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Fun Floral Wedding Dress Styles & Ideas

Whether the wedding you planned in your head as a little girl was elegant and fairytale-themed or boho and rustic, the chances are your style has slightly changed now that the big day is quickly approaching. There are many wedding dress styles to choose from, and floral wedding dresses are a popular trend!

If you’re looking for a fun floral wedding dress to compliment your body type as you walk down the aisle of your dream wedding, you’re in the right place. 

bridal gown on mannequin

Floral wedding gowns are elegant and unique and the perfect wedding dress for a spring or summer wedding. The floral prints and embroidery give a sign of new life that is prominent in the spring and summer months with the budding of trees and blooming flowers. 

The best part about wedding dresses with flowers is that they come in all different styles and designs, meaning you can find the perfect floral dress to pair with your venue. 

Whether you prefer a full, ball gown-style dress or a more fitted and dainty dress, there is a floral wedding dress option for you!

Flower Wedding Dresses for Any Type of Bride

The range of flower wedding dresses is immaculate. There is a type of floral wedding dress for every bride with any dress budget. Even if you don’t know if you prefer floral wedding dresses, we are sure you will fall in love with at least one of these floral wedding dress styles. 

Floral Embroidered Dresses

Floral embroidered dresses are a unique twist on traditional floral dresses. The white dress combined with the pop of color that the floral embroidery adds makes this dress a focal point in any wedding. This floral gown is stunning for brides who want a blue bridal look and plenty of other pops of floral color!

One of the key benefits of floral embroidered dresses is the wide range of silhouettes and the many colorful embroidery options. Floral embroidered dresses are perfect for a modern-style wedding that takes place in a non-traditional setting. Try a floral embroidered dress with a button-up back to elevate the back of the dress. 

You can incorporate any hairstyle to complete the look that is best suited to your personality and hair type. You may also consider a veil that also has colorful embroidered flowers to complete the look. 

Floral Print Wedding Gowns

Floral print wedding gowns are the perfect dress option for those brides that aren’t looking for a traditional wedding dress. The flower prints on the gown are typically colored and provide a nice pop to the seemingly simple and classic wedding dress color. 

Whether you prefer long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or no sleeve wedding dresses, a floral print wedding dress will fit your preferred gown style as it is a flexible design. If you are going for an elegant floral print dress, consider blush pink flowers. If your philosophy is to go big or go home, try a bolder color such as purple or green. 

One of the unique features of floral print wedding gowns is the flexibility you have for the type of flower and the parts of the dress where they appear. 

For a simple look, consider a dress with minimalist flowers on the bottom. If the minimalist flowers don’t cut it, try a dress that has flowers printed all over.

Floral Lace Wedding Dresses

Floral lace wedding dresses scream classy with a touch of vintage. Lace is one of the most common materials used in wedding dresses. Mix the classic look of lace with a floral design, and you have a vintage-style wedding dress that is perfect for a wedding in your childhood chapel. 

A floral lace gown is the type of dress that will make you feel like a modern-day princess and make it impossible for your prince charming to take his eyes off of you. 

Pair a floral lace wedding dress with long, flowy hair and a simple veil with minimalist embellishments to create a look that could even make a princess jealous. 

Floral Applique Wedding Gowns 

Bold meets dainty when floral applique wedding gowns enter the scene. If you’re looking for a modern take on a floral wedding dress, this is the style of gown for you. 

Not only do floral applique wedding gowns make a bold statement, but they also obtain a level of delicacy that is sure to keep people talking.

Floral applique wedding gowns scream boho and are the perfect style for an outdoorsy or rustic wedding. Not to mention the simple and easy maneuver, sheath A-line silhouettes you typically find in this dress makes it easy to party the night away without worrying about lifting and carrying your dress. 

A low bun or even loose braid is the perfect hairstyle to compliment a floral applique wedding gown as you can show off every last inch of the masterpiece. The delicate floral appliques are made of sheer material that keeps the dress looking light and fun. 

Whether you prefer the traditional white or a colorful twist, there is a floral applique wedding gown waiting to make your boho wedding become a reality. 

White Floral Embroidered Dresses

White floral embroidered wedding dresses are my favorite type of wedding dress with flowers. The embroidery gives the dress multiple textures and elegantly incorporates the flowers. 

Beautiful bride in a white embroidered dress

One of my favorite silhouettes on a dress embroidered with flowers is A-line with a deep-V neckline and open back. The simplicity of the A-line silhouette mixed with the boldness of the deep-V neckline and open back, complete with floral embroidery, portrays a balance of confidence and humility. 

White floral embroidered wedding gowns can fit any body type or budget due to a variety of style options. If you are looking for an elegant way to incorporate flowers into your wedding dress, a floral embroidered dress is your best option. 

Colorful Floral Bridal Gowns

The great thing about floral wedding dresses is the ability to incorporate lots of color. Whether you like the full bold multi-color options, or the lighter, more delicate singular colors, colorful floral bridal gowns are sure to make a statement. 

This is the perfect style of wedding dress for a creative and imaginative bride who is looking to express personality in a dress choice.

Try a colorful floral wedding dress with a detailed updo complete with a statement hairpiece so as not to take away from the dress but still draw attention to the beauty of your hair. 

We don’t recommend a veil with colorful floral wedding dresses simply because the dress in and of itself creates a bold statement, and the veil may take away from that. 

Watercolor Flower Wedding Dresses 

Talk about unique wedding dresses. Watercolor flower wedding dresses are rare and may not go with many wedding styles, but they are a statement piece like no other. The colorful floral in and of itself is unique, but adding that with the whimsical watercolor design bleeding throughout the dress is a sight to see.

One of the great things about watercolor flower wedding dresses is that you can find one to fit your wedding dress budget. That’s right! You don’t have to spend thousands to get a wedding dress that has the magical look of watercolor floral.

We would recommend a loose braid or semi-updo with this style of dress to match the flowy style of the dress. 

Floral Textured Wedding Gowns

Floral textured wedding gowns take one-dimensional dresses to the next level. While some seek the simple wedding dress look, a textured, floral wedding gown brings wedding dresses to the next level with intricate and complex designs.

Our favorite style of floral textured wedding gown is a sleeveless, sweetheart neckline with an A-line silhouette. While this style is classic and simple, the texture of the floral design brings it to the next level for a classy yet modern look.

This wedding gown type fits almost any venue and can be dressed up with unique embellishments and an embellished veil. We suggest a half-up, half-down hairdo as the hair left down, falls on your bare shoulders for a romantic look while the half-up proves more formal.  

Short Flower Wedding Dresses

No style of wedding dress breaks away from the norm more than a short dress covered in flowers. While the flowers are a sign of fun and creativity, the length of the gown lets your fun and lively personality shine through. 

We love the short flower wedding dresses with long lace sleeves that create a fun yet classy vibe. A short floral wedding dress is also an excellent way to show off your shoe choice-whether you decide to go for a shoe that portrays comfort or a more classy heel. 

This dress style is perfect for a late spring wedding when the trees are full of green leaves, and the flowers are in full bloom. 

A bride with a short wedding dress

Whether you are a more traditional bride, a modern-style bride, a thrifty bride, or an elaborate bride, there is a perfect and fun floral wedding dress waiting for you to wear down the aisle as you prepare to say ‘I do’ to your Prince Charming.

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