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18 Unique Ways to Announce an Engagement

Newly Engaged and looking for ways to share the news with your family and friends? Below you can find the best engagement announcement ideas that are creative and are easy to recreate.

From the cutest engagement ideas with help of furry friends and kids to funny engagement posts on social media, we have some of the best wedding announcement ideas to help you announce your engagement. 

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Making a wedding announcement can be fun and exciting. There are many ways of delivering the happy news to your closest friends and family as well as everyone you know. Whether you’re looking for extravagant or simple ways of announcing your wedding, we provide fun, creative ideas that you’ll want to recreate.

We will also discuss the right time to announce your engagement. Here are 17 easy, funny, and unique ways to announce an engagement that your family and friends will cherish forever!

Pet Wedding Announcement 


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Have any cute furry friends? If so, get your pets involved in your announcement. There are many ways to announce your wedding engagement with the help of your furry friends.

They can wear a sign with cute sayings to announce your engagement, such as “my humans are getting married,” “save the date,” or “she said yes!” Or you can take a photo of your pet wearing a bow-tie collar with the ring on their nose.

Not only will involving your pets help make your announcement more special, but it will also melt your friends’ and families’ hearts. 

Let Your Kids Share the News


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Have any kids? Invite your entire family over and let you your kids announce that you’re engaged. You can also record the moment you tell your children you’re getting married, and then share the video with your family and friends. Or you can also ask your kids to make a cute sign that says that you’re engaged.

No matter how you decide to announce your engagement, asking your children to help you share the news is a cute way of letting your closest friends and family know that you and your partner are ready to unite your hearts as one and spend the rest of your lives together.

Coffee Mugs Engagement Reveal  

If you and your partner are coffee lovers, coffee cups or mugs are perfect for you! Go to Starbucks and ask the barista to write “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on your coffee cups. Or take a photo of you wearing the engagement ring on your finger while holding a coffee mug that says, “I said yes!,” “Hubby and Wifey,” “Future Mrs…,” or “ fiancée.” 

DIY Engagement Announcement Cards

You can design your engagement announcement cards. They can be handmade or digital cards.

Either way, custom wedding announcement cards are your chance to get creative and write thoughtful, happy messages to let your family and friends know that you and your partner are ready to take the next step in your relationship. 

Engagement Announcement T-shirts

Announce it on a T-shirt! Wedding T-shirts that say, just engaged, fiancee, and fiancee are creative ways of sharing the exciting news.

Engagement Announcement Posters

Another unique way of announcing your engagement is by using posters. Just like the t-shirt and wedding card ideas, creating a poster is an authentic way of revealing that you and your partner are tying the knot. 

Funny Engagement Signs

Using wedding engagement signs to announce your upcoming wedding is a fun way of sharing your exciting news! You and your partner can hold a funny, clever sign.

Perhaps you can use a romantic quote or something meaningful that reveals that you’re engaged, such as “it just got real,” “Happily Ever After,” and “Mrs. Right and Mr. Right.” Or you can write engagement quotes that are meaningful to you and your partner to celebrate your special moment.

A sign can also display your wedding date if you already know what day you’re going to tie the knot. 

Announce Your Engagement the Day of Your Wedding


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This might sound like a crazy idea, but it is a very unique way of surprising your guests. Plan your wedding, invite friends and family without telling them that it is your wedding day, and then show up in your wedding dress walking down the aisle. Say “Surprise! You’re attending a wedding!” It will shock everyone you know. 

Again, it might sound like a crazy idea, but it is a great way to combine your engagement party with your wedding party/ ceremony. This idea might work better for small intimate weddings. It is not something that is done very often, but it has been done before! 

Engagement Announcement Games 

A really fun and better way of announcing your engagement is by playing games. Plan a surprise engagement party where you can have your friends and family play games that reveal that you’re engaged. Below are some of the best fun games for announcing an engagement to family and friends. 

Spell it Out- Scrabble Marriage Announcement 

forever and always scrabble engagement reveal

A fun way to reveal that you are engaged is by inviting your friends and family to play scrabble. You and your partner can spell out something like “love,” “engaged,” or “I do” on a scrabble board to let them know that you’re getting married. You can also use the ring to replace the letter ‘o’ when forming words. 

Act it Out – Charades Wedding Announcement 

If your partner, friends, and family enjoy playing charades, why not make your engagement announcement while playing a game of charades? It’ll be a fun way of sharing the exciting news!

Crossword Puzzle Engagement Reveal

Love doing crossword puzzles? Why not create a save the date crossword puzzle to make your wedding announcement? This can be a fun way of announcing your engagement and making wedding invitations. 

How to Announce an Engagement on Social Media 

Can’t wait to tell everyone you know that you are engaged? One of the best and fastest ways to share your engagement news is by sharing the happy news with your friends, family, and the entire world if you want to on social media platforms.

From sharing an engagement photo to creating funny engagement captions or memes, we have tips on how to make creative posts to announce your marriage plans. 

Share Photos of Ring 

wedding ring on rose

If you want to keep the wedding announcement simple, take a photo of your engagement ring. 

Share Photo of Engagement Moment

romantic wedding proposal at park

Share the moment that your partner got down on one knee and placed the ring on your finger. Although they’re not over the top, these simple, cute engagement announcement ideas never fail to deliver the happy news!

Engagement Hashtags 

Along with your engagement photos, add a hashtag that reveals your engagement such as #Engaged, #He proposed, or any other marriage-related hashtags. You can post these on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Use Funny Engagement Captions

Another cute and fun engagement announcement idea is to use funny captions along with your adorable engagement photos on Instagram. 

Change Your Relationship Status

Change your relationship status to engaged on Facebook, and your family and friends will immediately start to congratulate you and your partner and wish you both the best. 

Share Witty Engagement Announcement Memes 

Get inspiration from popular culture! Use funny memes inspired by your and your partner’s favorite films or television shows. 

Do I Have to Announce My Engagement?

engaged couple

Whether you want to announce your engagement or not is totally up to you. It is not required to announce that you and your partner are getting married, but it is exciting to share the news with your friends and family to celebrate your special moment.

Also, it is helpful to announce your engagement if you plan on having an engagement party or bridal shower. It is a fun way of celebrating with your loved ones before the big day. It also helps bring both of your families together so that they can get to know each other as well.

Again, there are no rules on whether or not you want to announce your engagement or how you want to announce it. Just do whatever feels right to you. Ask yourself how you want to prepare yourself and your loved ones to get pumped up for your big day.

When Should I Announce My Engagement?

engagement party ideas

If you decide that you do want to announce your engagement, you probably want to do it at the right time. But when is the right time? It depends on what your wedding plans are and how you want to announce your wedding. 

For example, it is probably a good idea to announce your engagement before you plan your engagement party or bridal shower to give your guests ample time to make plans to attend your engagement party.

Perhaps you want to plan a surprise party to tell your family that you’re engaged. Or perhaps you can’t wait to tell people that you’re getting married and want to make a creative engagement announcement  right away. It is totally up to you!

When Should I Not Announce My Engagement?

Unless you want your wedding to be a surprise, it is not a good idea to announce that you and your partner are engaged just a few days before the wedding as you won’t give your loved ones enough time to clear their schedule to attend your wedding. 

You wouldn’t want to announce your engagement at the wrong time, would you? For instance, don’t announce your engagement at someone else’s engagement party as you would be stealing their spotlight instead of celebrating their engagement.

Another wrong time to announce your engagement is after someone just told you their bad news. For example, it would be impolite and embarrassing if you announce your wedding when someone just told you that they lost their house, job, or any other bad news. 

Also, it wouldn’t be such a good idea to announce your engagement before it’s official, that is, before your partner proposes.

Some partners find the ring before their partner pops the question, and then they get so excited that they begin to tell their closest friends; however, it is not a good idea to get ahead of yourself because although your partner has already purchased the ring, it doesn’t mean that they will be proposing anytime soon.

Meanwhile, you will be anxious just waiting for your partner to propose, and you might spoil the surprise they have in store for you.  

Now that you know how and when to announce an engagement, you are ready to tell your family, friends, and the world that you and your partner are tying the knot. Which creative wedding announcement idea is your favorite? Which one will you use to reveal your wedding date? Hopefully, you found our creative engagement announcement ideas helpful. Congrats on your engagement!

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