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21 Moonstone Engagement Rings to Dazzle Your Future Wife

Although choosing an engagement ring with a center moonstone over its diamond counterpart may seem like a modern trend, these gemstones have been a favorite for jewelry lovers since the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans.

If you know that your significant other would be head over heels for a moonstone engagement ring set but you’re uncertain of the available options, don’t waste another moment worrying!

Check out our suggestions for beautiful moonstone engagement rings!

What is Moonstone?


Similar in appearance to opals, moonstones are minerals that belong to the feldspar family. These gemstones are especially known for their alluring iridescence.

The average moonstone is considerably less durable than other kinds of jewels and may suffer damage over time without extra care. Basic moonstone rings can be found in a wide range of colors like blue, green, yellow, and brown. 

Moonstone rings are often associated with lunar deities. These softer stones are also thought to have metaphysical properties such as balancing emotions, promoting confidence, and causing beautiful dreams. 

As a jewel that is more commonly found than rough diamonds, moonstones are an excellent possibility for any kind of budget or aesthetic. 

Take a look at our recommendation for a rainbow moonstone ring that’ll make your fiancee feel like she’s on top of the world! 

Emerald Cut

Who could say no to the idea of owning an emerald-cut moonstone engagement ring set? These popular choices never shies away from looking absolutely marvelous. 


What could be a better alternative to diamond rings than a bohemian moonstone band that resembles a sun? Take this idea a step further by planning for your wedding day to happen during the spring or summertime

Double Band

Bring on the bling by finding a faceted moonstone engagement ring for your significant other. Receiving this double-banded statement piece will definitely pull on her heartstrings!


Splurge on the most important person in your life by considering a halo moonstone ring as her betrothal accessory. This rose gold arrangement will amaze anybody who lays their eyes on it!


Teardrop engagement rings with white moonstones aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon for brides who prefer alternative kinds of big-day jewelry. There’s so much for your romantic partner to adore about this enchanting marriage token!


You can never go wrong with picking a chic moonstone engagement ring with rope details. This show-stopping choice will make your future spouse feel like she’s walking on air! 


If your loved one has already dropped hints about wanting a vintage moonstone engagement ring, you can never go wrong with proposing with one with a spiral design. This accessory will be impossible for anybody in her life to miss! 


Crafted with three jewels in the middle, this engagement ring style will definitely win her over. There’s no storage of loveliness with this combination of moonstones!


Go all out with your ideas by choosing a statement piece with arrows. This moonstone engagement ring will definitely steal the show in all of your engagement photos! 

Raw Cut

If you’re searching for a vintage moonstone engagement ring with eye-catching style, a raw-cut design certainly won’t disappoint your romantic partner. These unique accessories were made to be given out during marriage proposals. 

Tension Set

The glamour of a tension set ring with a circular moonstone really speaks for itself. This gorgeous jewel never fails to impress a future spouse! 


Embrace the beauty of moonstone engagement rings by choosing one that looks like a crown. Don’t be startled if this royal-themed marriage token brings a tear to your fiance’s eyes!

Crystal Ball

For a bride who wants to plan a celestial-themed espousal, nothing is better as a betrothal accessory than an engagement ring with a circular gemstone that looks like a crystal ball. She’ll be jumping for joy if you decide to propose with this wonderful jewel!


Make your loved one feel starry-eyed by proposing to her with a dome moonstone engagement ring. The most important woman in your life will be more than happy to wear this symbol of your affection until your wedding day! 

Trinity Knot

When it comes to finding a Celtic-inspired moonstone ring, a trinity knot design is hard to beat. All of your significant other’s friends and family members will be jealous of her for owning this magical statement piece! 


Who doesn’t love the idea of owning a rainbow moonstone engagement ring set that resembles a lotus flower? Wearing this magnificent accessory will definitely make your future spouse’s heart soar!


If you know that your romantic partner would prefer an engagement ring with a beautiful gemstone that’ll stand out from the rest, don’t think twice about choosing one that resembles a coral. She won’t be able to hold back from showing off this unique arrangement to the closest people in her life!


If your future wife has talked about hosting a garden wedding day, she’ll definitely appreciate a dragon-fly shaped ring with iridescent moonstone accents. This unique option will certainly be seen on your significant other’s hand!


When finalizing your decision among gorgeous moonstone engagement rings, don’t be afraid to consider one that looks like a snake. Your romantic partner won’t be able to keep her eyes off this unconventional piece of bridal jewelry! 

Fox Tracks

Think outside of the box but purchasing a rainbow moonstone engagement ring with fox track details. This unique choice feels especially fitting for brides who are considering a woodland-themed ceremony

Angel Wings

Get creative with your idea for an antique-inspired moonstone ring by selecting one with angel wings. It’s safe to say that your loved one will appreciate this betrothal accessory if she’s hoping to incorporate her Christian faith in your wedding day! 

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