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Can I Wear a Hat to a Wedding?

Choosing wedding attire is difficult, as trends and etiquette change. One question you may ask while looking for the perfect guest outfit is, “can you wear a hat to a wedding?”

Generations ago, it was common for ladies to wear a hat any time they went out in public. In fact, in the 1920s and 30s, women who appeared without a hat were seen as improper.

Society has certainly changed. As a result, the rules dictating when and where women can wear hats are no longer standard. But good etiquette is always in style. So, you may be left wondering, “can you wear a hat to a wedding?” What is the correct hat etiquette for today?

To answer this question, we turn to the etiquette experts over at the Emily Post Institute. According to their website, If you’re a lady, you’re in luck. Not only is it okay to wear a hat to a wedding, but a wedding is one of the few places where wearing a hat won’t cause raised eyebrows.

If you are a gentleman, if you do wear a hat, you would be required to remove your hat indoors. Sometimes, a hat is appropriate at a country themed or barn wedding.

For ladies, whether it’s an indoor wedding or an outdoor event, you may feel free to wear a hat. A hat is an accessory, part of your wardrobe, so you won’t be expected to remove the hat if it’s inside. And because it’s part of your outfit, you can also wear it when taking pictures.

Whatever you choose to wear at a wedding, make sure your hat perfectly complements your style. Apart from matching it with your outfit, you should match your height and body shape.

If you’re tall, stay away from tall hats. Instead, choose a wide-brim hat that will create the perfect balance. If you’re on the shorter side, go for a smaller hat. You don’t want your hat to end up wearing you.

When To Avoid Wearing Hats To a Wedding

However, there are times when you should not wear a hat to a wedding. For example, if the wedding is a Black Tie affair, you do not want to wear a hat. Also, if the event is in the evening, it’s usually considered inappropriate to wear a hat.

Just remember, this day is all about the bride and groom, so it’s always preferable to ask them about wearing a hat. Asking the bride and groom is one of the best ways to show your gratitude and respect for being invited as a guest, so it’s essential to ask the bride and groom about hats.

Other Factors To Consider

It’s common for the mother of the bride to wear a hat as an accessory. Although it is perfectly acceptable to wear a hat inside, even in Church because your hat is part of your outfit, you should always take the mother of the bride’s lead. If she removes her hat, etiquette requires you to do the same. 

You should also remove your hat if it is blocking someone’s view. No one likes to be behind someone wearing a big hat.

In pictures, be mindful that the hat may cause a shadow on the face. Slightly adjusting the hat, so it’s tilted to the right can help with that. 

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