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21 Stunning Raw Diamond Engagement Rings For A Bold Bride

When most people imagine white diamond engagement rings, a smooth and well-cut rock usually comes to mind.

While these marriage tokens are undoubtedly classic, many couples are opting for a raw diamond ring to reflect their unconventional style

raw diamond stone

If you want to follow this diamond ring trend but don’t know where to begin with your search, you’ve come to the right place! 

We’ve organized a list of our favorite uncut diamond rings that’ll make your loved one feel like she’s on cloud nine! 

What is a Raw Cut Diamond Ring?

Natural diamond engagement rings are designed with uncut gemstones that have not been polished or shaped by jewelers. 

raw diamond

Maintaining this natural form drives down the price of these marriage tokens, which is especially ideal for cost-conscious couples

A raw cut ring loses the same element of sparkle as a polished diamond and contains inclusions, which is anything that gets trapped during the jewel’s initial development. 

What Are The Best Uncut Diamond Rings?

Engagement rings with a natural diamond stone are uniquely charming in a way that can’t be found with their polished counterparts.

Scroll through to familiarize yourself with the rough diamond ring designs that are used during engagements! 

Four Prong

Raw diamond engagement rings with four-prongs have proven themselves time and time again to be works of art. These timeless possibilities are simply unmatched in so many ways! 


You can never go wrong with choosing this raw cut diamond ring for the most important lady in your life. Bezel settings are ideal for future spouses who want to make a statement while protecting their precious gemstones. 

Two Stone

What could be more unforgettable than proposing to the love of your life with this diamond ring in its natural form? As representations of your past and future, these raw stones are especially appreciated by a bride who gravitates towards meaningful jewelry. 


Go all out with your rustic diamonds by picking a halo setting. This uncut stone ring feels especially reminiscent of a bygone era like the Roaring Twenties


Think outside of the box by considering an engagement accessory that was designed with a curved band shape. Nobody could pass up the opportunity to wear one of these rough diamond rings!


Add some feminine flair to your loved one’s marriage token by requesting that the raw stones are shaped into a heart. These uncut diamond rings are effortlessly romantic in the best way possible! 


With twigs as decorative details, this raw cut diamond ring feels like an accessory straight from a fairy tale! Go with this whimsical piece of jewelry if you’re looking for an option that stands out from the crowd! 


When browsing for natural diamond rings, a swirled design might not be the first possibility that comes to mind. These engagement jewelry gifts never shy away from stealing everyone’s attention!


Surprise the most important woman in your life by asking for her hand in marriage with a triangle-shaped accessory. These raw stone rings always photograph beautifully during engagement photoshoots


Get creative with your ideas by purchasing a statement piece that resembles a butterfly. These rough diamond engagement rings are hard to beat for a bride who has her heart set on hosting an alfresco wedding ceremony and reception


If your future spouse has her sights set on a bohemian wedding theme, she’ll definitely swoon over this raw cut diamond ring. This creative stunner won’t feel out of place when worn along with her everyday outfits! 


Cater to the vintage style of your loved one by shopping for uncut diamond rings with filigree details. Don’t be surprised if you catch her staring at this rough stone for hours on end!

Criss Cross

If you’re hunting for rough diamond engagement rings that beam with beauty, a criss-cross setting has got your back. The love of your life will be more than thrilled to tell the closest people in her life about this stylish option. 


Who could say no to receiving a Celtic style raw diamond engagement ring? This meaningful accessory is a no-brainer for couples who want to incorporate Irish traditions into their special day. 


Embrace the beauty of natural diamond engagement rings by finding one with a tension setting. These elegant marriage tokens are certainly the definition of a modern heirloom. 


If your significant other is drawn to garden wedding venues, she’ll love nothing more than this diamond ring in its raw form. This piece of jewelry works its magic by looking dainty on her hand but striking enough to never fade into the background. 


Designed with diamond clusters, these raw gemstone rings really take center stage in any environment. Your romantic partner will appreciate you for going the extra mile to find this bold alternative setting. 


If you’re shopping for unpolished diamonds that are tiny but mighty, this rope design is your answer. This possibility is ideal for couples who daydream about exchanging their vows in the backdrop of a rustic wedding theme


Captivate the most important person in your life by giving her a piece of betrothal jewelry with an open shape. This raw diamond engagement ring will definitely leave all of her friends and family members in amazement! 

Double Banded

Treat her like royalty by getting down on one knee with this raw cut diamond ring. Your fiance will adore this double-banded accessory long after your marriage proposal!


It’s no wonder why so many people choose braided band shapes for their marriage tokens. Wearing this uncut diamond engagement ring will definitely make her heart soar for the months to come!

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