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How To Renew Your Vows: Wedding Vow Renewal

Renewing wedding vows is something that reaffirms your marriage and commitment to one another. Let your partner know you’re really in it for the long haul if you haven’t already with a vow renewal, and celebrate with friends by hosting a small ceremony and reception!

Renewing your vows is appropriate for any couple married for any amount of time. Some couples even renew their vows every year, while others try to wait for a special anniversary for their vow renewal. It’s always a good time to renew your wedding vows and commemorate the relationship you both have built.

What is a Vow Renewal?

A vow renewal is a chance for married couples to restate their wedding vows to one another, confirming their continued commitment to one another. Typically, couples plan a vow renewal ceremony to renew their vows with family and close friends present.

There are plenty of vow renewal ideas to fit any couple’s relationship, style, and preference. Renewing your vows is the perfect way to reaffirm your love and commitment you have for your partner.

Why Renew Your Vows?

Married couples often fall into a routine after their wedding day comes and goes. You’ve been going through the motions for years, may have had a few kids, most likely have built a steady home life and are comfortable together. Why not celebrate the life you have built together for so many years?

Vow renewals celebrate the success of your marriage thus far and give couples a chance to remind themselves why they got married and what they are working towards together.

It’s important, though, to want to renew your vows for the right reason. Maybe you have been having some marital issues, you or your partner have gone through some sort of hardship, and you both have helped each other reach the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a great opportunity to celebrate and bring light back into your lives.

Another great reason to renew your vows is if you got married at a young age or eloped, and couldn’t have the exact ceremony or reception you both have always wanted. If your financial situation allows it, then this is another great way to fulfill all your wedding dreams!

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When it comes down to it, you don’t need a reason to celebrate your love and recommit to one another. Your vow renewal may simply be a happy celebration of your time together.

A vow renewal doesn’t have to be an extravagant event if you don’t want it to be. An intimate ceremony with a small group of family and friends would be just as special as an all-out party.

Renewing your vows may not be something to do as a last resort in order to save your marriage. This costs money and time and involves close family and friends, so don’t think of this as a for sure way to reconcile your differences. Do it when and if the time feels right.

Logistics of Renewing Your Wedding Vows

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Remember that you were already legally married on your wedding day (duh), so it’s not like you need to go to get a new marriage license. The ceremony is typically for sentimental and celebratory purposes. Some chapels and officiants may request your official marriage certificate to confirm you’re actually a married couple. It all depends on how you want to do it.


Typically, couples renewing their vows do not have a wedding gift registry. This really isn’t an appropriate time to try to get a new stand mixer or a new cutlery set. We recommend against asking for gifts at a vow renewal.

Who Officiates?

Since you’re already legally married, a close friend or family member may want to officiate the vow renewal. You can also ask a religious figure like a priest or minister to perform a short ceremony, however, especially if your family is close with the head of their local church or religious institution. 

Who Walks You Down the Aisle?

This can be whoever you want really. Many couples choose to have their children walk them down the aisle, or even walk down the aisle together. A fun idea could be to have the family dog accompany you down the aisle. It could make for some good photos.

Who Hosts?

Usually, the married couple hosts their vow renewal ceremony, but depending on how long you have been married and if you have children old enough, some of their children want to plan the whole thing. Maybe your original maid of honor or best man may want to do the honors, given that you are still close with them.

Where Should it Be? 

Wedding vow renewals do not have to be in a huge venue that will cost you a fortune. This is an opportunity to get your closest friends and family together and celebrate this special day with you and your partner.

Meaning, this renewal ceremony and reception can be virtually anywhere. Try and be creative, like your favorite park, beach, or even where you first met.

Who Are the Guests?

As mentioned before, you may want this celebration to be intimate, so this calls for inviting close family and friends. Something like this does not require the original wedding guest list or people you haven’t seen in years. Invite whoever you want! It can be a big occasion or a small gathering of close friends.

What is the Attire?

This is your party. Depending on the location, feel free to dress as fancy or as casual as you want. It’s not customary for the bride to wear a wedding gown, but do whatever you want. To fit your current style, wear the same gown you originally got married in and alter it or redesign it.  A nice cocktail dress, formal evening gown, or even a suit would perfectly suffice, as well.

For the groom, you could definitely wear your original tuxedo and update it with a fun bow tie or vest. It would be fun to add any certain accessories your partner has given you over the years, like cufflinks or a watch.

Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

Vow renewals are heartfelt and show the progression of your relationships. These new wedding vows could be similar to the original vows, but also could be completely different. It’s all up to you and what you want to convey to your partner. This is a great time to tell your partner how you truly feel about your relationship, how you two have grown over the years, and how you want to see yourself together in the years to come.

One vow renewal idea is to get new rings to give to each other or get creative with your original wedding bands. A cool option could be a special engraving with the date of your vow renewals or a word or a quote that has sentimental value.


A vow renewal is a celebration, so you should treat it as such. Whether it’s a small family dinner at your favorite restaurant in the city or a quaint cocktail party in your own backyard, the possibilities are really endless. 

There are plenty of vow renewal ideas to consider, from big family parties to dinner for two. Make your vow renewal your own, as it should reflect your relationship with your partner.


Whatever it is that comes from a wedding vow renewal, know that something like this is special. The years you and your partner have spent together and the love in the relationship can be accurately expressed through a ceremony like this.

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