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20 Celtic Engagement Rings That Your Future Spouse Will Love To Wear

If you’re looking for a betrothal accessory that will stand out from all of the rest while carrying an incredibly special meaning, a Celtic engagement ring is your way to go. 

Celtic rings aren’t required for a wedding day that includes Irish traditions, but it becomes a wonderful statement piece that pulls the entire theme together. Celtic engagement rings come in various styles for men and women.

claddagh ring

Find out everything you need to know about Irish engagement rings today!

What is a Celtic Engagement Ring?

Originally appearing in an Irish fishing village known as Claddagh, Celtic engagement rings gained popularity during the Victorian era and with other royals such as the monarchy of Monaco. 

Celtic rings are usually kept as treasured family heirlooms that are passed down from a mother to her daughter. These betrothal accessories are most commonly found in these arrangements: the Claddagh, Celtic Warrior, and Celtic Knot.

Claddagh Rings

claddagh engagement ring

When people consider Celtic rings as their betrothal jewelry, Claddagh styles typically come to mind.

An Irish Claddagh engagement ring is designed with two hands holding a heart-shaped diamond. Traditional versions of this accessory will have a crown sitting on top of that heart.

Check out our recommendations for a Claddagh ring design today! 

Green Agate 

Add a bit of color to your Claddagh ring by choosing one with green agate. Your future wife will be more than happy to wear this symbol of love throughout the day! 


Who wouldn’t be absolutely thrilled to receive a Celtic sapphire engagement ring? This elegant piece of jewelry will definitely be a show-stopper in your betrothal photos


When looking at your options for Celtic heart rings, an opal piece proves to be one-of-a-kind. It’s safe to say that your loved one will be walking on air after receiving this remarkable accessory!


If you know that your significant other would prefer an eye-catching option among Claddagh engagement rings, don’t think twice about picking one with an amethyst! The purple gemstone really takes the center stage! 


Make your loved one feel like she’s on cloud nine by proposing to her with a Celtic engagement ring created with citrine. Owning this statement piece will definitely take her over the moon!


An Irish Claddagh engagement ring infused with alexandrite is never the wrong decision for this kind of jewelry. This stunning arrangement will certainly leave your future spouse in awe. 

Celtic Warrior Rings

Traditionally worn by men, celtic warrior rings are typically engraved with shield patterns. Some brides have opted for these accessories as a way to express their understated flair.

Discover the perfect choice among Celtic design engagement rings from reading our list of suggestions!  

Sterling Silver 

If you know that your future wife prefers a handmade Celtic style ring with a simple look, go with sterling silver. She won’t be able to hold back from showing off your betrothal detail to her friends and family members!


A Celtic gold engagement ring is a timeless possibility for any future bride. This attention-grabbing piece of jewelry will definitely win her over! 


Designed with rubies, these Irish engagement rings truly steal the show. She won’t be able to ask for anything more from this spectacular appearance.


A Celtic engagement ring infused with an emerald center is the epitome of timeless glamour. All eyes will be on her betrothal accessory no matter where she goes!

Black Diamond

When it comes to these gorgeous arrangements, a black Celtic diamond engagement ring never fails with impressing a future spouse. Wearing this unique style will definitely make her heart soar! 

Pink Tourmaline 

If you’re searching for breath-taking rings that beams with beauty, a piece with pink tourmaline is your answer. There’s so much to love about this remarkable gemstone! 

Trinity Knot Rings

Also known as Celtic Knots, these betrothal bands are traditionally made with a looping pattern and three points. 

Many brides and grooms interpret the three points as representing past, present, and future. Others look at trinity knot rings as symbolizing life, death, and rebirth instead.

Get inspired by checking out our list of Celtic ring designs with trinity knots! 


Treat her like a queen by purchasing her a beautiful Celtic style ring set with garnet. There’s no shortage of beauty with this statement piece!


The glamour of a Celtic engagement ring with a pearl centerpiece speaks for itself. You can never go wrong with picking this classic accessory for your significant other. 


Splurge on your loved one by finding her a Celtic trinity knot engagement ring made out of jade. There’s nothing about this piece of jewelry that your future spouse won’t adore! 


What could be better than handmade rings crafted with peridot? She’ll love to wear this Celtic betrothal detail for the days until your wedding ceremony! 


For a bride who isn’t afraid to wear gemstones that make a statement, she’ll love nothing more than a trinity knot ring made with onyx. The details of this betrothal accessory are beyond perfection! 


If you’re searching for engagement ring styles that radiate romance, an amber piece will certainly do the trick. Nobody could pass up wearing this marvelous jewel! 


Who could say no to receiving a Celtic engagement ring infused with morganite? Your significant other will jump for joy after you propose to her with this stunning arrangement. 


With a moonstone as the centerpiece, this durable metal ring will cater to the refined taste of your future spouse. Don’t be surprised if this beautiful accessory brings a tear to her eyes! 

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