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Best Modern Love Songs To Play at Your Wedding

You know that warm, happy and satisfied feeling you have after you’ve listened to a love song that you just connect to? Yeah, that is the feeling to shoot for with all the best modern love songs you plan to play at your wedding.

Whether the song is from an artist you are already a big fan of, or a random artist who’s song just gives you all the feels, choose contemporary love songs that make you feel in love. 

You will make your wedding so much more romantic with the right choices in modern love songs. 

Modern Love Songs You Will Love for Your Wedding!

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All the love songs posted below are our personal favorites. Under each song, we will explain why that particular love song is the best to play at a wedding. 

This will help you pick your own favorite modern love songs to play at your wedding.

Six Classic Love Songs Remastered for Your Wedding


  • La Vie En Rose By Emily Watts (2021)


Originally written in 1945 by Edith Piaf in France, La Vie En Rose was translated into English and remastered by Emily Watt’s. The title of the song, La Vie En Rose,  literally translates in English to ‘Life in Pink’.

The whole song, really, describes the pink hue that covers life when you fall in love. Every touch, every word and every moment spent with the love of your life is seen through a pink lens. A pink rose is typically associated with femininity and sweetness. 

I think Watts’ 2021 version of La Vie En Rose is a perfect modern love song for a wedding because, like past generations dancing to it before, it will cast a sweet elegant tone over the wedding whenever you decide to play it.  


  • Can’t Help Falling In Love With You By Haley Reinhart (2015)


Elvis Presley’s,  ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’, made its first debut back in 1961. Ever since then, this song has been a very popular one to play at many weddings. I think my all time favorite version of this song is Haley Reinharts!

Her take on this classic wedding song will be sure to bring everyone to happy tears. This is the perfect song to play as the bride is walking up the aisle (just like the breathtaking scene in Crazy Rich Asians)! It is also a fitting song to play during the newlywed’s first dance.


  • How Deep Is Your Love By Anne Reburn (2019)


Anne Reburns’ take on the 1977 Bee Gees hit song, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ is just so good. Through her own voice overs, she hits every melody and chorus in her sweet voice. This remake of a great classic song will be sure to win everyone over.

It is a happy song to have playing at any part of the wedding. It will give your wedding a Saturday Night Fever feel that will have everyone up and dancing in no time. 


  • Put Your Head On My Shoulder By Harrison Craig (2017)


Talk about a great first dance song. While Paul Anka’s original 1959 version of this hit song will forever be a favorite of mine,  Harrison Craig’s 2017 version hits the same heart strings in a more modern tone.

No matter when you play this song at your wedding, you will want to move closer to your partner. Ideally, this will be at the reception. Honestly, however, any time is a good time to get close to your love during your wedding! 


  • So This Is Love By Gerphil Flores (2021)


Ladies, that princess vibe wedding you dreamed about as a little girl is right here and easy to access in modern times.

We all remember the ‘So This Is Love’ scene in the 1950 Disney version of Cinderella. Well, Gerphil Flores does her 2021 take on this that will have everyone nostalgic. We will all feel like our heart has wings, and we can fly as this classic love song flows throughout the wedding. 


  • L.O.V.E. By Michael Buble (2019) 


What better way to show the L.O.V.E. at your wedding, than playing Michael Buble’s version of the 1965 Night King Cole song, L.O.V.E.

This modern version of the hit song is a great love song to play at any wedding, any time. Everyone can enjoy the new way to love a classic love song!


More Modern Love Songs For Your Wedding

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As great and nostalgic as old love songs redone are, there is also something very thrilling about finding a great modern love song to play at your wedding. 

The thing about modern love songs, is that they speak of the popular culture of the time. A romantic modern love song will reference hip topics and interests of young contemporary people. 

The contemporary audience listening to these love songs will immediately get the references that are mentioned in the song. This will help the listener feel like the love song is really speaking to and about him/her. 

Playing modern love songs at your wedding is so special because, just like the love songs are new and exciting, so is your marriage. 

Starting your marriage off with modern love songs is just a fun way to really make a beautiful start to your new beginning! 


Eight Modern Love Songs for Your Reception

  • A Thousand Years By Christina Perri (2011)


If it made you tear up in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, this song will really be a tear jerker at your own wedding. It was made in the early 2010’s, but it could be played for a thousand years and still make everyone feel all the romantic feel’s.

This song will be specifically beautiful to play as the ‘I do’s’ and rings are exchanged!


  • All Of Me By John Legend (2013)


For those of you that want a very melodic and thoughtful modern love song at your wedding, John Legend’s All Of Me, is the perfect song for that. A wedding is a really fun and magical time for the newlyweds who are just so deeply in love. 

It’s also good to remember, with this beautiful song, that we fall in love with our loved ones imperfections too!


  • I’m Yours By Jason Mraz (2008)


Jason Mraz’s modern love song, I’m Yours, is so happy and upbeat  that it will make everyone at the wedding happy too. Getting married is about expressing ones love and happiness in each other, and Mraz’s love song expresses that in such a lovely way. 


  • Love Story By Taylor Swift (2008)


Taylor Swift wrote the perfect fairytale love song with, Love Story, back in 2008. For all you romantic couples who want to have a fairytale themed wedding, this is the perfect song for that. It is also a great song for people that enjoy country sounding songs. Plus, it is perfect to play for any part of the wedding!


  • A Moment Like This By Kelly Clarkson (2002)


Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This is definitely one of those songs that is best played as the newlyweds are about to exchange rings and say their ‘I do’s’.

It is also a really great modern love song to have at that special moment in the wedding because it really brings out the emotion of love. The song has been around long enough that everyone has been waiting for their ‘moment like this’!


  • Truly Madly Deeply By Savage Garden (1997)


Guy’s, this is the perfect modern song to play for your bride. Although it was made in the late 90’s, I would still count it as modern because the late 90’s was within 25 years ago and young newly weds will be able to get the most out of a song they have enjoyed since being a kid. 


  • You’re Still The One By Shania Twain (1997)


For those of you that waited a long time to get married, no matter the reason, Shania Twain’s, You’re Still The One, would be a great modern love song to play at your wedding! It’s beautiful, romantic, powerful, and would be a great song to have during any part of the wedding!


  • Just The Way You Are By Bruno Mars (2010)


Again guys, this is the song for you if you want to have a special song just for your spouse at your wedding! Not only is the song so flattering, but it will also be a tear jerker if you play it at the right time during the wedding. When the bride first enters the wedding, for example. Or at any part of the reception! 

There are definitely a lot of hit love songs in the past ten years that are also really good. My taste just happens to be the thousands and late 1990’s. 


The Best Time to Play Love Songs at Your Wedding

So, now we know what kind of awesome love songs are out there that you could choose from for your own wedding. 

But now we come to an important question. When do we play these beautiful modern love songs at the wedding? Is it while the ‘I Do’s’ are being said? The reception? When everyone sits down to eat?

The thing is, it all depends on you! It is your wedding, you are free to control when and where the modern love songs happen. 

Anytime is the best time to play love songs at your wedding!

For me, personally, I would have modern love songs playing the entire wedding and adjust the volume according to what is necessary at the time. Some songs will get guests on their feet and dancing, while others may slow down the night.

I believe music sets the tone to any event, and love songs being heard in the air the entire time is just a wonderful way to make your wedding more romantic. 


 Concluding Thoughts 

There are so many modern love songs to choose from for your wedding.

Whether you are going for more classic modern love songs, remastered modern love songs, or country modern love songs, there are plenty of any genre of love songs to choose from. 

The thing about humanity, is each generation has something to say about love. No matter where you are, or what kind of wedding you are having, there are plenty of modern love songs to fill your wedding with a loving melody. 

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