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21 Gorgeous Alexandrite Engagement Rings For An Unconventional Bride

For some brides, the idea of wearing a white diamond engagement ring feels overdone. One new trend that non-traditional brides are opting for are alexandrite engagement rings!

alexandrite engagement ring

If you already know that your significant other feels the same way, you might be considering an alternative that would be a better fit for her personal style. Alexandrites are one of many possibilities for these betrothal accessories. 

For anybody who is unfamiliar with alexandrite rings, have no fear! 

Find your inspiration for an alexandrite stone ring by reading our list of recommendations!

What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrites are precious metals that are known for changing colors from greenish-blue to reddish-pink in the presence of incandescent light.

As the birthstones of the month of June, these jewels were originally discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830 and were named after Russian Tsar Alexander II. Alexandrites can also be found in other countries like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Brazil. 

To meet the demand for engagement rings, stunning lab-created alexandrite stones have become a popular option for many brides and grooms. 

As one of the rarest gemstones in the world, genuine alexandrite crystals tend to range in the same price point as their white diamond counterparts. 

If you need some jewelry inspiration while planning your proposal, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s our round-up of alexandrite rings that’ll make your loved one feel starry-eyed!


Heart-shaped alexandrite rings never hold back with awing a future spouse. There’s so much to adore about the timeless look of this lovely engagement band! 


Splurge on your significant other by finding her an alexandrite stone ring with an oval centerpiece. All eyes will be on this magnificent accessory no matter where your loved one travels! 


Who isn’t head over heels with the idea of owning a custom two-tone ring with a natural alexandrite stone? These marriage tokens tend to be more expensive since they’re crafted with diamond accents. 


When it comes to alexandrite accent gems, a halo design is never the wrong decision for future brides who want a classic engagement ring style. There’s nothing about this custom piece that she won’t love with all of her heart! 

Channel Band

If the most important person in your life prefers an accessory that is both contemporary and classic, a channel band is your way to go. This engagement ring option tends to be more stackable than the other recommendations on this list.


Filigree rings with a carat of alexandrite proves time and time again to be show-stopping details. It’s safe to say that your loved one will be taken over the moon after being given this remarkable gemstone!


Swirled alexandrite rings were made to be worn as betrothal accessories. Don’t be shocked if this enchanting piece of jewelry brings a tear to your loved one’s eyes! 

Princess Cut

Go all out with your ideas for an alexandrite stone ring by buying one with a princess cut. There’s no storage of beauty with this timeless marriage token! 

Trinity Knot 

If you’re searching for a rose gold alexandrite ring that stands out from the crowd, a trinity knot design will certainly do the trick. Inspired by Celtic tradition, this marvelous detail will have your significant other smiling for the days to come! 


Who doesn’t love the appearance of lotus alexandrite rings? These statement pieces are the most appropriate for a bridal couple who are interested in having an espousal during the summertime

Platinum Jet

For a bride who prefers an understated alternative for her betrothal accessories, nothing is better than a platinum jet band. These alexandrite engagement rings leave a lasting impression on everybody who sees them! 


If your significant other dreams of a garden wedding ceremony, go with an alexandrite ring with vines as her marriage token. This elegant possibility will certainly win her over in more ways than one! 


The aesthetics of ceramic alexandrite rings really speak for themselves. This budget-friendly option also features a color-changing inlay!


What could be a better choice than alexandrite rings with butterfly designs? This marriage token will be the center of attention in all of your engagement photos


Make her feel like a princess by giving her an alexandrite stone ring that resembles a crown. This royal-themed jewelry never shies away from looking absolutely breathtaking. 


With a genuine alexandrite stone in the center, ballerina rings offer plenty of brilliant sparkles. Nobody could pass up with owning this spectacular accessory! 


Add a touch of color to your kite engagement ring by ordering one with alexandrite gemstone. Your loved one will be more than happy to tell her friends and family members about this stunning jewel! 


Express your eternal adoration for your significant other by proposing to her with a contemporary alexandrite engagement ring in the shape of a triangle. This striking marriage token will be impossible for any of her loved ones to miss!

Cat’s Eye

When thinking of the possibilities for a ring with an amazing alexandrite center stone, most people don’t consider a cat’s eye style. The mystical lure of these betrothal accessories are beyond perfection!

Cherry Blossom 

Embrace the beauty of alexandrite rings by picking one with cherry blossom design. Your romantic partner will cherish this jewelry even more if you decide to host a springtime nuptial


Make your significant other feel like she’s on top of the world by giving her a hexagon ring. These alexandrite ring pieces are genuinely one-of-a-kind. 


Unleash your creativity by choosing a rose gold alexandrite ring with dragon details. This unusual engagement token feels the most fitting for brides and grooms who are planning a ceremony with Chinese wedding traditions in mind.

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