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22 Pear Shaped Engagement Rings That Beam With Beauty

As a jewelry cut that blends vintage and modern details together, pear shaped engagement rings have rightfully regained their popularity in recent years. 

If the love of your love has dropped the hint about wanting a pear cut diamond ring but you’re not exactly sure about the styles that would be perfect for her, don’t worry for another moment!

pear shaped diamond ring

We have compiled a list of pear cut engagement rings to inspire your marriage proposal! 

What is Pear Cut Diamond Jewelry?

Pear shaped diamonds are crafted as a combination of an oval and marquise cut. The resulting design resembles a teardrop.

pear cut diamond

In the same way as emerald cut jewelry, the elongated shape of a pear diamond tends to give it a larger appearance than other options. 

At the same time, pear cut diamonds are less symmetrical than other styles and tend to be more vulnerable to breakage due to the tip of the stone. 

These brilliant diamond engagement rings have become a favorite among celebrities such as Cardi B, Sophie Turner, and Katherine Heigl. 

Ring Settings

If you already know that the love of your life has her heart set on a beautiful teardrop shape as the ring’s centerpiece, don’t think twice about personalizing the mounting to reflect her personal style!

Find your inspiration by exploring our list of engagement rings with a pear shape! 

Six Prong

You can never go wrong with asking for her hand in marriage with a six-pronged accessory. These pear cut engagement rings have yet to go out of style in contemporary times. 

Three Stone

Express your undying love by asking her to be your wife with a three-stone marriage token. She’ll enjoy every minute of wearing this well cut pear shaped ring until your wedding date


Keep your ideas for a pear shaped diamond ring short and simple by ordering one with a bezel setting. Your romantic partner will certainly appreciate you for going the extra mile to protect her precious gemstone. 

Tension Set

A list of brilliant pear cut diamond engagement rings would feel incomplete without including tension settings. The diamond cuts work their magic by grabbing everybody’s attention from every angle!


When it comes to pear cut engagement rings, a halo setting never fails to be unforgettable. There’s no shortage of glamour when adorning these incredible diamonds! 


Nothing says everlasting devotion quite like a pear shaped ring with memorable diamonds. These domed statement pieces really prove to have it all! 


When faced with all of the possibilities for a pear cut diamond ring, don’t shy away from picking one with an east-west setting. Your loved one will certainly remember this marriage token for the rest of her life!

Ring Shapes

The options for an engagement ring infused with pear-shaped diamonds are practically never-ending. If you need help with narrowing down these possibilities, you’ve come to the right place!

Learn all about the different shapes for pear engagement rings! 


When most people are shopping for pear cut engagement rings, they usually don’t consider an open design. Your fiance will love wearing this lightweight option so much that she’ll never want to take it off! 


If you’re looking for a romantic arrangement that your significant other will cherish for a lifetime, a monolith setting becomes your answer. Don’t be shocked if this teardrop diamond ring steals the show during your engagement photoshoot


Take your relationship to the next level by popping the question with a piece of jewelry that resembles a feather. The bohemian decorations of this pear shaped diamond ring are beyond flawless! 


If you’re searching for a betrothal accessory that’ll inspire romantic feelings for your loved one, go with this pear shaped ring and you definitely won’t regret it. The arrows design will complement all of her formal and casual attire!


Think outside of the box by choosing an asymmetrical pear shaped diamond ring for your marriage proposal. It’s hard to imagine a better statement piece for a bride who stands out from the crowd!


With twigs as decorative details, this pear shaped ring is perfect for any brides who dream of exchanging their vows during a forest wedding ceremony. It’s safe to say that this matrimonial jewelry will be the center of attention no matter where she travels!

Triple Band

Triple-banded marriage tokens make the loudest statements about love. Wearing this elegant teardrop diamond ring will make your significant other feel like she’s on top of the world! 


A betrothal accessory with a rolling design is never the wrong choice for wedding proposals. Your significant other will never become tired of wearing this pear cut diamond ring! 

Other Gemstones

Fancy cut diamonds are only the tip of the iceberg when designing the appearance of your future spouse’s betrothal jewelry. 

Familiarize yourself with the alternative gemstones that are available for teardrop engagement rings!


A pear shaped ring infused with alexandrite carries a kind of sophistication that can’t be found with other alternatives. Your loved one will never get sick of staring at this statement piece! 

Green Agate

Set the romantic tone of your marriage proposal by ordering an accessory that is crafted with green agate. These pear shaped engagement rings are a must-have for brides and grooms who are considering an outdoor wedding ceremony


Go from classic to interesting by choosing an ocean-themed matrimonial token for your wedding proposal. The light blue gemstones of these pear cut engagement rings are simply marvelous against a wide variety of skin tones! 


Is there a better alternative for a bride with celestial style than a pear shaped ring made with opals? These milky gems pair really well with rose gold bands! 


If you’re searching for a statement piece that a gothic bride will love with all of her heart, a spinel centerpiece will surely do the trick. As an uncommon option for pear shaped engagement rings, you won’t have to worry about your significant other thinking that these dark gemstones are trite.


It’s no surprise why so many people are opting for rubies instead of a pear shaped diamond ring. Your loved one will definitely be impressed by the striking shades of these red jewels!


A pear shaped ring crafted with citrine might not be the first choice for every bride, but proves to be an unforgettable stunner. She’ll be walking on air when telling her friends and family members about this marriage token! 

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