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Best Indie Wedding Songs for Your Ceremony and Reception

When planning the music for your wedding day, you might be searching for the perfect songs but can’t seem to find them. Putting together a great wedding playlist is essential for a great night– from the first dance to the height of the party, music can make or break a fun wedding.

If you’re so over the typical pop hits, you’re in the perfect spot to look into some deeper-cut indie wedding songs. While some of these songs may be unknown to your guests, they will also be familiar enough for everyone to enjoy. Keep reading for a list of 24 indie wedding songs.

What is Indie Music?

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The history and definitions of the indie genre are a bit fluid and difficult to define. As it began, indie music was defined as all music released under an independent or small label, or that was self-produced and released. However, indie has taken on its own sounds and conventions.

As the genre has grown, the indie sound has many different facets and elements. It’s often recognized by a stripped down feel, showing less production and more instrumentation.

However, there are also things like indie-pop, which displays a mix of the common elements in pop and in indie. Further, some electronic music is considered indie, but it depends on the artist.

Many indie wedding songs have become popular for the wedding processional and end of ceremony recessional, for your wedding reception playlist, and more! Find the best alternative wedding songs to play on the big day.


24 Indie Songs for Your Wedding

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Though a lot of indie music has the reputation of being downtrodden and sad, there are still a lot of indie songs that will be great for your wedding and to mix in with other classic love songs. For your wedding music, you will likely want a mix of beautiful instrumentals, upbeat party bops, and romantic indie songs.

From perfect first dance songs to jams that are sure to get your guests pumped, there’s a great indie jam for every second of your wedding. Below, we list 24 songs that you may want to add to your indie wedding playlist.

Use these indie wedding songs as prelude music before your ceremony, during the nuptials, and at the reception.


Indie Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Emily – Joanna Newsom: Harpist and poet Joanna Newsom creates beautiful avant-garde music. This song is great to play in the background to supplement a real harpist!


Sea Of Love – Cat Power: This beautiful love ballad will make an already emotional moment a little extra special. Best for a beach wedding!


Take Care – Beach House: Beach House are one of the best indie acts out there, and this orchestral song hits all the perfect crescendos for your walk down the aisle.


To Be Alone – Hozier: Irish bard Hozier’s best known for his hit Take Me to Church, but this song is just made for a room with good acoustics where his baritone can shine.


Alternative Cocktail Hour Playlist

Harness Your Hopes – Pavement: This fun indie rock song will be great to get guests drinking and mingling. It is absolutely infectious.


Cherry-Coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins: A classic indie song that literally feels like walking into a dream, your guests might literally stop talking to hear a bit of Cherry-Coloured Funk.


The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala: Tame Impala, the psychedelic project of producer Kevin Parker, has so many fun hits that will be great at a wedding. This one is his most popular.


Champagne Coast – Blood Orange: This song has such a great groove and will have your guests getting ready to dance all night long.


Indie Reception Entrance Songs

Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: This song never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face, and will be especially awesome as the couple enter the reception to applause.


1234 – Feist: This song is so fun and happy! You and your new spouse will surely walk in dancing with this play.


Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti and Spearhead: This reggae-inspired dance song is an absolutely lovely way to celebrate the love you’ve made official on your big day.


Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire: So the lyrics of this song are not exactly romantic, but it is so airy and fun with some great synths in the background.


Romantic Indie Love Songs for Your Reception

Ho Hey – The Lumineers: This sweet love song has simple lyrics and a rustic vibe for a down-to-earth couple.


Skinny Love – Bon Iver: So, to be honest, this song is kind of sad, but honestly, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference because they’ll be enchanted by how beautiful it is.


Old Fashioned Hat – Anais Mitchell: This stunning little ditty from Hadestown writers Anais Mitchell will get you all sorts of nostalgic for the early days of your love– and yes, a wedding is even mentioned in the song!


Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine: This song was made ever-famous by the final dance scene of everyone’s favorite vampire flick, Twilight, but it’s honestly beautiful in its own right.


Indie Dance Songs

Alaska – Maggie Rogers: This song has such a great beat in the background while Rogers’ vocals croon over it, that it’s impossible to keep your feet down.


Electric Feel – MGMT: It’s just too much fun to leave off. The slidey synths and banging instrumentals in this song will surely bring the room to a head.


Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem: This 9-minute long epic jam is perfect groovy music. Plus, it takes up like half of the reception (just kidding, but it is for long-haul dancers).


A-Punk – Vampire Weekend: An indie classic, A-Punk’s infectious pep will undoubtedly get everyone on the dance floor. You’ll be surprised by how many people love this song.


Closing Out the Night Indie Style

Drew Barrymore – SZA: Resident queen of R&B-indie-fusion, this wind-down jam from SZA is the perfect way to get everyone hugging and thinking back on a perfect night.


Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys: With one of the most iconic basslines in the last 10 years, this Arctic Monkeys hit will have everyone happy leaving.


Dog Days Are Over – Florence & the Machine: Not only is this song delightful, beautiful, and fun, it also signifies the start of a new part of your life.


I Know The End – Phoebe Bridgers: Sad girl of the moment Phoebe Bridgers may be known for her emo lyrics, but this hard-rock inspired anthem is a perfect way to let your guests know that it’s time to go.


More About Wedding Songs

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’ve got all of your wedding planning needs. From line dance songs to the worst wedding songs of all time, keep reading for all the music recs you may need.

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