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24 Bachelorette Party Favors That Your Friends Will Love

For many brides, one of the most anticipated festivities before their wedding ceremony is their bachelorette party.

It’s no surprise that hen nights have remained in popularity for decades since they’re a chance for all of the friends of the bride to finally meet each other and celebrate her last moments of being single.

bachelorette party favors

Although party favors aren’t mandatory to have a fun time at your bachelorette party, most people provide bachelorette gifts as a way of making their event even more unforgettable.

With plenty of wedding themes in mind, bachelorette party gift ideas truly become endless. If you need help with narrowing down your choices, don’t sweat it! 

bachelorette gift boxes

When trying to find gifts for bachelorette parties, many brides want their choices to differ from the traditional ideas to reflect their upcoming ceremony. Others just want their presents to be extra surprising for their guests.

Whether you’re interested in matching your wedding theme or want an accessory that work for all of your friends, here’s a round-up of our favorite bachelorette party gifts!

Fanny Packs

fanny packs

If you’re preparing for your hen night to have a throwback theme, send your crew home with some fanny packs as the bachelorette party favors. Fanny packs are such a fun and unique way to say thank you to your friends for making sure that your special day goes as planned. 

Lip Balm

lip balm

Gifts for bachelorette parties don’t have to break the bank to be enjoyed by your attendees. Lip balm becomes an easy decision for brides who want their presents to eventually be used by everybody.

These party favors might even help with giving your besties the confidence and moisture that they’ll need on your wedding day.

Hand Fans

lady holding a hand fan

If you’re looking for bachelorette party gift ideas that are both fashionable and useful for a hot desert wedding, hand fans are your answer. These accessories will look beautiful in your wedding photographs for the years to come.

Get gorgeous engraved fans, or for a funnier version of this gift, get the bride or groom’s face!



For a bride who wants to have a cozy night indoors for her celebratory event, nothing is better as bachelorette party gifts than a cute pair of socks. Don’t forget to play into your wedding theme by finding these garments in a matching pattern or color scheme.

Diamond Pens

diamond pens

Most brides wouldn’t think of diamond pens as their first choice for bachelorette gift ideas, but don’t think twice about giving them out to your bride tribe as a potential option. They’re guaranteed to be impressed by the look and feel of these party favors. Add them to a gift basket with other small trinkets!

Bottle Stoppers

bottle stoppers

Bottle stoppers are no stranger as gifts for bachelorette parties and become an easy choice to consider, especially if you already know that your attendees are entertained with late nights out at the bars. Feel free to order your bottle stoppers in the shape of a heart or your wedding flowers.

Nail Polish 

nail polish

If you’re searching for simple bachelorette party favors, bottles of nail polish are the way to go. Buy this lacquer in your wedding colors so your friends can wear the polish on your special day without clashing with the ceremonial theme.



Keep the fun going by gifting your bride tribe with some flasks as your bachelorette party favors. Get creative by personalizing them with the names of your crew.



Who could say no to receiving a beanie as their bachelorette gifts for a wedding during the cold winter months? These thoughtful presents will more than likely be cherished forever by your friends.

If you want to wear the beanies over your bachelorette weekend, consider getting these bride and bridesmaid beanies, or opt for a classic monogram or initials to personalize them!

Tote Bags

tote bags

If you’re organizing a pool or beach trip for hen night, take advantage of your celebratory setting by providing your girls with some decorated tote bags as their bachelorette party gifts. Your besties are guaranteed to thank you for these resourceful party favors.


perfume bottles

Treating your friends with a bottle of perfume is one of the best bachelorette gift ideas for showing your gratitude for their time and dedication. Make sure to pick a fragrance that will remind them of your celebration. 

Sleep Masks

personalized sleep masks

Some brides are looking for bachelorette party gift ideas that will freshen up their crew after hen night and before their wedding day. If this is the case for you, think about giving your guests some sleep masks so they feel well-rested in the midst of scheduling your event. 

Wine Tumblers

girls drinking wine

Keep the champagne flowing during hen night by offering some wine tumblers to your guests as bachelorette party favors. These presents will feel even more special if you decide to customize them with quotes or with the girls’ names!

Pashmina Scarves


You can never go wrong with giving pashmina scarves as bachelorette gifts if you already have a winter wedding theme in mind.  Your crew will definitely enjoy the practicality of these stylish accessories long after your wedding ceremony. 

Mirror Compacts

makeup compact

Mirror compacts are another popular option for brides who don’t want their bachelorette party gifts to sit at home and be forgotten after their special day. Add a unique touch by personalizing these presents with your own message to your guests, or with their names, initials, or a monogram!

Makeup Bags

make up bags

As gifts for bachelorette parties, makeup bags become extremely helpful for anybody in your crew who might be disorganized during your wedding ceremony. Makeup bags also work for brides who are looking for inexpensive options so they can stay within their designated wedding budget.

Baseball Hats

baseball hats

If you’re searching for bachelorette party gift ideas that differ from the traditional that go beyond the traditional t-shirts and party sashes, look into buying some baseball hats. Your guests will certainly feel loved and appreciated after opening their presents and seeing these accessories.

Get hats made with everyone’s name, or add funny bachelorette slogans!



Make your celebration even sweeter by gifting your bride tribe with some macaroons as bachelorette party favors. Macaroons can be enjoyed by any of your friends who may have dietary restrictions as well. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching flavors!

Not a fan of this French pastry? Consider other sweet treats to give your pals!

Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Who wouldn’t love to receive bath bombs as bachelorette gifts? These beauty care products show how much you care for your crew since they can use these bath bombs as their way to rejuvenate from the stress of planning your special day.

Give them these handmade bath bombs, or create a whole self care kit!

Luggage Tags

luggage tags

Help your bride tribe travel in style to your destination wedding with some luggage tags as their bachelorette party gifts.  Design these party favors as part of your wedding theme so your besties can become even more excited about attending your special day.



A holiday in the sun doesn’t feel complete without giving your friends some sarongs as their bachelorette party favors. These beach goodies will surely help with making your celebratory pictures stand out if the crew wears them on hen night.

Hair Pins

hair clips

Everybody needs a hair pin from time to time, so consider giving them to your girls as your bachelorette party gift ideas. Take it a step further by personalizing these presents with their names as the ultimate way to show thanks. 

You could even create a bridesmaid kit with everything they’ll need for the big day, like this one!

Trinket Dishes

trinket dishes

If you know that your guests love to accessorize their looks, don’t hesitate to provide them with some trinket dishes or jewelry stands for their bachelorette gifts. Be sure to look for designs that reflect your wedding theme.

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