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21 Opal Engagement Rings That Your Future Wife Will Fall In Love With

As more and more people opt out of wearing white diamonds for their engagement rings, many couples are considering opals as a possible alternative. Opal engagement rings offer a stunning and unique look.

opal engagement ring

If you need help with narrowing down your choices among opal jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re here to help with our list of opal engagement rings!

What is Opal?

Opals are the birthstones for the month of October and can be found in a variety of colors such as orange, green, blue, yellow, and black. 

These jewels have been nicknamed as the “Queen of Gems” after being favored by royalty such as Alexandrina Victoria and Cleopatra. 

In comparison to white diamonds, these engagement ring stones are considerably less durable and aren’t typically recommended for daily wear without proper care. Natural opals range from 5.5 to 6.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

As a commonly-found gemstone in countries such as Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, and parts of the United States, opals are especially ideal for any couples who are looking to stay within a particular budget when purchasing a marriage token. 

Here’s our round-up of opal engagement rings that’ll make her feel like she’s on cloud nine! 

Double Heart

Who wouldn’t say yes to a wedding proposal with an opal and diamond ring shaped like two hearts? This custom piece never shies away from being absolutely romantic. 

Emerald Cut

As an alternative design for betrothal accessories, emerald cuts aren’t falling out of favor anytime soon. There’s no storage of sparkles when wearing these opal engagement rings!

Three Stone

For a future bride who isn’t afraid to wear a statement piece, a white opal engagement ring with three stones is the way to go. This kind of jewelry setting is also available with moissanite and other semi-precious minerals.


Nothing says love and devotion quite like a filigree marriage token. All eyes will be on your significant other’s opal engagement ring no matter where she goes!


Add a pop of color to a Celtic design by finding an engagement ring with blue opal. This statement piece becomes a perfect choice for couples who want to incorporate Irish traditions into their wedding ceremonies and receptions. 


Make your loved one feel like she’s on top of the world by asking for her hand in marriage with a halo opal and diamond ring. Your future wife will be more than happy to show off this piece of jewelry to her closest friends and family members. 


When it comes to making a decision among white opal engagement rings, a hexagon style will never disappoint a future spouse. This gemstone is beyond perfect for any brides who are anything but ordinary. 


Electrify your significant other by proposing to her with a teardrop marriage token. This milky opal engagement ring has yet to go out of style. 


A band with rope detailing is such a refreshing take on the usual kinds of opal rings that are given to future brides. This white gold statement piece will grab everybody’s attention from every single angle!


Captivate your significant other by proposing to her with swan-shaped jewelry. She’ll be completely obsessed with wearing this opal and diamond ring until the day of your wedding ceremony!


A future bride, who daydreams of a garden wedding day, will love nothing more than a gemstone crafted with vine details. This opal engagement ring radiates a kind of beauty that really stands out from all of the rest. 


With a white opal as a centerstone, this astral design will cater to the celestial taste of your loved one.  Your engagement photoshoot outfit will be captured beautifully thanks to this ring!

Long Spear 

Celebrate your commitment to the most important lady in your life by popping the question with a long-speared opal engagement ring. This nontraditional choice will definitely turn some heads. 

Horizontal Bar

If you’re looking for an option that’ll be impossible for anybody in her life to miss, go with a horizontal bar style. These iridescent opal engagement rings truly stand out against a wide range of skin tones.


Unleash your creativity by choosing an opal engagement ring that resembles a compass. Your romantic partner will certainly cherish this marriage token if she already has her sights set on planning a travel-themed espousal


When faced with a variety of precious opals, an eye-shaped detail truly stands out among the rest. It’s hard to imagine a better engagement ring design for a future spouse with unconventional flair!


Pull on your loved one’s heartstrings by asking her to be your wife with a black opal engagement ring. This monolith detail works its magic by being simple yet demanding of attention. 


For a bride with bohemian style, nothing feels more fitting than an opal engagement ring that resembles a feather. Your fiance will adore this beautiful statement piece so much that she’ll never want to take it off until your special day! 


When it comes to bold designs, a reef opal engagement ring proves to be especially eye-catching. If your romantic partner imagines her wedding day along the seashore, she’ll definitely fall in love with this betrothal accessory. 

Trillion Cut

Embrace the beauty of an opal and diamond ring by finding one with a trillion cut for the most important lady in your life. She’ll certainly be jumping for joy after fitting this custom piece of jewelry on her finger. 


Crowned rings with a white opal centerstone have a magical glow that can’t be found with other possibilities. This royal-themed marriage token will dazzle everybody who lays their eyes on it!

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