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Best Destinations for a Fun Beach Bachelorette Party

One of the most fun parts of planning your wedding is the bachelorette party. For a fun celebration with the girls, consider some of the best beach bachelorette party destinations in the US and abroad. 

A bachelorette party is typically thrown a few months or weeks before the wedding, by the maid-of-honor or other bridesmaids in honor of the bride. While bachelorette parties sometimes have a wild reputation, there are a variety of places you can go and activities you can plan for an unforgettable event.

For many, hitting the beach is one of the most memorable and fun activities you can do. Below, we list some of the best beach towns and cities to host your bachelorette bash. 

Why Have a Beach Bachelorette Party?

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Beaches are special to people for a reason– they are beautiful, warm, and a great place to socialize and go to events. A day at the beach can be a great social activity or a great way to unwind. A beach bachelorette party is especially appealing if your bride is having a beach wedding, as it’s an experience that carries meaning to her.

Many beach towns also have a lot of activities and an active nightlife that many people look for in having a bachelorette party. Nightclubs, casinos, bars, and spas are frequently located on beaches. This provides ample location for a great experience for your bride and the bridesmaids.

Beach Bachelorette Party Activities

During the day, the obvious activity would be to hit the beach! Getting a good tan with your girlfriends is a great way to bond and get excited for your upcoming wedding.

If you’re looking to do something a bit more active, setting up a competitive game of beach volleyball, renting a boat, or going swimming in the ocean are also great options.

By night, you will probably want to hit a good restaurant and some bars or clubs in the evening. Some beach towns have cute downtowns or boardwalks you can enjoy, as well.

If you are not local to the area, you may also want to book a nice resort to stay overnight and have a hearty brunch before departing the next morning.


9 Best Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations

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Below, we list 9 great beach bachelorette party destinations in the US and elsewhere.

When booking any of these locations, take into account the price of travel for you and for the other members of your bride’s party. It is best to have an open conversation about how far away from home everyone is willing to go.

Further, each of these places have different levels of prices. For cheaper housing than a resort, you might want to look into an AirBnB or another type of rental.

You also want to look at how much you’re willing to spend on food and drinks. All in all, while you may be the one planning the trip, you want to keep everyone else in mind too.


Cape Cod, MA


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Summer on the Cape is a one-of-a-kind experience of beachy fun and New England nostalgia. Cape Cod is a long, extended arm on the side of Massachusetts that extends into the Atlantic Ocean. Made up of several towns, there are so many things to do for a Cape bachelorette party. 

For the true Cape Cod experience, spend some time exploring some of the picturesque towns, like Provincetown and Wellfleet, and check out some of Hyannis’ famous mansions.

The Cape is also a great place for boating and whale watching. Food wise, you have to check out their infamous lobster rolls and oysters. For more on Cape Cod’s offerings, check out


Atlantic City, NJ


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If you love to party, Atlantic City is the place for you. Known for its casinos, boardwalk, and unbeatable nightlife, there are few places better for a raunchy and wild bachelorette party. 

The iconic Atlantic City boardwalk sits right on the water and is full of fun shops, restaurants, and bars. Just a quick walk is the beach, which is often populated by folks with umbrellas, catching some sun.

However, your bachelorette party will really start at night, when famous casinos like Ocean City and Tropicana open up. Full of slot machines, clubs, fancy restaurants, and a lot of alcohol, an Atlantic City bachelorette party might be the kind of party you both remember and forget.


Hilton Head, SC


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For a sporty and relaxed beach bachelorette party, look no further than Hilton Head Island, off the coast of South Carolina. A scenic destination, Hilton Head is the perfect mix of posh and pretty.

From suntanning on the beach to water sports like paddleboarding, Hilton Head is a great option for the active bride. There are also a lot of other activities, like high-class golf courses and tennis courts.

The island is also entirely bikeable, which is both quaint and safe for the drinking bride! Hilton Head’s official website has a good list of attractions.


Miami, FL


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How can anyone talk about a beach party without mentioning Miami, the Magic City? The southern Florida city is famous for its vibrant nightlife and unique culture, making Miami an ideal bachelorette party spot. 

The tropical sun makes this beach destination a great spot, but your Miami bachelorette party is going to have an unmatched clubbing experience.

There are also a lot of pool and boat parties to be on the lookout for. Not to mention amazing Caribbean food! This website offers a full Miami bachelorette itinerary.


Key West, FL


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The Florida Keys, a set of islands that run off the tip of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico, are a very fun place to have a bachelorette party. More of a relaxing spot than somewhere like Miami or Atlantic City, the keys are best known for laying on the beach, working your tan, and sipping a margarita.

However, there are plenty of other fun things to do. There are calm waters for snorkeling and dolphin watching, and beautiful sunsets for sailing. For one blogger’s experience with a Key West party, click on the link.


Santa Barbara, CA


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For the full California experience, head to Santa Barbara for your bachelorette party. Located along the coast, north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is the perfect mix of laidback and active for your bachelorette party.

Some essential activities are wine tours, beach walks with your girls, and even yoga classes inside a salt cave. Of course, you will also need some tacos and tequila to give yourself the full California experience (bonus points if vegan).


Honolulu, HI


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In Honolulu, you can really indulge in luxury while still getting to know the Hawaiian culture. The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is a popular tourist city due to its safety, beauty, and island vibes. There’s a reason they call Hawaii paradise!

For your bachelorette party, Honolulu is full of cocktails and relaxation, with a good amount of adventure and clubbing to match. For some more bold bachelorette choices, think about taking an ATV tour or going on a sunrise hike. This website has some great Hawaiian inspo.


Tijuana, Mexico


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If you’d like to spend your bachelorette party abroad, one of the most popular destinations just a drive away from California is Tijuana.

The largest city in Baja California, Tijuana is rich with fascinating cultural experiences. Lonely Planet has a strong write-up on the variety of experiences in Tijuana.

The beaches of Tijuana are just steps away from hundreds of street vendors, where you can enjoy homemade food and beautiful goods. There is also great nightlife. You could also ditch the beach for a day and head into the desert for a change of scenery!


Nassau, Bahamas


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If you’re looking for a resort experience, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is a beautiful island with clear blue waters and a lot of resort experiences, like Baha Mar and the famous Atlantis.

If you’re looking to venture off of the resort, there are dozens of beautiful beaches with fantastic waters. You could also venture off of Nassau onto some of the smaller, more remote islands, where you can see sharks, dolphins, and even pigs!

At night, there’s quite a bit of nightlife on the various resort properties. If you’d like to explore Nassau without a resort, this beautiful guide is a help.


Planning a Beach Bachelorette Party


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Planning a beach bachelorette party for yourself or for a friend who is a bride-to-be can be quite an undertaking, especially if you’re traveling to somewhere you’re unfamiliar with. Use our planning tips to plan the ultimate celebration with ease!

Find beach themed bachelorette favors as well as beachy decorations for your beach bachelorette party!


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If you’re still searching for some unique bachelorette party ideas, or simply just the perfect hashtag for your bachelorette party Instagram post, Yeah Weddings has everything you need!

For more on booking bachelorette travel to any of these destinations, try a website such as Kayak or AirBnB, for interesting options and low prices.

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