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21 Moissanite Engagement Rings That’ll Captivate Your Future Spouse

With nearly the same durability and appearance as natural diamonds, white gold moissanites have become one of the most common alternatives for engagement rings and wedding bands.

If you’re opting out of diamond jewelry but are unsure of the beautiful ring designs that exist for these semi-precious gemstones, have no fear!

moissanite engagement ring

Get inspired by reading our recommendations for a radiant moissanite engagement ring set that your significant other will adore!

As a budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious alternative to a beautiful diamond engagement ring, moissanite jewelry has proven time and time again to capture the same elegance.

Discover the perfect engagement ring with moissanite accent stones today! 

Six Prong

A six-prong moissanite ring is truly the embodiment of timeless allure. This betrothal accessory won’t hold back with making your engagement photos look absolutely spectacular! 


For a bride with an understated style, nothing will make her happier than owning this moissanite gemstone ring. A bezel setting can be found with other semi-precious minerals like aquamarine


When it comes to affordable moissanite rings, think outside the box by finding one with a curved design. This diamond alternative will be impossible for anybody in her life to overlook! 


Leave a lasting impression by asking for her hand in marriage with an alluring band that resembles a kite. There’s no storage of bling when owning this moissanite engagement ring set!


Rose moissanite rings were made to be worn by future brides. Don’t think twice about this excellent choice if your loved one dreams about tying the knot during the summertime. 


With a Claddagh design, the center gemstone of this moissanite engagement ring attracts all of the attention. This betrothal accessory feels especially fitting for brides and grooms who are planning a wedding day with Irish traditions in mind. 


Who wouldn’t say yes to receiving this radiant moissanite engagement ring set? These lovely marriage tokens have yet to go out of style. 

Baguette Cut

Bring on the sparkles by picking out a moissanite band with a baguette cut. Go with this engagement ring setting if you already know that your significant other isn’t afraid to wear jewelry that makes a statement. 


Pull on your significant other’s heartstrings by giving her a clustered marriage token. The beautiful decorations of this moissanite engagement ring are truly unmatched! 

Three Stone

Go the extra mile by considering moissanite engagement rings with three jewels instead of a solitary stone. These opulent details never fail to impress a future bride! 


Dazzle your future spouse by popping the question with a spiral-shaped engagement ring option. The unique design truly makes it feel like one-of-a-kind.

Vertical Bar

When it comes to alternatives to classic stone shapes, vertical bars are such a creative choice. This white gold moissanite engagement ring set will certainly stand out on her hand!


A filigree moissanite engagement ring is nothing short of being classic and glamorous. This luxurious piece feels the most appropriate for a bride who wants to emulate the Roaring Twenties on her wedding day.


Star-shaped moissanite rings aren’t the right decision for every bride, but they’ll attract the attention of everybody who looks at them. These celestial marriage tokens never shy away from offering an endless amount of sparkles. 

Zig Zag

Surprise the most important lady in your life by proposing to her with a zigzag ring with exquisite gemstones. Your future spouse won’t be able to ask anything more from this statement piece. 

Criss Cross

Flex your creativity by finding a white gold moissanite ring with a criss cross design. The closest people in her life won’t be able to stop themselves from asking her about this marvelous accessory!

Princess Cut

Go all out with your options for a moissanite engagement ring by selecting one with a princess cut. She’ll definitely feel like royalty when wearing this symbol of your affection throughout the day. 

Olive Branches

Express your eternal love to your significant other by picking a moissanite engagement ring set designed with olive branches. This marriage token will be appreciated by your loved one if she’s already talked about hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony.  

Trillion Cut

It’s no wonder why so many people pick trillion cuts for their beautiful moissanite engagement rings. Don’t hesitate to choose this style if you know that your loved one would greatly appreciate its luxurious look. 

Half Eternity

When faced with a variety of stone shapes, you can never go wrong with choosing a half eternity moissanite engagement ring. She’ll certainly love this betrothal accessory with all of her heart! 


A hexagon design has the exceptional qualities that you would expect from a moissanite engagement ring set. Your future spouse will be absolutely obsessed with wearing this perfect piece of jewelry!

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