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22 Stunning Marquise Engagement Rings With Timeless Style

Reaching its peak in popularity during the 1980s, marquise engagement rings have recently made a comeback among brides who are looking for a statement piece that beams with beauty!

marquise engagement ring

If you’re unsure about the details and styles of this jewelry cut, don’t worry for another moment! 

Learn all about marquise engagement rings today!

What is Marquise Cut Jewelry?

Marquise engagement rings are crafted with oval-shaped jewels that have elongated surfaces and pointed ends. 

In comparison to a round-cut diamond, a marquise ring setting tends to be cheaper because less waste is produced by jewelers when shaping the gemstone

Marquise Engagement Ring Settings

If your romantic partner lives by the idea that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, don’t think twice about considering one for your wedding proposal! 

Familiarize yourself with all of the possibilities for marquise diamond ring settings!

Six Prong

Bring her wedding proposal dreams to life by popping the question with a marquise cut diamond engagement ring that has six prong settings. This popular choice will pair perfectly with your fiance’s everyday attire! 


Treat your loved one like royalty by asking for her hand in marriage with a tension-set stunner. There’s nothing about this marquise cut engagement ring that your future wife won’t admire!  


A halo setting is never the wrong decision for any starry-eyed brides. The gorgeous details of this marquise diamond engagement ring set will certainly win her over!


A flush style might not be your first choice for engagement jewelry but this sleek possibility proves to be worthy of consideration. This marquise-cut center diamond setting works its magic by being simple yet demanding of attention!


The glamour of betrothal accessories with bezel settings really speak for themselves. Don’t be shocked if this flawless marquise diamond engagement ring brings a tear to your significant other’s eyes! 

Three Stone

Go the extra mile for the most important woman in your life by finding a marriage token with three stones. She won’t be able to ask anything more from the appearance of this brilliant marquise diamond ring! 


Unleash your creativity by finding an x-shaped marriage token for your future spouse. Wearing this marquise ring setting will definitely make her feel like she’s on cloud nine! 

Band Shapes

If you want to know more about the band shapes that are available for a marquise ring, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s our round-up of marquise diamond ring designs! 

Tension Set

Tension-set accessories look absolutely amazing on a wide range of skin tones. It’s safe to say that your fiance will be walking on air after receiving this marquise diamond ring.


With a twisted design, this stunner truly becomes one-of-a-kind.  You can never go wrong with purchasing his marquise diamond engagement ring for the most important woman in your life! 

Double Band

Elevate the look of her marriage token by picking one with a double-banded shape. Your loved one will be more than happy to wear this marquise cut engagement ring until the day of your espousal!


A marriage token with rope details will never disappoint a future spouse. Everybody’s eyes will be on her marquise diamond engagement ring set no matter where she goes! 


Electrify your romantic partner by asking for her hand in marriage with an open-shaped band. She won’t be able to stop herself from talking about this marquise diamond ring to the closest people in her life! 


If your significant other isn’t afraid to wear a statement piece, don’t be afraid to customize her marquise ring with a dome style. Contemporary and vintage details really come together with this diamond band!


When it comes to marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings, a two-toned band radiates a kind of charm that can’t be found with other possibilities. Your betrothal photos will look marvelous thanks to this unique accessory!


Plan the idyllic proposal by purchasing a marriage token that resembles a butterfly. This marquise cut diamond ring is especially ideal for brides who see themselves tying the knot during a springtime ceremony.

Other Gemstones

When most people imagine a marquise ring, a contemporary or antique diamond centerpiece usually comes to mind. Just know that you don’t have to restrict yourself to this traditional arrangement. 

Other jewels are incorporated into marquise engagement rings for the sake of fitting the personal style of every bride!

Find your inspiration for a marquise cut engagement ring with an alternative centerstone! 


If you’re searching for a jewel that has yet to go out of style, look no further than jades! Your loved one will certainly be jumping for joy after receiving a marquise ring crafted with this brilliant gem. 


Infused with ambers, this marquise cut engagement ring doesn’t hold back from taking center stage. This organic gemstone is especially appealing to any brides who dare to be different!


Marquise engagement rings with alexandrite are the epitome of enduring allure. Wearing this marriage token will surely bring a smile on your fiance’s face for the months to come! 


Morganite accessories are such a refreshing alternative in comparison to the usual pieces of jewelry that are given during a marriage proposal. Nobody could pass up wearing this gorgeous marquise ring! 


If your significant other gravitates towards vivid gemstones, she’ll love nothing more than a stunner with rubies. This marquise ring setting will surely turn some heads!


What could be a better alternative for a marquise diamond ring than an aquamarine jewel? This ocean-themed statement piece truly stands out from all of the rest. 


Who wouldn’t love to wear a marquise-shaped engagement ring infused with opals? This celestial marriage token will grab everyone’s attention from every possible angle!

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