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24 Donut Wedding Cake Ideas

One of the most iconic moments of any wedding is cutting the cake. Eating a wedding cake is a wonderful way to share a beautiful moment with your loved ones and new spouse. But if a traditional cake isn’t your style, you can consider alternatives like a donut wedding cake. 

Traditions like smushing the cake in the other’s face and saving a piece for your first anniversary are classic and exciting! However, some people just aren’t cake people. If you and your beloved want something a little lighter than a heavy, frosting-covered dessert, look no further than a donut wedding cake!

This may sound unconventional, but they can be really cool. Keep reading for donut wedding cake ideas.

Why Have a Donut Wedding Cake?

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If this is the first time you’re hearing of a donut wedding cake, you may understandably be really confused and unsure if this is the right thing for you. After all, who even thinks of a donut wedding cake? Thankfully, someone did, and now it’s a popular and delicious trend.

A donut wedding cake is especially good if you are having a brunch wedding! It honors the theme and has your guests eating something less heavy than a standard formal cake. It also is good for a couple that are using a whimsical or pop-art wedding theme. 


Different Kinds of Donut Wedding Cakes

Further, there are all different kinds of doughnut wedding cakes. Some of them are still your standard cake, but decorated with donuts. Others are just big stacks of donuts! If you’re interested in serving this kind of dessert, there are all sorts of options.

It is also worth noting that a stack of donuts is likely to be a lot more affordable than your standard wedding cake, which according to our ultimate cake cost guide, is an average of $500. If you’re looking to keep costs down, a doughnut wedding cake is a great opportunity.


Cake and Donuts

This one is a bit more subtle– it’s just a cake with donuts as a cheeky wedding topper! These donuts are decorated to look like the bride and groom, and this cake is sure to get a chuckle out of your guests.

If you can’t get on board with the idea of mixing donuts and cake, just do them separate! This wedding cake is somewhat small, but guests will surely be satisfied with a donut on the side as well. Fill out your dessert table with donuts!

Here, the donuts are used more as a decoration for the cake than as a centerpiece themselves. However, this cake is boho and beautiful, and the lucky guests who get a donut on top should consider themselves blessed!

Here, we see the donuts take center stage a little bit more. This warm cake is light on the frosting but heavy on the donuts, and is perfect for warm bellies for a wedding in the colder months.



The croquembouche is a traditional European dessert that is a tree of cream-filled donuts. It’s the original donut wedding cake! This one has a warm brown tone and some sugary wiring across it.

This one has similar colors and a similar sugar netting, but adds some springtime flair with gorgeous pink roses and little pearl accessories.

This croquembouche is massively tall and has summer vibes with little sprigs of green. Plus, some of the cream puffs have sprinkles!

Dipped in chocolate is also the way to go! A croquembouche like this one has a little bit of delicious frosting to fill the tummy.


Donut Walls

Another very interesting trend is the donut wall! This is an opportunity for the guests to approach the wall and pick their own donut. These ones look fruit-themed!

This donut wall is unique because it creates room for donut-stacking, as with the other donut cakes, but they are spread out for people to choose from. This creates room for multiple people to grab their donuts at once.

For a super cute twist, add a punny play on the word “holy”! This wall is sort of rustic and cute, and the donuts look totally delicious.

If you’re concerned about the donut wall or cake matching your wedding’s colors, this one plays into feminine pale pink hues in a very cute way.


Stacks of Donuts

This donut cake has a bit of country-cute flair. It’s also interesting how they decided to stack them on a tiered cake plate– this can avoid some melty mess! The flowers are also a lovely touch.

For something a bit simple, these donuts are lightly glazed and stacked in a strategic way. There are also some lovely coral roses that are to die for.

This stacked doughnut cake uses multiple varieties, like chocolate and some with sprinkles, to create a variety of warm hues and give your guests flavor options.

For a small wedding, take advantage of the limited guest list but using big, thick donuts to make a cake! This one can only serve a few people but they will surely enjoy it.


Frosted Donut Cake

For a quirky look, be sure to frost your donuts in fun colors! This one has a sort of summer-camp vibe, from the primary pinks, to the tree stump base, to the flag decor. Super cute!

This donut cake really plays into the wedding vibes, with a soft ivory icing and little pearl details. Plus, the little “love” signs are precious!

If you want something super classy, this huge donut wedding cake is perfect for a large and glamorous wedding. The deep purple color is magnificent, as is the large wreath of flowers.

These donuts offer a bit of Alice in Wonderland-style fun in their pastel designs! These are lovely for a garden party or something in the spring.


Mini Donut Cake

Another way to incorporate donuts in your wedding cake is to use tiny mini donuts. This one uses them as a sweet topper, which is lovely and adorable!

This stack of mini donuts flaunt a hyper-pink and look super delicious. These would be great at a dessert buffet or something like that.

These super cute powdered mini donuts are sweet and perfect for summer, because they won’t melt! The rose decorations are also lovely for a garden.

If you want your mini donuts to look closer to a cake, look no further than this gorgeous pink donut tree. This is so sweet and looks wonderful.


More Cake Ideas

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help for every step of the wedding planning process. From naked wedding cake ideas to wedding cake tasting etiquette, keep reading for all of your cake needs.

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