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21 Emerald Cut Engagement Rings For Brides With Classic Style

With an appearance that feels modern and vintage at the same time, it’s no surprise why emerald cut engagement rings have been picked over and over again for marriage proposals.

emerald cut engagement ring

If you already know that the most important woman in your life is obsessed with the idea of wearing an emerald cut ring but you’re feeling unsure of the possibilities, don’t sweat it! 

We’ve organized our favorite kinds of emerald shaped engagement rings in a list here at YeahWeddings! 

What is Emerald Cut Jewelry?

emerald cut jewelry

Emerald cut rings are designed as elongated rectangles with cut corners that usually look larger than other gemstone shapes. 

This engagement ring style has been a popular choice for centuries, but is mostly associated with the Art Deco movement. Emerald cut diamond jewelry has remained a favorite among celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Amal Clooney.

Ring Settings

Don’t forget to choose a setting that’ll protect or emphasize the white diamonds in the middle of her show-stopping accessory!

Read on to learn about the options that are available for emerald cut engagement rings!

Four Prong

Who isn’t in love with the idea of wearing this dazzling emerald cut diamond ring? Four-pronged engagement accessories are especially perfect for brides with timeless taste! 


When it comes to these fancy diamond cuts, a half-bezel setting really proves to have it all. Don’t be surprised if this show-stopper leaves your fiance with happy tears!


Ballerina rings are no strangers to wedding proposals as extravagant jewelry. Your significant other will be more than happy to wear this brilliant emerald cut diamond center stone as a symbol of your everlasting love! 


Embrace the charm of emerald shaped engagement rings by shopping for one with an east-west setting. The beautiful facets of this classic diamond shape will definitely stand out on her hand! 


The enchanting appearances of halo emerald cut engagement rings are truly unmatched. Your significant other will feel like royalty when adorning this betrothal accessory!

Tension Set

Bring on the bling by ordering a gorgeous emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a tension setting. It’s safe to say that the most important woman in your life will cherish this show-stopper!


Strive for elegant simplicity by picking a stunner with a monolith setting. This emerald cut diamond band proves to be the perfect choice for an avant-garde bride! 


Go from classic to interesting by choosing a marriage token infused with clustered stones. She’ll never get sick of wearing this emerald cut diamond ring! 

Emerald Cut Ring Bands

Emerald cut rings can be found in a countless number of shapes that’ll fit the personal preferences of any future spouse!

Here’s a round-up of our favorite designs for emerald cut diamond bands!

Trinity Knot

Show off your Celtic heritage by purchasing a trinity knot ring with a delicate emerald cut diamond as the centerpiece. This meaningful piece of jewelry will certainly turn some heads!


Leave a lasting impression on your romantic partner by popping the question with a filigree emerald shaped diamond ring. These popular settings add so much depth to a marriage token that already beams with beauty!

Criss Cross

Elevate the appearance of her betrothal accessory by customizing it with a criss-cross design. The glassy facets of these emerald shaped engagement rings are simply amazing to anybody who lays their eyes on them! 


If the love of your life would adore a stunner with unexpected but delicate details, don’t think twice about choosing this gorgeous emerald cut diamond engagement ring! This piece of jewelry will demand plenty of attention no matter where she goes!

Split Shank

You can never go wrong with popping the question with this split-shank accessory. Your significant other will certainly be jumping for joy after fitting this beautiful diamond ring on her finger for the first time!

Other Emerald Shaped Gemstones

While emerald cut engagement rings are usually associated with incredible diamonds, just know that you don’t have to restrict yourself to that traditional choice.

Discover the other kinds of gemstones that are incorporated into emerald shaped engagement rings!


What could be a better substitute for a dazzling emerald cut diamond ring than one with moissanite? There’s no shortage of sparkles with the facet design of this environmentally friendly gemstone


Take your ideas for an emerald cut engagement ring to the next level by customizing it with a garnet. These red jewels really stand out on a yellow gold band!


If you’re searching for emerald cut rings that make a statement, look no further than one with amethyst stones. The most important woman in your life will surely feel loved and appreciated after receiving this stunner! 


Make her betrothal accessory feel like one-of-a-kind by picking an onyx instead of a diamond. This emerald cut ring will definitely win her over especially if your significant other has been considering a gothic wedding day


Add a pinch of color to her emerald cut engagement ring by choosing one with morganite. The feminine style of these light pink gemstones never shy away from looking extraordinary! 


With a deeper shade of blue than aquamarine, these emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for a bride who feels right at home by the waterfront. Your romantic partner won’t be able to stop herself from telling everybody in her life about this stunner!


Include a modern twist to your significant other’s marriage token by customizing it with a peridot. Wearing this emerald cut ring will definitely have her smiling for the months to come!


What isn’t there to love about emerald cut rings crafted with moonstone? There’s nothing typical or boring about this engagement accessory!

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