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Can I Wear Beige to a Wedding?

Deciding what to wear to a typical day at work is difficult enough. It becomes exponentially more so when choosing an outfit for a wedding, where you know you’ll be photographed, and perhaps among people you don’t see regularly. One question you may find yourself asking: can you wear beige to a wedding?

woman in beige gown

We know white is taboo, but is beige too close? Is it rude to wear beige to a wedding? The answer depends on several factors. Let’s take a closer look.

Technically, according to the etiquette of the day, it is acceptable to wear beige to a wedding, even a beige dress or all-beige ensemble. But that doesn’t mean it will go over well. Some brides or older members of brides’ families still frown upon wearing anything even close to white to someone else’s wedding.

You always have the option of just asking the bride or groom. Snap a quick pic of your digs and send it along, as long as you’re far enough out from the big day that you’re not bothering them. 

woman in beige dress

If you don’t want to disturb the bride or groom, try asking the maid of honor or best man. They have a lot of insight into the event and the couple’s comfort level and might advise you best.

You should also consider other fashion rules when it comes to your wedding attire. Is your beige outfit in season? If it’s winter especially, it might not be. 

For men, you can wear a beige or tan suit to a summer wedding if it’s not a black tie affair, but a beige suit would be an odd choice for a wedding in the cooler seasons.

Also, be sure that it fits the formality of the event. The length of the bottoms, coverage on the top, sheerness, inclusion of lace, and more can all impact the overall effect of the get-up.

This is the most important day of the bride’s and groom’s lives, and you should respect that by dressing accordingly.

When to Avoid Wearing Beige to a Wedding

There are other times when wearing beige is inappropriate. For example, if the wedding is black tie, then beige might be out since a formal beige dress would be too close to a wedding dress. You always, no matter what, want to avoid looking like the bride or groom at a wedding.

woman in beige gown

Make sure everything else about the outfit is appropriate. Check with a fashion-forward friend about seasonality, formality, and overall look.

Be sure to model the outfit on your body with all the accessories you plan to wear. Remember that shoes and accessories can be make or break. Most of all, you want to make sure you look great, too!

Other Factors to Consider

One other factor to consider is the colors of the wedding. Is there a chance that the bridal party will be wearing beige or similar color, like a pale rose? If so, you don’t want to look like a member of the bridal party when you are, in fact, not.

bride and guest wearing beige

Think about how you would feel if someone showed up to your wedding wearing your outfit. Would you be a little bit peeved? Downright mad? That’s a good sign that your digs are a no-go. 

Finally, consider whether you think you’ll stand out. It’s a good thing to be noticeable for a good reason, but if it’s because you’re dressed inappropriately, not so much. Are you going to turn heads in a good or bad way?

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