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32 Entertaining Bachelorette Party Activities & Games

Hen nights are all about bringing together the new and old friends of the bride as a celebration before her special day. These moments can be awkward, especially if some of her guests have never met each other before, so fun party games become essential as an icebreaker. The best bachelorette party games will make everyone have a great time!

As bachelorette parties continue in popularity, more and more people are getting creative with the kinds of activities they want to include during these celebrations.

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Many of these games for bachelorette parties work in different environments, whether the bride has decided to go out drinking in town or prefers to celebrate with a cozy night indoors. Don’t skip out on these exciting challenges, even with celebrations held out in the desert or beach locations!

Whether you’re looking for some traditional fun or something unique, we have got you covered here at YeahWeddings with our list of bachelorette party ideas! 

Groom Quiz

Games for bachelorette parties don’t have to completely exclude the bride’s fiancee from being involved in the fun. Find some printables or make them up yourself based on how comfortable you feel about asking tame or risqué topics.

Get answers from the groom and read the questions out loud to see how the bride would respond while thinking from the perspective of her future spouse. Feel free to invite her partner through a video call to see their responses to the bride’s predictions.

Spin the Shot


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Some bachelorette party drinking games are based on chance and Spin the Shot is no exception. As a fun twist on the traditional version of Spin the Bottle, this icebreaker is truly simple for anybody who has never played and wants to experience a wild night.

A player starts the festivity by spinning the arrow and somebody has to drink if it lands pointing towards them. You can find inexpensive shot spinners on Amazon!

spin the shot

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Candy Bouquet

Girls night games are the most entertaining whenever the guests can take their creations home as a party favor. Give the bachelorettes enough time to make their own versions of candy bouquets and let the bride pick which one is her favorite!

Would She Rather?

Include bachelorette party activities that reveal how much the guests know the bride and everybody will be showing their competitive spirit. Ask her to pick between two choices and see how her guests try at guessing her decisions.

Offer a gift to the winner who predicts with the most correct answers! Make your own questions or use these cute lists from Amazon.

would she rather game

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What’s In Your Purse?

For bachelorette games that you can create yourself, What’s In Your Purse? is an essential. A player gains points based on whatever items are being carried in their purses.

Whoever earns the highest score wins a free cocktail to enjoy for the night! Use these printed sheets from Amazon for a point system:

whats in your purse game

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Adult Mad Libs

In terms of bachelorette party games, the guests won’t be having more fun than playing Adult Mad Libs. The adult version of Mad Libs will surely earn some laughs among the bachelorettes as they fill in the blanks about some bawdy situations.

mad libs after dark

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Heart Targets


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If the bride is looking for a hilarious, fast-paced game during her celebration, keep this activity in mind. This festivity requires some preparation so make sure to hang some heart-shaped targets at different heights and distances among the other decorations.

Give each player a water gun and watch as they try their best to hit the center in a certain amount of time.

Scratch a Dare

Bring out everybody’s inner child by playing a competition of dares as part of your bachelorette party activities. You can even find scratch-off dare cards, so it’s a total surprise what your dare will be! 

Use these scratch-off cards from Etsy in a public setting to make this activity even more surprising and amusing for the bachelorettes. 

bachelorette dare cards

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Post-It Note Memory Game

If you want more of a sentimental take on games for bachelorette parties, go with the Post-It Note Memory Game. Everybody writes about a time that they experienced with the bride and sticks it on the wall before she reads them and explains the context behind the stories.

The bride wins when guessing correctly about which person wrote the memory. These post-it notes can also become a nice keepsake about her bachelorette party.

He Said, She Said 

If you wish to include the bride’s future spouse with her girls night games, include this competition during her special event. Ask the couple about their thoughts on different subjects and guests have to decide who made the statements.

Heighten the competition by offering a prize to the player who guesses the most accurately! Come up with your own statements or use these cute Etsy sheets:

he said she said game

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Match the Romantic Movie Quotes

Not all bachelorette games have to be racy to be entertaining for the party guests. If you know the bride and her crew enjoy watching romantic movies, don’t think twice about testing their knowledge. Whoever matches the most quotes precisely earns a drink on the house!

Bachelorette Jenga

A list of bachelorette party drinking games wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jenga. Be sure to customize this tabletop competition with questions and tasks that fit with the theme of the event.

If you don’t have time to make your own drunk Jenga set, check out options on Etsy!

bachelorette jenga

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Gift Bingo

Who could resist playing bingo as part of the bachelorette party activities? Design some printables that might describe the gifts that the bride may receive from the crowd and it’ll help with keeping them preoccupied when the conversations aren’t flowing.

Noodle Jousting

If you’re searching for some unique games for bachelorette parties, noodle jousting is our best recommendation. Noodle jousting begins with two players standing in their own hula hoop.

Each contestant is giving a pool noodle with the task of tapping their competitor so they lose their balance and fall out of standing in their space. This is perfect for a bachelorette party at the beach or anywhere with a pool!

Guess The Dress

Unless she has given a preview of her bridal attire already to her guests, get creative with a wedding dress game. The crew can use this opportunity to display their artistic skills when considering the different kinds of ceremonial gowns and accessories that the bride may be wearing on her special day.

It’ll be flattering for the bride to see how people will be imaging her during her romantic event. Find sheets on Etsy to use!

guess the dress game

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Pin the Kiss

Pin the Tail on the Donkey feels more appropriate for a children’s birthday celebration, but you don’t have to abandon the premise completely for your bachelorette party games. Find out about the bride’s celebrity crush and print out his picture on a huge poster.

Buy kiss-shaped stickers and have the guests try to aim for his lips while blindfolded. You can find all of your supplies on Amazon!

kiss sticker

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Ring Hunt 

If the hen night is being held in somebody’s home instead of a public place, take advantage of this setting with your bachelorette game ideas. Organize a scavenger hunt through the house using candy rings and tell the single ladies to find as any as they can during a limited amount of time. 

Why Do We Do That?

Games for bachelorette parties can be both fun and informative. This activity requires guests to match different wedding customs with their origins. Some of the players may even reconsider including a few traditions during their own future ceremonies.


For virtual celebrations, Quiplash becomes the perfect option for bachelorette party activities. This simple game still works with in-person gatherings, only requiring guests to use a device that connects to the Internet.

Two players receive a prompt and everybody else gets to vote on which is the best of their answers.

Ring Toss

If you have enough space, think about setting up a ring toss to amuse the guests if they’re not participating in the other bachelorette party drinking games. Get creative by using Prosecco bottles or painting the rings as colorful donuts. 

Bridal Word Scramble

Who says girls night games shouldn’t challenge guests? Look for printables with wedding-related terms and watch as guests wrap their minds around finding the answers.

Over or Under

Bachelorette games ideas don’t have to break the bank to enthrall the guests. This activity works by providing statements about the bride’s life and guests have to guess correctly if the number is over or under. The winner is traditionally given a prize or cocktail!

Champagne Pong

If you know the bride tribe aren’t the biggest fans of beer, you don’t have to settle with using this alcoholic beverage with your bachelorette party games. Update this classic game to include champagne instead and everybody is guaranteed to be entertained during her festivity.

Find a Prosecco pong set on Amazon, or make your own!

prosecco pong

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Drink If…

Who doesn’t love bachelorette party drinking games? Personalize this activity by catering the statements around the relationships between the bride and bachelorettes. 

Drop Your Panties


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For brides who are unafraid of suggestive bachelorette party activities, Drop Your Panties becomes simply unforgettable.

Tell the guests to bring a new pair of underwear that displays their personality and the bride will try her best to match the undergarments with each person. She can choose whether or not to add them to her own lingerie collection.

Pass the Poem

Not every bride wants to play dirty bachelorette games and if this is the case for an upcoming event, go with the Pass the Poem. A bachelorette reads a line out loud before handing it off to somebody who fits the description and whoever ends with the last line wins a gift!

Bachelorettes Against Decency 

If you know the bride and her bachelorettes are fans of Cards Against Humanity, don’t hesitate with playing some girls night games that emulate the same style. Check out Bachelorettes Against Decency where the prompt and answer cards are written exclusively about hen nights.

bachelorettes against decency game

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Find The Guest… 

Get the bachelorette party guests to really know each other with your fun party games. To begin this icebreaker, find some printables with descriptions and ask the bachelorettes to sign each other off if the ideas apply to them.

Feel free to customize the statements with even more specific qualities.

Junk in the Trunk 

Some games at bachelorette parties are definitely more amusing after having a few shots and it’s no secret that Junk in the Trunk is the same way. Each bachelorette wears a tissue box tied around her waist and the other plays try to throw ping pong balls into the opening.

Play some upbeat dance music to get the guests really invested in having an unforgettable night!

Dirty Pictionary

Most people wouldn’t associate Pictionary with bachelorette party activities, but this festivity proves to be exciting when having more risqué topics to create hilarious pictures. Dirty Pictionary will definitely liven up the atmosphere among the bride squad.

dirty pictionary

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What’s On Your Phone?

If the bride prefers calmer bachelorette party games, think about including these printables during her event. Each player earns points based on the contents found in their phones. Who earns the highest score gets a prize!

Get inexpensive downloads on Etsy that you can print at home!

whats on your phone game

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Cold Feet

Some people want daring activities during their celebration that stand out from other bachelorette games. If you know this is the case for the bride, plan this competition by filling a tub full of water, ice, and toy rings.

A bachelorette can only use her feet to grab as many rings as she can in a minute. The winner will surely deserve a mixed drink after playing!

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