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24 Black Engagement Rings For A Bride With Bold Style

Many people dream of receiving an engagement ring with pink or white diamonds.

If your significant other admires the appearance of a colorless diamond but prefers an eye-catching color that offers a cool factor, black ones prove to be the best of both worlds!

black diamond engagement ring

If you want to learn more about black engagement rings before making an investment, don’t worry for another moment!

Scroll through to explore the shapes and settings that are within reach for a black diamond ring!

What Are Black Diamonds?

A black diamond ring is made from a gemstone with so many inclusions, or materials that were trapped during the mineral’s original development, that it appears in a darker shade. 

Black engagement rings tend to be less expensive and require less care than white diamonds. At the same time, these dark gemstones are more likely to suffer wear and tear. 

Diamond Shapes

If you want to know more about the cuts that are obtainable for a diamond with a black color, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out our list of black engagement rings that’ll make your loved one feel like she’s walking on air! 

Black Heart Diamond

Is there a better design for a black gold engagement ring than a diamond heart? These statement pieces are effortlessly exquisite in the best way possible! 


What isn’t there to love about teardrop-shaped stones? The most important woman in your life will certainly feel loved and honored after trying on this black diamond ring for the first time! 

Princess Cut Black Diamond

Bring the glitz and glamour by picking out an engagement ring with a princess cut. Designed with real diamond side stones, this marriage tokens will be a guaranteed head-turner!


If you’re looking for a black diamond engagement ring that will surely be a winner for a bohemian bride, a flower design becomes your answer!

These stunners are versatile enough for any season of the year!


Think outside of the box for your future spouse by deciding on a yellow gold engagement ring that resembles a kite.

This visually interesting option will command everybody’s attention!

Raw Cut

If your significant other would swoon over natural diamonds rather than their polished counterparts, choose a raw cut for her betrothal accessory! These black engagement rings will definitely amaze any brides who dare to be different! 

Black Engagement Ring Settings

Settings might be a singular detail of her black diamond ring, but it shouldn’t be overlooked!

Explore the different mountings that are obtainable for a black diamond engagement ring!

Six Prong

When considering the trends for a black diamond solitaire ring, a six-prong setting has shown to never go out of style. Consider passing it down as a heirloom piece in the future! 


Who doesn’t think highly of an east-west setting? This black diamond ring is fit for a princess with gothic flair


Go big or go home by buying an engagement accessory with a halo mounting. There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty of this classic ring style and its black diamond accent stones! 


If your significant other gravitates towards dark jewels, she’ll love nothing more than one with a bezel setting. These black gold rings are the epitome of gothic glamour!


Ballerina settings are typically crafted with white diamonds and sterling silver, but still look amazing with darker gemstones.

Vintage and contemporary detail really come together with the details of this black diamond engagement ring. 

Ring Shapes

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to further personalize her black diamond ring, we’ve got your back! 

Learn how to customize the band shape for her black diamond engagement ring! 


Claddagh designs aren’t usually associated with dark centerpieces, but this black diamond ring certainly works for a bride who wants to exchange Irish wedding blessings at the altar.

Don’t think twice about engraving this stunner as a romantic touch!


Make her jaw drop by popping the question with a twisted piece of jewelry. The love of your life won’t be able to ask anything more from the design of this black diamond engagement ring!


Black rings with filigree details are nothing short of striking and glamorous. Inspired by the style of a bygone era, these real diamonds are always the center of attention during an engagement photo session!


Some brides prefer a celestial design for their black engagement rings. If your significant other feels the same way, don’t hesitate to find a moon-shaped accessory that is crafted with colored diamonds! 


Defy tradition by going with a criss-cross band shape for her diamond center stone. These works of art feel like something straight out of a fairy tale! 


When browsing for a rose gold ring with black diamonds, a curved style feels like one-of-a-kind.

If she isn’t afraid of taking creative risks, your significant other will definitely cherish this statement piece. 

Other Gemstones

When it comes to jewelry for women, diamonds are often the default choice. These precious gemstones are only one part of a larger selection!

Swap out a black diamond ring with one of these alternative jewels! 


Break the mold by selecting an onyx centerpiece instead of a black diamond engagement ring. This alternative marriage token will beam with beauty for the years to come!

Black Pearl 

Give her the royal treatment by proposing with a betrothal accessory infused with a pearl. These black engagement rings never get old for couples who are exchanging their vows along the seaside


If a black diamond ring wouldn’t suit her style, dark garnets are a wonderful replacement! These dark gemstones radiate a kind of romance that is perfect for gothic brides. 


Tourmalines might not be the first centerpiece that most people would pick for their black engagement rings, but these dark gemstones are truly exquisite in their own right. These statement pieces are unmatched in more ways than one!


Crafted with an alternative gemstone that emulates the same sophistication as a diamond women’s engagement ring, this quartz accessory will captivate anybody near your fiancee.

Consider wearing a dark wedding gown to embody the same vibes!


Surprise the love of your life by getting down on one knee with a marriage token that is infused with obsidian. These black engagement rings never hold back from standing out against the crowd! 


Sapphires are known for their deep blue colors so most people are surprised to find out that these jewels are available for black rings. A bride, who is anything but ordinary, will treasure this statement piece with all of her heart!

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