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12 Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Backdrops

It is easily assumed that the most important part of a wedding is the ceremony. Of course, there will be plenty of pictures to show for it. That is why choosing the perfect outdoor wedding backdrop for your romantic moment at the altar is so vital. 

Not only does the backdrop tie in the wedding theme, but it also creates a lasting impact when you share your vows. Search through these amazing ideas for your outdoor wedding backdrop. 

Ideas for Your Perfect Outdoor Wedding Backdrop

From modern to floral and even to vintage, these DIY wedding backdrops will complete the look of your wedding at the altar. Consider your wedding theme as you scroll through these unique ideas. 


Modern Chuppah

modern chuppah

This four-legged canopy makes an amazing backdrop for any wedding. With its simplicity, you can choose to spice up the look with floral vines or draping sheets or you can leave it as it is to keep all eyes on the bride and groom. 

The modern chuppah is also a great choice if the wedding takes place in front of a natural backdrop such as a waterfall or beach. If you are worried about having an outside wedding due to the weather, the modern chuppah can have a cover put on top of it to protect the bride and groom from any rain or penetrating sun. 


Two-Post Floral Structure

beach ceremony

As the name suggests, this structure is held up by two posts with another post connecting them. Many couples add floral vines to them to add a simple, yet romantic, look to the altar with a pop of color. This is a great outside backdrop for beach weddings by giving the guests a clear view of the ocean while sharing its own beauty. 


Circled Greenery Structure

circled greenery backdrop

As a symbol of love’s eternity, this structure is a statement centerpiece for any altar. After wrapping the installation with greenery, you can even add flowers, ribbons, or even small candles to create an elegant backdrop to share vows in front of. 

This is also a great backdrop for any couple who are getting married in the winter, especially around Christmas. Since the background resembles a reef, it is easy to imagine this beautiful structure at a snowy outside wedding. 


Vintage Folding Screen

vintage folding screen

This antique folding screen will add a unique feature to any rustic wedding. By adding greenery or floral decoratives to it, you can turn this vintage look into the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. This screen would look exceptionally beautiful in a spring garden wedding surrounded by nature’s creation. 


High-Standing Grass Backdrop

pampas grass

If you are having a wedding in a neutral setting, this backdrop can provide the perfect addition to the natural theme without clashing with its surroundings. Pampas grass contains a neutral, tan color that makes room for any decoration style. This simple look will create an elegant scene perfect for any marrying couple. 


Hanging Dream Catchers

boho wedding

This unique backdrop can add a personal touch to your wedding, especially if you are having a desert wedding or being married in front of a forest. Of course, you can wrap greenery or floral vines around it to add color for your theme.

Also, many couples choose to hang dreamcatcher from either trees or a two-post structure with a sheer white curtain behind it to really draw attention to the altar. This makes a great bohemian look!


Hanging Vines

hanging backdrop

Similar to the dreamcatchers, hanging vines from a structure or against a sheer curtain provides an elegant nature element to your wedding ceremony. Whether you choose to let the vines flow or be stretched tight in straight lines, you will love the greenery of this backdrop.

Add flowers to your vines to give a colorful design for your wedding theme. 


Candle Display

candle lit wedding

This backdrop is probably the most simple way to set up the perfect background for your wedding ceremony. Candles present a romantic display and draw attention to the altar in a beautiful way. This display works really well with a rustic theme, too.

Be sure to use candles cautiously by tracking wind patterns and considering your surrounding setting for your ceremony. You could always substitute with fake candles or big bulb string lights for safety purposes.



macrame structure

There are various ways to use macramé in your outdoor wedding ceremony backdrop. Some styles include holders for hanging plants, hanging curtains, laser-cut banners, and many many more.

Another great thing about using macramé as your ceremony backdrop is that it can be styled with just about any wedding theme or color scheme and for any regional landscape. It is simple to use and flattering for wedding photos. 


Chandelier of Greenery

chandelier of greenery

This hanging chandelier adds the perfect amount of elegance and beauty in your wedding backdrop. Instead of lights, you can create a unique centerpiece by wrapping luscious vines around thin metal bars and hanging it from a sturdy structure or tree and spice it up with flowers and other decorations as you may desire. 

This backdrop is especially fitting for high-class themes in a garden setting. It is simple to make and great to share vows under.


Geometric Structure

geometric wedding backdrop

Looking for a modern alter for your wedding ceremony? This retro-styled structure is the perfect backdrop for a unique wedding scheme. Made with metal bars, this structure can be made to match any color scheme by being stained gold, silver, or any color of your choice.

This is wedding arch idea is an especially great backdrop for a desert wedding or a garden wedding. 


Birch Tree Teepee

birch tree teepee

Another great backdrop for a desert wedding is the birch tree teepee. This structure is simple and gives a boho-styled theme for your wedding. Greenery and flowers can add pops of color to contrast with the simple background.

Many couples also style the teepee with a Persian rug to add to the boho look. It is easy to make and beautiful for your wedding photos. 



Consider your wedding theme and your natural surroundings as you pick your perfect wedding backdrop. With these unique ideas, there is a beautiful backdrop for any style of your choice. Share your vows with an amazing view on your wedding day with one of these easy-to-make and elegant outdoor wedding ceremony DIY backdrops. 

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