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How To Find a Wedding Website for Any Couple

More and more, couples are creating personalized wedding websites to share information, track RSVPs, and keep their registry information all in one place. As a wedding guest, you may need to visit the wedding website for more details or to confirm your attendance. But how do you find a couple’s wedding website? 

For the most part, it should be easy finding a couple’s wedding website and registry. If you’re invited, they should give you the URL directly! If you’re not sure where to look, however, keep reading to search for a wedding website online. 

The easiest way to find a couple’s wedding website is to navigate directly to the URL, but if you’re not sure what it is there are still ways to access it. 

Check Your Invitation

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First and foremost, check your wedding invitation or save the date to see if the wedding website is listed. Most couples will include this information on the invitation so that guests can easily find all the wedding day information they need. They can save room on their invites by answering questions on the website!

Find your invitation, or find a digital invitation in your email inbox and see if there’s a website shared. Sometimes, the website details may be shared on a separate insert within your larger invitation. 

If you can find it, then simply type in the URL to your browser of choice and you’re all set! Make sure you spell everything correctly and you should be able to find the wedding website, registry, and all the details you need about the wedding day. 

Ask Someone

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If you’ve lost your invitation or you can’t find the website information, consider asking someone else who is invited to or involved in the wedding! Try not to bother the bride or groom if possible – they’re busy enough as is, and they probably created the website to avoid getting bombarded with questions from guests!

If another friend or acquaintance is invited to the wedding, however, they may be able to give you the website address. Ask around!

Search Online

Still no luck? Try searching online! A quick Google search for the couple’s name and phrases like “wedding” or “wedding website” might help you quickly find the website you’re looking for. 

Check Popular Wedding Websites 

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If you’re still searching, try checking out popular wedding websites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Zola. These websites are commonly used to create a couple’s wedding website or registry, so there’s a good chance you can find the website you’re searching for here. 

Below, we’ll show you how to search a few popular wedding websites for a couple! 

How To Search for a Couple’s Wedding Website 

Check these popular sites to find any couple’s wedding website. 

On The Knot

To find a couple’s wedding website on The Knot, go to and look for “Wedding Websites” at the top menu. Hover over “Wedding Websites” and in the drop down you should see “Find a Couple’s Wedding Website”. You can also click here to find this page.

Once here, search for the couple by typing in their names, as well as the month and year of their wedding if you know the date. Press “Search” and see if their wedding appears! 

On Zola

Find a couple’s wedding registry on Zola by navigating to this page, and search by their first and last names. You will see the couple’s names pop up along with the date of their wedding, so you can confirm you have the right couple. 

On WeddingWire

WeddingWire is another popular directory for wedding websites, vendors, and more. You can find someone’s wedding website by searching here by first and last name. You may have to log in to access their website, however! Some couples set passwords on their wedding website to protect their privacy. 

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