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22 Amethyst Engagement Rings That Your Future Wife Will Love To Show Off

As the most popular jewel used in purple stone rings, it’s no surprise why so many couples have opted for amethysts instead of diamonds for their betrothal accessories.  Amethyst engagement rings offer a unique look for future brides!

amethyst engagement ring

If you know that your future wife would be impressed by the sight of amethyst jewelry but you’re feeling unsure of all of the options that are available, don’t sweat it!

Here’s our round-up of amethyst engagement rings that’ll make her feel starry-eyed!

What is Amethyst?

amethyst rocks

As a variety of quartz, amethysts are less durable than diamonds but are strong enough for everyday wear. These jewels are associated with the month of February. 

Amethysts originate from nearly every continent and appear in a range of shades from light purple to deep violets. Synthetic versions of these precious gemstones have been available for amethyst rings since the 1970s.

In comparison to an engagement band with diamond accents, amethyst rings tend to be more budget-friendly without sacrificing any of the same natural beauty. 

Find the perfect engagement ring choice by reading our list of amethyst jewelry!


A list of amethyst rings would feel incomplete without including a heart design. This gorgeous choice feels retro and contemporary at the same time!


Designed with amethyst deposits in the center, these purple stone rings are the epitome of timeless glamour. Your future wife’s friends and family members will be envious of her for owning such a lovely accessory! 


When it comes to purple engagement rings, a pear-shaped piece really proves to be a show-stopper. There’s so much for her to love about this stunning marriage token! 


Take your romantic partner over the moon by proposing to her with a cluster ring with asymmetrical amethyst crystals. This marriage token won’t hold back from standing out from all of the rest! 


The beauty of an engagement ring infused with an amethyst center stone really speaks for itself. Your future wife won’t be able to ask anything more from this gorgeous accessory. 


If you’re looking for vintage amethyst engagement rings that beam with beauty, a ring made in the shape of a crown will certainly do the trick. Take this idea a step further by considering a royal theme for your special day!


When looking at all of the possibilities for amethyst engagement rings, a butterfly design feels like one-of-a-kind. Your significant other will appreciate this accessory if you have already talked about planning a garden wedding ceremony


Make your significant other feel like she’s walking on air by proposing to her with a horizon engagement band. All eyes will be on this purple amethyst gemstone no matter where she goes!


An engagement ring crafted with cushion-cut amethyst is never the wrong choice for your future wife. Wearing this bold detail will definitely make her smile for the months to come! 

Angel Wings

If you know that your future wife would prefer an unconventional engagement ring option, a statement piece with angel wings is your answer. Don’t hesitate to choose this betrothal jewelry as a way of expressing your Christian faith


Splurge on your loved one by finding a ballerina ring with amethyst accents as her betrothal accessory. It’s safe to say that your significant other will be jumping for joy after receiving this marriage token!


Who could say no to receiving a hexagon engagement ring with an amethyst center stone? Your future spouse will be more than thrilled to wear this marvelous piece throughout this day! 

Meeting Arrows

Meeting arrows are such a creative design when considering the kinds of purple engagement rings that are typically given to future brides. This alternative tends to be more stackable than the other bands on this list. 


If you’re searching for purple stone rings made with a Celtic design, don’t think twice about buying a Claddagh band! This betrothal jewelry will definitely be the center of attention in your engagement photos!


Twisted amethyst rings never shy away from being absolutely spectacular. Owning this statement piece will surely make her heart soar!


Make your significant other feel like she’s floating on cloud nine by giving her a curved ring. The purple accent stones really take center stage! 


Who wouldn’t be absolutely exhilarated to be given a triangle engagement ring with beautiful amethyst stone? This marriage token will definitely leave your loved one in amazement!

Criss Cross

A criss-cross design might not be the first idea that comes to mind, but this engagement ring choice proves to be adored. This attention-grabbing band will leave a lasting impression on everybody who sees it! 


Moon-shaped amethyst rings never fail with dazzling a future spouse. Go with this alternative if she has already mentioned wanting to host a wedding day with celestial themes in mind!

Tension Set

Express your everlasting love to the most important woman in your life by gifting her with a custom amethyst engagement ring with a tension set design. She won’t be able to stop herself from telling everybody about this gorgeous marriage token! 


Get creative with your ideas for amethyst engagement rings by purchasing one with a coral style. This statement piece will be impossible for anybody to miss! 


Who doesn’t love the look of amethyst rings in the shape of sunflowers? This fabulous marriage token feels the most appropriate for couples who are interested in hosting a summertime ceremony

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