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Fun and Flirty Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

Planning a bachelorette party and want some unique decoration ideas? We have you covered with the best bachelorette party decorations! 

These bachelorette party decoration ideas will work for any bride, whether she wants a rowdy bachelorette weekend or a low-key night in with the girls.

bachelorette party ideas

When planning a wedding, there are many other celebrations that occur along with the actual wedding day that are fun and festive. The bachelorette party is a fun night with your best girl friends where you party as a “single woman” for the last time!

This should be an enjoyable night with your closest girlfriends where you drink, go out, and just make some good memories before your wedding. 

Who Plans the Bachelorette Party? 

fun bachelorette party

Usually the maid of honor plans the bachelorette party. The maid of honor is given this responsibility to plan the night, decorate the venue space, and make sure the bride is having a good time! 

fun bachelorette party costumes

Here are some of our favorite bachelorette party decorations. Prepare for the bachelorette bash with these decor ideas!

These bachelorette party supplies will make your party memorable and enjoyable for all of your guests! 

1. Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are a fun party decoration that can make your venue space special. You can create your own balloon arch by using fishing line and balloons. If you are not so into DIY, you can also buy balloon arch decorations pre-made.

2. Photo Booth

Make sure you decorate a photo booth background for guests to pose in front of. This can be anything from a streamer backdrop to a custom made tapestry. 

3. Classic Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit

Check online retailers such as Amazon for bachelorette party decoration kits that offer a selection of decor options. These party packs typically include paper plates, cups, sashes, and other decoration items. 

4. Diamond Ring Piñata

A cute decoration item that you can order online or find in a party store is a ring piñata. This can also be a fun activity for guests! Fill the piñata with fun adult related party favors for a flirty touch!

5. Monogrammed Plastic Party Cups

If you want a personalized touch to your bachelorette party, order custom plastic cups that say whatever you want on them. These can feature the bride’s name or a special hashtag that you will be using. 

6. Gold Balloons

If you want a little sparkle in your bachelorette party decorations, use gold balloons as venue decor. These sparkly balloons will add a festive and fun touch to your decorations.

7. Bottle Of Champagne Balloon

If you want an extra touch in your balloon display, feature a bottle of champagne balloon. You can even add this to your balloon arch to make it look like bubbles coming out of a champagne bottle.

8. Custom Party Shirts

Many groups who go on destination bachelorette parties decide to order custom party shirts. These shirts can be custom ordered for all of your guests and add a decorative touch. 

9. Flower Walls

If you want a gorgeous idea for a decoration or photo backdrop, try using a flower wall. This is a wall that is decorated with florals to create an accent wall in your venue space.

10. Bachelorette Cake

If you decide to have a cake at your bachelorette party, decorate in a fun way! You can even use a Barbie doll to recreate a funny version of the bride. 

11. Fairy Lights

Decorate your bachelorette party space with pretty fairy lights to create a party-like atmosphere.

12. Silly Straws

Funny straws are a perfect way to break the ice with guests at your bachelorette party!

13. Party Banner

Bachelorette party banners come in all kinds of colors, messages, themes, and designs. Depending on whether or not you are hosting a themed party, get a custom banner with a message on it that goes with your theme. 

14. Party Sashes

Many brides and bridesmaids will wear a party sash when they go to their bachelorette party. Sashes can say things such as “future bride” or “bride to be.” 

15. Pink & Gold Color Scheme

If you are struggling with choosing your decorations, try to decide on a specific color scheme. Pink and gold is a common bachelorette party color scheme and there will be lots of decoration options!

16. Future Bride Sign

Decorate with a sign that says “future bride.” This can be a good sign for the bride’s chair or door. 

17. Oversized Champagne Bottle

Let your guests know that you are ready to party by decorating with an oversized champagne bottle. 

18. Photo Props

If you have a photo booth at your party, it is essential that you also have some cute photo booth props!

19. Heart Sparklers

Order these cute heart sparklers for guests to use at the party. Lighting up heart shaped sparklers is a fun way to celebrate the bride finding love. 

20. Wine List

Create a custom sign that labels all of the wines that you will be serving at your bachelorette party. 

21. Custom Napkins

Order custom napkins for your party that say funny phrases such as “last fling before the ring.” 

22. Team Bride Shirts

A good idea for matching party shirts is to get shirts that say “team bride” for all of your party attendees. 

23. Bachelorette Party Games

Decorate the party space with lots of games for guests to play. People want to have a fun time at bachelorette parties, and games are a great way to get the party started!

24. Bling Cupcake Toppers

Use cute diamond ring cake toppers for cupcakes. 

25. Donut Wall

If you want to serve a trendy sweet treat, serve donuts on pegs, better known as a donut wall. 

26. Glitter Party Balloons 

Glitter party balloons can be a fun, sparkly touch to decorate any party space. 

27. Flirty Party Favors

Cool party favors for bachelorette parties can vary from hangover recovery kits to adult themed items more commonly associated with these kinds of parties. 

28. Bride Tribe Banner

A banner with the phrase “bride tribe” is a popular bachelorette party decoration. 

29. Custom Plates

If you want a special touch at your party, order custom paper plates for guests to use. 

30. Custom Wine Tumblers

Gift bridal party members with custom wine tumblers to use during the bachelorette party or the weekend getaway. 

31. Recovery Essentials

Make hangover recovery kits for guests. If you are going to be partying, it is smart to prepare for any guests who may feel unwell the next morning. 

32. Paper Flowers

Use paper flowers as an affordable and gorgeous decorative accent. 

33. Plastic Champagne Flutes

Plastic champagne flutes can be a great option if you are worried about guests spilling or breaking glass. 

34. Bride’s Favorite Color Palette

If you are struggling to find a good color palette to base your bachelorette party decorations off of, ask the bride what her favorite color is and what her wedding colors are. 

35. Naughty Napkins 

Buy adult themed naughty napkins for your guests to use at the party!

36. Custom Photo Album

Create a custom photo album for the bride to look through of photos with all of her friends. This will be a good conversation starter and a sentimental item for the bride!

37. Custom Drink Holders

Buy custom drink holders for the bachelorette party guests. These drink cozies can say anything you want!

38. Bachelorette Party Bar Decor

Decorate the bar space with themed decor. This area will be used a lot during the party if you are going to be drinking!

39. Oversized Wine Glass

A funny decoration for your party can be an oversized wine glass. Dare the bride to drink a glass of wine from it! 

40. Bachelorette Party Sign

Let your guests know where the party is with a bachelorette party sign outside the party venue. 

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