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17 Cute Sunflower Wedding Ideas

If you want your wedding to leave everyone with sunny memories, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a thorough list of unique sunflower wedding ideas for you to use on your special day. 

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Whether you’re having a summer wedding or exchanging vows in the middle of winter, these ideas are sure to make your wedding truly beautiful! 

Cute Ideas for a Sunflower Themed Wedding 

These sunflower wedding ideas will make your special day one to remember. Feel free to mix and match these ideas, or tweak them to fit your preference. 

We’ve included ideas for the ceremony itself as well as the reception, so you can keep the theme consistent throughout the whole event. 

Let’s get started! 

Engagement Photos in a Sunflower Field

If you’re planning a sunflower themed wedding, it only makes sense to have some sunflower themed engagement photos. And what could be more fitting than a photoshoot in a sunflower field? 

But if sunflowers aren’t in season, or you don’t live in a rural area, don’t fret–you can still achieve this beautiful look. 

With the help of green screen technology, you can easily place yourself and your spouse in a sunflower field–all from the comfort of a high-tech studio. There are plenty of green screen photographers out there, so if you can’t find any sunflower fields to take your engagement photos in, this is the next best option! 

Sunflower Bouquets 

Every wedding needs bouquets. So if you’re going for a sunflower themed wedding, it only makes sense to include some sunflowers in your bouquets

You can mix things up and use other flower varieties if you’d like. Roses, tulips, and daisies are just a few examples of flowers that pair well with sunflowers. 

Or, you could strictly use sunflowers in your bouquets–the choice is yours. Bear in mind that they can come in different sizes and colors, so try to mix things up a little to keep your bouquets interesting

Rustic Sunflower Centerpieces 

Some rustic sunflower centerpieces are the perfect way to liven up your wedding. You can have them on the favor table, the gift table, or even on the dining tables in the reception. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to centerpieces. Browse some creative boards online such as Pinterest to get some inspiration. Once you have some ideas in your head, you can start assembling them! 

They’re pretty easy to make from scratch–wicker baskets or mason jars with some sunflowers could make a simple yet charming centerpiece, for instance! Or if you don’t have the time to make these centerpieces, you could purchase some online. 

There are plenty of sunflower-themed centerpieces you can purchase on sites like Etsy, so you may want to browse those if you don’t want to make them by hand. 

Get Married Outside 

If you’re having a spring, summer, or early autumn wedding, having your ceremony outdoors can be a great idea–especially if you’re going for a sunflower theme. 

Consider having your wedding near a sunflower field, if possible. And even if that’s not an option, simply being outdoors can give your sunflower themed wedding a more authentic touch. Summer and spring are great if you’re going for a bright and sunny sunflower theme, while autumn is excellent for rustic sunflower vibes. 

And if you’re having an outdoor wedding on your own property, you can even consider planting some sunflowers on your lawn for a more beautiful look! Of course, this will take some planning well in advance, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Sunflower Seed Wedding Favors 

If you want your guests to have fond memories of your wedding, you’ll want to give them some fitting party favors–why not give them some sunflower seeds? 

There are two possible routes you could go with this favor idea. The first one is plantable sunflower seeds. You can give out little packets of plantable seeds, and maybe even attach a note with instructions on how to grow them. 

Or if you want to give your guests something tasty instead, you could give out packages of edible sunflower seeds! They’re delicious plain, salted, or even with a colorful candy coating. 

Use Sunflowers on Your Ceremony Arch 

A ceremony arch is a perfect way to frame the lucky couple during the wedding. So if you’re using one of these arches in your ceremony, why not decorate it with some sunflowers? 

Consider hanging a bouquet of sunflowers from the center of the arch. Or, you could make use of some floral garland instead. 

You can decorate the arch with a variety of flowers if you’d like, or stick to sunflowers alone–either way, it’s sure to look simply beautiful. 

Sunflower Aisle Decor 

Many people underestimate the importance of aisle decor, but it’s a great way to add some atmosphere to your wedding ceremony. 

Consider lining your wedding aisle with some potted sunflowers, for instance. Or if you’re having an autumn wedding, you could arrange some colorful foliage with sunflowers in the mix. 

Sunflower bouquets will also look beautiful beside the church pews or aisle seats. And if you’re hoping for some candle decor, you could surround them with sunflower heads for a truly beautiful look. 

Yellow Petals Down the Aisle 

At most weddings, flower girls tend to throw red, white, or pink petals as they walk down the aisle. But if you’re having a sunflower themed wedding, you may want to opt for some gold or yellow petals instead. 

Once your flower girl scatters these yellow petals down the aisle, it will truly bring the sunflower wedding theme all together! 

To achieve a more rustic aesthetic, you could also mix some colorful fall foliage with flower petals. 

Floral Invitation Suite 

A sunflower themed wedding deserves an appropriate invitation suite! Let your guests know what to expect on the special day to come with some charming, sunflower themed invitations. 

Finding sunflower themed invitations should be pretty easy. You can either get them custom-made or find some already-made designs on online shops. Etsy is full of these types of invitations, so be sure to do some searching there. 

Hanging Sunflower Decor 

If you’re having an indoor wedding, you want some hanging decor to truly bring out the natural sunflower vibes. Making use of some wedding-appropriate sunflower decor can help give your special day the aesthetic you seek! 

Consider using some garland with sunflowers on it; you can use it to decorate the walls of the venue or even the church pews. A sunflower wreath is another great option–you can hang it in the entrance, or have multiple wreaths lining the walls of the venue. 

You can even hang sunflower decor outside, perhaps from tree branches or otherwise. Get creative!

Cornflower Blue and Yellow Bridesmaid Colors 

Don’t forget about the bridesmaids–the colors of their dresses can do wonders for the overall look of your wedding. 

For instance, you could have them dress in cornflower blue dresses to match your sunflower theme. This will create some beautiful contrast with their sunflower bouquets during the ceremony and truly bring out the rustic aesthetic. 

Be sure to consider the accessories, too. Whether you’re going for a rustic vibe or something bright and sunny, details like shoes, jewelry, and more will complete the look. Top off the outfit with a sunflower crown for an even more complete look! 

Flowers on Your Wedding Cake 

Never underestimate the importance of a wedding cake–especially when it comes to themed weddings. A skilled baker can create a themed cake that your guests will remember for years to come. 

Consider searching for some floral wedding toppers for your sunflower themed wedding. A colorful sunflower bouquet can make your wedding cake truly remarkable and photo-worthy! 

You can find this rustic sunflower cake topper on Etsy!

Or if you’re not fond of wedding toppers, you could also opt for frosting or fondant flowers. For an even more authentic cake decoration, you could top your cake with real sunflower petals–believe it or not, they are edible! 

You could also go for cupcakes instead of a cake! It’s easy to make sunflower cupcakes to match your theme.

Rustic Reception Decor 

If you’re going for a sunflower themed wedding, you might want to lean into a rustic aesthetic. There’s something about sunflowers that just goes perfectly with rustic atmospheres, so why not make the most of it? 

To achieve this look, you’ll want to go for earthy tones in your reception decor. Burlap tablecloths, wooden coasters, and ironwood chairs are perfect for the dining areas, for instance. 

Woven baskets, mason jars, and vintage paintings could make some appropriate decor for your wedding reception as well. Don’t be afraid to make use of thrift stores! 

Sunflower Boutonnieres 

Who said flowers were only for women? A lot of people overlook the men’s outfits when it comes to weddings–but when you make the most of it, it can help your theme truly shine. 

Consider giving the groomsmen and ring bearers some sunflower boutonnieres to wear on their tuxedos. The groom could wear one as well–it will help him match the bride if she’s wearing some sunflower accessories. 

For some contrast, you could also have each of the groomsmen wear a different color sunflower boutonniere. They come in every color of the sunset, so try to be creative about it! 

Barn Wedding Backdrop 

Looking for a unique backdrop for your wedding? A barn backdrop is a perfect choice for a sunflower themed ceremony. It has a rustic and natural vibe that will tie the atmosphere all together! 

This is a great option for both indoor and outdoor weddings. For indoor weddings, you may have to be a bit more creative, but with some fitting decor and an earthy wood backdrop, you can easily make it work. 

Consider hanging a sunflower wreath in the center or some floral garland around the edges to add some color. 

Warm Fall Tones and Sunflowers 

Sunflowers and autumn go together perfectly. If you’re having an autumn wedding, that opens up plenty of opportunities to make your sunflower themed wedding even more beautiful! 

Consider mixing some autumn foliage with your sunflower decor. Or, you could use sunflowers in varying colors. To truly bring out the autumn potential for a sunflower themed wedding, you won’t want to stick to yellow flowers alone. 

You could also incorporate some pumpkins and gourds into your wedding decor. They look beautiful alongside sunflowers, and can complement the natural aesthetic! 

Sunflower Honey Wedding Favors

Have you ever tried sunflower honey? It’s a great alternative to standard honey, especially if you’re vegan. It’s super sweet, super delicious, and super appropriate for your sunflower themed wedding! 

Consider giving out some sunflower honey wedding favors at the end of your reception. Wrap the containers in a mini burlap sack if you’d like a favor with a rustic twist. You could also fill the burlap sack with some sunflower petals or seeds. 

Another good idea is to pair these favors with some tea bags–sunflower honey tastes wonderful in a cup of tea, after all. And if you’re having an autumn wedding, your guests will surely appreciate it in the chilly days to come. 

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