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22 Bezel Engagement Rings For The Perfect Proposal

With a ring of metal that holds the center gemstone in place, the bezel setting has grown in popularity for modern brides who want their engagement accessories to last as long as possible. Bezel engagement rings are gorgeous and unique!

bezel diamond ring

If your loved one has talked about preferring this style over jewelry pieces with claw prong settings but you’re unsure about where to begin your search, don’t sweat it!

Read all about our suggestions for bezel diamond rings and more!

Diamond Shapes

If your romantic partner believes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, don’t hesitate to find one with a secure setting for your marriage proposal! 

Here’s our round-up of bezel cut diamond rings that’ll make your loved one feel starry-eyed!


This diamond shape adds drama to all types of bezel settings. Your significant other will surely be in a good mood when wearing this marquise cut stunner throughout the week!


Take your ideas for a bezel engagement ring setting to the next level by customizing one with an oval-shaped diamond. This timeless option will pair perfectly with all of her outfits! 

Princess Cut

Splurge on the most important lady in your life by purchasing a marriage token with a princess cut. These bezel diamond rings work their magic by looking vintage and modern at the same time!


Show the beauty of your love by popping the question with a clustered statement piece! She’ll definitely be impressed by the creativity of these brilliant diamonds. 


Hexagon accessories are no strangers to marriage proposals. As an uncommon alternative, you won’t have to worry about your significant other thinking that this bezel engagement ring setting is overdone. 


If you’re searching for bezel engagement rings that radiate romance, pear-shaped pieces of jewelry are your way to go. She’ll appreciate you for going the extra mile for this popular option!

Cushion Cut 

Who wouldn’t say yes to a marriage token with cushion cut diamonds? These bezel designs offer an endless amount of sparkles!

Ring Shapes

If you’re feeling unsure about the types of bezel settings that are available for your loved one’s engagement ring, have no fear!

Take a look at our recommendations for the perfect bezel engagement rings!


Plan a picturesque proposal by choosing an antique diamond engagement ring with a partial bezel setting. Your significant other will certainly feel loved and appreciated after receiving this statement piece! 

High Set 

A high-set piece of jewelry brings a kind of sophistication that can’t be found with other kinds of diamond bands. While being relatively simple, this bezel-set jewel still demands plenty of attention!

Zig Zag

If your loved one gravitates towards unique bezel engagement rings, chances are that she’ll adore a zig-zag accessory. This bold detail looks breathtaking on a wide variety of skin tones!


When faced with all of the possibilities for a bezel set engagement ring, don’t shy away from considering an eternity band. Your romantic partner will love wearing this stunner long after your marriage proposal! 


Set the romantic tone of your proposal by purchasing a bezel set diamond ring with a curved shape. Your fiance will surely appreciate this statement piece if she’s anything but ordinary! 


When it comes to unique bezel set engagement rings, a Celtic design never fails to attract everybody’s attention. This alternative becomes a must-have for any couples who want to incorporate Irish customs into their espousal. 

Ring Colors 

If you want to stick with tradition for the gemstone and ring shapes, don’t be afraid to choose a different color! 

Find your inspiration for a beautiful diamond bezel ring today!


Who isn’t head over heels for a chic platinum bezel ring? She’ll enjoy every minute of wearing this timeless piece of jewelry! 

Rose Gold

Keep your ideas short and simple by selecting an engagement accessory with a rose gold tint. This bezel set diamond ring will look absolutely amazing on her finger! 


Get the best of both worlds by picking a bezel engagement ring setting with platinum and rose gold hues! This two-toned marriage token will create a unique look during your betrothal photoshoot

Other Gemstones

When most people imagine bezel engagement rings, they usually assume diamonds are the center gemstones. Just know that you don’t have to settle with this traditional option because these settings are frequently crafted with other jewels!

Learn all about unique bezel set engagement rings!


Elevate the look of her bezel engagement ring setting by ordering an emerald one. It’s hard to imagine a better possibility for any modern bride who dreams of tying the knot during an alfresco celebration


A ruby bezel-set design is always an excellent choice for a loved one who isn’t afraid to wear a statement piece until her nuptial. Don’t be surprised if she brags to all of her friends and family members about this bold accessory.


Add a touch of color to your bezel set engagement ring by ordering one with an aquamarine centerstone. This piece of jewelry feels especially meaningful for a future spouse who has looked into wearing something blue on her wedding day! 


Strive for elegant simplicity by buying a piece of betrothal jewelry with a moissanite jewel. This bezel engagement ring setting has yet to go out of style in the modern age. 


Is there a better alternative to a diamond engagement ring than a pearl one? Choose this beach-themed stunner and you definitely won’t regret it! 


When thinking about the possibilities among unique bezel set engagement rings, a sapphire centerstone might not be in the first idea that comes to mind but proves to be truly unforgettable. This sleek band will surely turn some heads! 


Bring some celestial charm to her bezel set ring by customizing one with an opal gemstone. This milky jewel won’t hold back with grabbing everybody’s attention! 

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