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23 Flower Engagement Rings That Your Future Wife Will Adore

In recent years, floral engagement rings have gained popularity among celebrities such as Nikki Reed and Katy Perry.

flower engagement ring

If you want to follow the same trend but have no idea what kind of flowery ring would appeal to your significant other, have no fear!

Here’s our round-up of floral engagement rings with fascinating diamonds! 

Even if your romantic partner doesn’t garden during her free time, she can still admire the beauty of a flowery ring.

Get ready to fall in love with these floral engagement rings!


What would be more fitting than receiving a rose shaped engagement ring during a wedding proposal?

This piece of jewelry feels like something straight out of a fairy tale!


If your future spouse wants an engagement accessory that’ll feel right at home with her brilliant collection of jewelry, pear-shaped diamonds have got your back.

This flowery ring will be impossible for anybody in her life to leave unnoticed! 


With an array of diamonds and detailed flower petals, this marquise ring offers an incredible sparkle.

There’s nothing else quite like this feminine design for marriage proposals!


Go all out by buying a flowery ring with baguette diamonds for your loved one.

This stunner will make her feel like a queen before your royal-themed wedding day


A gold diamond flower ring with oval gemstones has yet to go out of style in the contemporary age.

Wearing this stunning marriage token will always bring a smile to your significant other’s face! 


If you’re searching for a betrothal accessory that’ll feel like one-of-a-kind, go with a clover shape!

These floral engagement rings are a must-have for brides and grooms who are honoring their heritage with Irish wedding traditions and blessings


Flower halo engagement rings never shy away from bringing the glitz and glamour to a marriage proposal.

The most important lady in your life will admire this pink diamond band so much that she’ll never want to take it off!


Daisy jewelry with a diamond center stone have a magical quality that can’t be found with other kinds of flower engagement rings.

It’s safe to say that your loved one will appreciate the dainty details! 


Bring on the bling by picking out a daffodil song with a flawless diamond.

This marriage token becomes especially sentimental for couples who exchange their vows during a springtime ceremony.


Shaped as sunflowers, these engagement ring styles never fail to attract plenty of attention.

Take this idea a step further by finalizing your wedding day to happen during the summertime


Who isn’t absolutely obsessed with the decorations on these flower engagement rings?

Diamond jewelry in the shape of lilies never shy away from making a statement!

Cherry Blossom 

Nothing screams romance quite like floral engagement rings that resemble cherry blossoms.

Paired with a pink diamond, this marriage token will look breathtaking on your significant other’s hand!


When shopping for a flower diamond ring, most people tend to overlook design ideas that involve poinsettias.

The love of your life will treasure this alternative piece of jewelry with all of her heart! 


Plan a fairytale wedding proposal by asking for her hand in marriage with an orchid-shaped accessory.

This flower shaped diamond ring will feel even more meaningful if you plan your engagement photoshoot during its blooming season! 


A list of flower engagement rings wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the belcher style.

This heirloom piece feels like a dream for brides who gravitate towards vintage aesthetics


Go from classic to alternative by purchasing a skeleton ring with a floral design.

This unique piece of jewelry will certainly inspire her to host a gothic wedding celebration


If your significant other favors a marriage token that is understated rather than bold and brash, chances are that she’ll adore this signet flowery ring.

This marriage token is versatile enough to work with a variety of wedding themes! 

Other Gemstones

When it comes to these design concepts, flower diamond engagement rings are only the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re unfamiliar with the jewels that could replace a center diamond, don’t fret!

We’ve gathered our favorite kinds of flower engagement rings with alternative gems in a list here at YeahWeddings!


Defy tradition by considering floral engagement rings that are crafted with amethysts.

This marriage token looks even more stunning with diamond accent stones! 


Make a statement by customizing her betrothal accessory to include a garnet.

There aren’t enough words to capture the beauty of these flower engagement rings!


Take your commitment to the next level by getting down on one knee with a flowery ring made of moissanite.

This center gemstone is budget friendly and environmentally conscious!


Turquoise might not be the most popular replacement for a flower shaped diamond ring, but it proves to be gorgeous in its own right.

Your significant other won’t ever get tired of talking about this blue-green jewel to her friends and family members! 


Embrace the breath-taking beauty of moonstones by finding an accessory with a flower-like design.

Keep in mind that these celestial gems are considerably less sturdy than diamonds and require more care to avoid any potential damages!


Elevate the appearance of your romantic partner’s flowery ring by incorporating a tsavorite centerpiece.

This jewel has a similar appearance to a green emerald for a fraction of the cost! 


Add a dash of color to her blooming flower jewelry by choosing a tanzanite as the main gemstone.

As an uncommon alternative in a deeper shade than aquamarine, your fiance will definitely appreciate the creativity of this decision!


What could be a better substitute for a flower diamond ring than one infused with a pearl?

This oceanic accessory will make her daydream about a destination wedding day!

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