, couples can request a repayment through their wedding insurance policy. A claim can be submitted if the photographer or videographer has failed to show up to the wedding ceremony and venue in the first place. 

While some insurance companies reimburse the money that has been paid for these services, others may pay to re-stage your special day for retakes instead.

Corporate Relocation

Couples who wish to remain in their current careers tend to be less concerned about how wedding day insurance often covers last-minute corporate moves. 

If you and your partner aren’t planning your romantic celebration for years, think about how you may fall in this situation if your job requires you to relocate to a new city. A wedding insurance policy will allow you to make a claim so you don’t have to pay to postpone your special day until after you’ve settled into your new career. 

Lost or Damaged Wedding Attire

wedding attire protected by wedding event insurance

As one of the most important details of your special day, it’s no surprise if you and your partner have worried about the possibility of your wedding attire being lost or damaged. Wedding insurance provides repayments for gowns, suits, rings, and other accessories

Other Expenses

The best wedding insurance covers unexpected expenses that would ruin the enjoyment of your special day. 

Couples can seek a refund for ruined cakes and spoiled food through their insurance policies. Reception malfunctions, such as entertainment glitches, power outages, fire damages, and plumbing issues qualify for most wedding venue insurance plans. 

Optional Coverage

The amount of indemnity that you want for your romantic celebration ultimately determines the overall cost of your wedding insurance policy. 

With the ability to customize an insurance plan, many couples skip out on the optional coverage if it doesn’t necessarily apply to their special day or exceeds their wedding budget. Other brides and grooms want wedding liability insurance so they can feel completely secure during their romantic celebration. 

wedding budget

Wedding liability insurance involves any potential damages to the wedding venue and injuries to guests where you would be held legally responsible. The affected people are then unable to sue for their grievances.

Double check that your wedding venue insurance pertains to alcohol-related incidents. This indemnity is sometimes required by state or local laws. 

What Isn’t Covered

Wedding day insurance won’t cover every situation that negatively impacts your romantic celebration. If you have specific concerns during the wedding planning process, you might need to research any separate and specific policies that may be offered. 

Active Duty 


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Many brides and grooms work in the armed forces and have the possibility of being called to service before their wedding ceremony and reception occur.

If you and your partner might be affected by unforeseen deployment, consider looking into an insurance policy that will pay to reschedule your special day. 

Loss of Employment 

Weddings are often canceled due a loss of employment between a couple. Be aware that most wedding cancellation insurance plans are likely to reject a claim for this reason. 

Change of Heart

Any couples interested in buying wedding insurance should know that a change of heart does not usually qualify for a financial return. Wedding insurance companies view this situation as being within the control of brides and grooms. 

Purchase Wedding Insurance

Couples should finalize their wedding insurance policy during the same time that they are submitting deposits to vendors. Keep in mind that wedding event insurance companies usually have a limitation with how far in advance their plans can be purchased. 

Other Considerations

ceremony with fireworks

You and your partner may be rejected from the best wedding insurance policies if you’ve decided to include risky attractions like fireworks, bouncy houses, and live animals during your special day. 

Be aware that venues and service providers may have their own insurance plans in place when you book them. These policies usually cover the equipment rented from the venue, but not from outside sources. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them with questions to avoid paying for more wedding insurance than you need to feel reassured on your special day.

If you’re using family heirlooms, check with your families to see if property insurance already applies to these accessories and attire. Weddings rings are often covered by a wedding insurance policy, but not engagement rings. 

If you’re still unsure about buying wedding day insurance, think about asking your married friends and family about their opinions. They are more than likely to provide some helpful advice and could even recommend some wedding insurance plans if they’ve purchased coverage for their own special day. 

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Don’t be afraid to reach out to agents with questions about a wedding insurance policy. Part of their job is to keep you informed.

For couples who have decided to buy wedding insurance, we would love to know in the comments about which policies will protect your upcoming special day! 

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