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10 Wedding Table Runner Ideas for Any Theme

Decorating a wedding reception is no small feat, and it comes down to details in the end.

Wedding table with runner at rehearsal dinner

You’ll have to consider everything from entertainment, to seating arrangements, down to a table runner design for your reception table decor. Wedding table runners add a nice touch to any dining experience.

Apart from the ceremony itself, the banquet at the wedding reception is one of the most intimate events at matrimony.

This is a time where guests and the newlyweds gather around and dine together to celebrate the blooming love between the happy couple. 


Best Wedding Reception Table Runner Ideas

Finding the perfect table runner for your wedding theme may be tricky when considering how all of the decors will fit together.

elegant wedding reception table arrangement

Make the decision easier by gaining inspiration from these gorgeous table runner ideas that will make your wedding reception dinner tables stand out. 

From boho-chic to classic lace, there are many styles to choose from for any wedding theme. Discover your favorite table runner for your wedding reception with these unique ideas. 

To set the mood at the reception table, you will need beautiful decor that will make your guests stare in awe and become the topic of conversation. Every wedding theme will need its own unique table runner to really pull in together the wedding table decor.

Luckily, this list of stunning table runner ideas will help you find the perfect fit for your themed wedding.

Botanical Runner

For outdoor wedding receptions, you will be able to view the scenic nature around you.

To match the breathtaking views, use a simple table runner of greenery against a sheer white and accented gold table decor. 

botanical table runner

This boho runner is great for a minimalist style without lowering the significance of the focal point as a centerpiece. Set up candles along the natural vines to create an intimate setting for dining guests. 

You and your guests will love the simplicity of this botanical table runner along with the scenic views of the great outdoors at your wedding reception. 

Casual Drape

Make your guests feel at home with this rustic table runner idea. Along with a light brown wooden table, run a brightly colored linen drape to create a casual atmosphere.

casual table runner

This table runner is another favorite for outdoor wedding receptions, especially for rustic venues. 

Pair this elegant accent with small potted flowers, tall-standing candlesticks, and exquisite fine wine.

With this design, there is no doubt that you and your guests will share enjoyable conversations and create long-lasting memories in this intimate setting. 

White Rustic 

One of the most popular themes for weddings is the classic rustic design. If you are as entranced by this look as I am, then this table runner is the perfect choice for your rustic wedding

rustic table runner

On top of a light wooden table, use a striped white and beige runner to create a farmer kitchen-styled decor setup.

With this idea, you will be able to accent all of the potted greenery, burlap decor, and even brightly colored vegetables or fruit to create the country theme. 

Once the display is finished, you will be able to create a casual atmosphere with an elegant, breathtaking table design. 

Intricate Gold

Looking for a glamorous style table runner for your wedding theme? This gold table runner will have your reception dining tables looking chic.

gold table runner

Unlike the other cloths, this table runner pair is draped over the width of the table rather than running straight down the middle. 

The cloth contains intricate white designs to incorporate the artistic elements for a contemporary wedding. Match the table runner with similar colored decors, such as potted plants and teacups.

To finalize the scene, display the fully decorated table against a plain white background to allow the gold to really catch the eyes of your guests. 

When completed, your wedding tables will carry an aura of high-class elegance. 

Classic Neutral

One of the most classic wedding styles is the minimalist neutral.

burlap table runner

Using white and brown as the color scheme with a slight pop of color from light decorative florals, the classic neutral really proves the saying “less is more” true.

Of course, you will want the right table runner to produce the same endearing reactions from the guests as the rest of your decor. 

This example is a perfect combination between minimalist preference and bridal touches.

Layering white lace on top of brown burlap will not only fit the bridal neutral theme but will also elevate the contrasting colors of any decorative floral bouquets or botanical greenery that may sit on top of the table runner. 

When completed, your guests will enjoy the tasteful setup on your sophisticated wedding day. 

Cozy Fleece

If you are wanting a table display that is great for intimate interactions, this is the table runner for you.

fall table runner

Use bundled cotton or fleece cloth to create a homely feel to your wedding reception dinner tables. You can even use any remaining material to design plating decor by tying a symbolistic knot for the wedding event. 

Since the table runner provides a cozy vibe like that of a blanket, decorate the top of it with autumn-colored leaves and berries.

Burgundy, grey-blue, and soft red botanical decor pair nicely with a light-colored table runner. Add some candles and you will have the complete setup for a cozy boho-styled dinner table for your wedding. 

Fairy Lights 

Light up your wedding reception by using fairy lights as your table runner.

fairy lights as table runner

For those who take their wedding reception party into the night, this runner idea is a great way to provide a light source for the dinner tables while maintaining the romantic vibe for the big day. 

Line up a dark cloth down the middle of the table and situate the fairy lights on a long, winding vine that casually lays on top.

To avoid unnecessary cords, purchase solar lights that do not have to plug into an outlet. Top your set off with soft-lit candles burned inside a mason jar and you will have your fairytale wedding night. 

Royalty Design

Did you know the color purple was a sign of royalty? Make yourself feel like the king or queen on your own wedding day by utilizing this lavish color palette.

Upon a white-clothed table, layer different shades of silk purple table runners to make your guests feel as if they are truly sitting at a palace. 

purple table runners

Decorate the space with triangle-folded purple napkins and matching silk purple cloths to wrap around the chairs. Last, but not least, garnish the diner table with sophisticated wine glasses to complete the royalty design.

Now, your guests will be ready to dine at the “majesty’s” wedding reception. 

Red and White Checkered

Create a domestic, kitchen-styled layout for your special reception dinner. Instead of long banquet tables, this table runner works best with round, personal dining tables.

After draping a white cloth on the table, use a red and white checkered runner to really enhance the “dinner” look. 

checkered table runner

Set a simple vase of red and white flowers on top of the table runner to complete the homely style.

This design is especially noteworthy for the ideal brunch reception. You and your guests will be able to chat casually over a simple, yet tasteful, table setup. 

This look is perfect for a rustic barn wedding or a camp themed wedding!

Modern Display

Modernize your reception table with this minimalist table runner. Lay a silky silver folded cloth across a white-covered table.

Match the runner with a silver picture frame to share the couple’s best memories or to use as a sign holder to show guests where to sit. 

Modern table runner

For a pop of color, add a spring floral bouquet as a centerpiece and bright pink decorative napkins that surround the table’s edges. This style is great for an artistic reception layout as it provides a unique twist to the modern theme. Once pulled together, your wedding reception will look and feel like a breath of fresh air. 

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