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21 Aquamarine Rings That Are Perfect For Wedding Proposals

Whether you’re searching for “something blue” that’ll bring good fortune to your upcoming married life or simply choosing a statement piece with sparkling clarity, just know that aquamarine engagement rings are never the wrong decision. 

As alternative engagement bands, aquamarine rings are crafted in a variety of styles. If you need help with narrowing down these possibilities, have no fear!

Find the perfect ring with an aquamarine gemstone today! 

What is Aquamarine?

With a nickname of the sailor’s stone, these jewels are known for their greenish-blue shades and tend to be associated with the month of March.

Aquamarines belong to the Beryl family, relating closely to emeralds and morganites. While being less durable than white diamonds, these blue stones are strong enough as accessories for everyday wear. 

Since aquamarines are more commonly found than other jewels, these rings are typically sold at a lower price and have become ideal for couples who are hoping to stay within a particular budget

Here’s our round-up of birthstone aquamarine engagement rings that’ll make your loved one feel like she’s on top of the world! 


Waved aquamarine bands aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon for couples who are considering a nautical theme for their wedding ceremonies. The most important woman in your life will be more than proud to show off this engagement ring choice to her closest friends and family members!

Mermaid Tail 

If you’re searching for aquamarine wedding rings that are impossible to miss, don’t be afraid to choose one that resembles a mermaid tail! This statement piece feels the most fitting for brides who are dreaming of a beach-themed celebration

Asscher Cut

What could be a better alternative than aquamarine rings with an asscher cut? Everybody in your significant other’s life will be jealous of your significant other for owning such an elegant marriage token! 


Bring on the bling by purchasing a vintage aquamarine engagement ring designed as a cluster. Your romantic partner will be walking on air after receiving a proposal with this betrothal accessory. 


When it comes to aquamarine wedding rings, a teardrop-shaped band never fails to amaze a future spouse. This enchanting jewelry feels vintage and modern at the same time! 


If she has already dropped the hint about loving aquamarine rings, filigree bands are the way to go. Owning this statement piece will make your loved one feel completely starry-eyed! 


Who isn’t absolutely obsessed with the idea of owning a pave aquamarine band? This engagement ring option will definitely leave a lasting impression on anybody who sees it! 

Raw Cut

Embrace the aesthetics of birthstone aquamarine engagement rings by choosing one that is infused with a raw cut gemstone in the middle. There’s so much for your future wife to adore about this asymmetrical marriage token!


Splurge on your significant other by picking out a cathedral band crafted with aquamarine stones. You can never go wrong with investing in this engagement ring choice!


If you’re searching for exceptional jewelry pieces that’ll take your romantic partner over the moon, kite rings are your answer. This style has remained popular in recent years with alexandrite engagement bands and other alternatives. 


Bezel aquamarine rings were made to be given out as betrothal accessories. Your significant other won’t be able to ask anything more from this nontraditional engagement band!


Who could say no to owning an heirloom aquamarine engagement ring in the shape of a triangle? Wearing this gorgeous detail will surely make her heart soar!


Curved aquamarine rings really prove themselves to be works of art. Don’t be surprised if this stunning gemstone takes the center stage in your engagement photos! 


Go with a feminine look for your significant other’s marriage token by purchasing a vintage aquamarine engagement band that resembles a flower. All eyes will be on your loved one’s jewel no matter where she decides to go!

Trinity Knot

When thinking about aquamarine engagement rings, a Celtic trinity knot style might not be the first possibility that comes to mind. Nobody could pass up wearing one of these striking accessories!


Get creative with your ideas for a beautiful aquamarine engagement ring by ordering one in the shape of a swan. These unique marriage tokens will definitely stand out on anybody’s hand! 

Double Heart

Think outside of the box with your ideas for aquamarine wedding bands by considering a statement piece with double hearts. The romantic details of this option are beyond flawless!

Hidden Gems 

If you already know that the most important woman in your life would cherish an understated design, don’t think twice about choosing one with hidden aquamarine gemstones. There’s no shortage of charm with this nontraditional engagement band!

Eternity Band

Make your loved one feel like royalty by proposing to her with an eternity band with blue tones. It’s safe to say that this engagement ring choice will bring a smile to her face for the days to come! 

Baguette Cut 

Go all out with your ideas for aquamarine rings by finding one with a baguette cut. This gorgeous alternative will be appreciated by a wife who gravitates towards Art Deco and other 1920s styles


For a bride with unconventional taste, nothing is better than a dome ring with a blue gemstone. This betrothal jewelry offers an endless amount of brilliant sparkles! 


With an aquamarine stone in the center, a snake ring becomes one-of-a-kind. Your significant other won’t be able to take her eyes off this unique engagement band!

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