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22 Baguette Engagement Rings To Amaze Your Future Spouse

When it comes to engagement ring styles, nothing says love and devotion quite like a baguette cut diamond. 

If you need help with narrowing down the endless options for a baguette engagement ring with memorable diamonds, you’ve come to the right place!

baguette engagement ring

 We have curated a list of baguette engagement rings here at YeahWeddings! that will dazzle your future spouse!

What is a Baguette Diamond Cut?

The baguette cut is a rectangular diamond that is used as centerstones or accents, earning its name due to its resemblance to the French style of bread. 

These step-cut diamond rings trace back to the Art Deco movement of the Roaring Twenties. 

Baguette Ring Settings

Baguette rings are available in a variety of settings to fit the personal style of every bride! 

Discover the perfect choice for a baguette engagement ring with incredible diamonds today! 


Strive for elegance and simplicity by choosing a center bezel-set baguette diamond ring.  This marriage token embodies a classic beauty that will never go out of style in the modern age!


Electrify your romantic partner by popping the question with a flush-style band. All eyes will be on your loved one’s baguette diamond setting no matter where she travels!


If your significant other gravitates towards unique bridal jewelry, chances are that she’ll cherish one with asymmetrical baguette diamonds. Don’t be surprised if this stunner takes center stage during your engagement photoshoot!


Crafted in a lined style with slender diamonds with exceptional clarity, this statement piece will cater to the refined tastes of your loved one. She’ll never want to take off this baguette engagement ring!

Alternating Waves

Think outside of the box with the possibilities for a baguette diamond wedding engagement ring by buying one with alternating waves. Your future spouse will enjoy every minute of wearing this distinct marriage token!

Baguette Engagement Ring Shapes

If you’re feeling unsure about how to customize the band shape of a baguette cut diamond ring, have no fear! 

Get inspired by reading our picks for an eye-catching baguette diamond band!


Layered bands aren’t the perfect choice for every spouse, but they’ll captivate everybody who lays their eyes on them. There’s so much for your fiance to adore about this type of baguette diamond ring. 


Some brides prefer a lightweight statement piece for everyday wear. If you know that your significant other feels the same way, don’t be afraid to buy her an open baguette diamond band!


Curved baguette engagement rings radiate beauty in a way that can’t be found with other kinds of marriage tokens. Your fiance will definitely love this stunner with all of her heart! 

Split Shank 

Take your loved one over the moon by proposing with split-shank jewelry. Receiving this baguette cut diamond ring will definitely pull on her heart strings! 


Twisted rings were made for any brides who dare to be anything but ordinary. Your future spouse will be proud to wear this baguette diamond wedding engagement ring long after your marriage proposal!

Double Band

Go the extra mile for your romantic partner by popping the question with a double-banded accessory. This baguette diamond engagement ring truly feels like one-of-a-kind. 


If you’re looking for a baguette cut diamond ring that demands plenty of attention, a spiral band is your answer. She will be completely obsessed with showing off this stunner as a symbol of your love! 


Take your extravagant ideas to the next level by buying a dome ring with baguette cuts of diamonds. It’s hard to imagine a better alternative for a bride who dreams of a 1920s wedding day!

Other Gemstones for a Baguette Ring

When shopping for baguette engagement rings, many people assume that their choices are only limited to step-cut diamonds. The opposite has proven itself to be true!

Learn all about the different jewels for a baguette engagement ring by reading our list! 


Add a splash of color to your loved one’s betrothal accessory by personalizing it with a peridot gemstone. This green baguette engagement ring will definitely stand out on her finger! 


Celebrate your commitment to your significant other by giving her a stunning band with moonstones. The celestial details of these baguette engagement rings are truly unmatched! 


It’s no surprise why many people are opting for alexandrite gemstones. These baguette engagement rings never shy away from offering an endless amount of beauty!

Pink Tourmaline

Elevate the appearance of her baguette engagement ring by purchasing one with a pink tourmaline. Your fiance won’t be able to ask for anything more from this remarkable gem!


Bring on the bling by picking an amethyst statement piece for your future spouse. These rectangular shapes look marvelous on a variety of skin tones!


Plan the perfect proposal by ordering a marriage token with a garnet centerstone. The closest people in your significant other’s life will definitely be impressed by the striking jewel of her baguette engagement ring!


Leave a lasting impression on your loved one by asking for her hand in marriage with a solitaire yellow jewel. With a citrine in the center of her baguette engagement ring, she can definitely count on having sparkle for days. 


A morganite baguette engagement ring never fails with being a show-stopping accessory.  Your fiance will surely feel loved and appreciated after receiving this gorgeous piece of vintage jewelry!


Is there a better gemstone for a gothic bride than an onyx baguette ring? Your significant other will definitely feel like a queen when sporting this marriage token with eye-catching sparkle. 

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