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10 Beautiful Wedding Head Table Decor Ideas

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will retreat to the reception hall where the head table will await them. Of course, any couple will want their reception head table to be a beautiful display that best represents their wedding theme. It’s important to consider wedding head table decor when decorating your reception.

If you are uncertain of how to decorate your wedding head table, these enchanting decor ideas will be of inspiration as you plan your reception layout. With modern touches or rustic layouts, there are various table designs that will make your guests stare in awe. 


Decor Ideas for the Head Table at the Wedding Reception

Every wedding has a specific theme that best represents the couple’s tastes. Therefore, deciding the wedding head table decor for the reception can be quite challenging. Luckily, there are various theme examples that will make your decision much easier and more enjoyable. 


Chic White

white head table

Color schemes are significant when deciding the theme of your wedding reception head table. What better color is there for a wedding than white? This chic look will turn your head table into the high-class throne of your dreams.

With lace designs, you can add a touch of vintage style to your wedding head table. Decorate the scene with floral garlands and white candles for a romantic accent. After this look is tied together, your wedding head table will pop in elegance for your reception. 


Statement Setup

wedding head table

Wanting to make a bold statement at your wedding reception? This column-shaped table backdrop is a showstopper. This setting alone will make any bride and groom feel like royalty at their own wedding reception.  

Make the design pop by draping a baby-blue curtain over the table and showering the scene with floral vines. For an added touch, you can hang a small chandelier over the table as a light source without causing too much distraction from the setup. 


Floral Backdrop

floral wedding head table

Flowers are always a must for wedding decor. Take floral decor up a notch by creating a whole backdrop of flowers for your wedding head table. This collection of green, white, and various shades of pink will steal the hearts of your guests.

Drape a princess pink curtain across the table to heighten the fairytale scenery. Once it all comes together, you will love your enchanting floral centerpieces for your wedding reception. 


Natural Setting

greenery at wedding head table

Are you having your wedding in the midst of the beautiful outdoors? Use the scenery to your advantage even at your reception. Setting your wedding head table in front of glass doors will allow you and your guests to view the luscious greenery outside while having the comfort of an AC. 

For a magical setup, use sheer white screens as your head table backdrop with added floral arrangements and greenery for a colorful touch. With all of the natural colors in action, white or ivory would be best for your table drape to harmonize with your surroundings. This simple look is inexpensive but still creates that rich beauty you have been seeking. 


Minimal Design

minimal wedding head table

Set the mood with darker tones and romantic lighting. This minimal look is easy to achieve yet still carries a refined beauty.

Using everyday material can go a long way when attempting this style, such as a brick arch as the background to pair with the bride flooring. To match the dark brown, rustic lanterns can be set on top of the head table as an added light source. 

For a touch of color, you can decorate the table or any hanging light fixture with olive-colored greenery. The dark complexion of the vines will best compliment the deeper browns of the brick. To top it all off, drape the table with a white curtain to bring out the richness of your browns and greens. 

In no time, your minimal design will enhance your reception hall with a gorgeous wedding head table. 


Throwback Theme

gold wedding head table

Want to create a unique head table for your wedding reception? Base your design on a throwback theme. One of the most popular themes for weddings is based on the 1920s. This Jazz Era-inspired head table provides all the flare and glamour you will need. 

Overlap a white curtain with a gold curtain for both your backdrop and table. To style the curtains, you can tie the gold accents in the middle of the layout to create a focal point for the bride and groom. Of course, you may shower the scene with floral bouquets and vines for a pop in color. 

Not only is this look simple to make, but it will also be a showstopper that will make you and your guests fall in love with the 1920s-themed head table. 


Romantic Lighting

wedding head table lights

If your wedding reception is taking place in a darker-lit dining hall, this head table layout is the perfect choice for you. Hang large solar light fixtures from a stable, floral-decorated structure above the head table. If possible, make sure you choose a soft white for your color light to avoid unflattering complexions.

The lights will provide a soft glow for your wedding head table and immediately catch the eyes of all of your wedding guests. Meet the hanging lights halfway with tall-standing bouquets for added color. This magical scene will make your head table a fairy dream come true. 


Rustic Layout

rustic wedding head table

Rustic-themed weddings have become very popular, and for a good reason, too. The simplicity and casual aura of the look creates a charming and romantic mood for any couple to be married in. To achieve this look, all you will need is wood and greenery. 

Prop your head table in front of a wooden wall. For a more intriguing backdrop, use wooden tree branches for the outdoor theme and embellish it with flowers and greenery for a pop of color. Keeping the design simple is the key to this look. Rustic wedding centerpieces can be as little as a table runner made of greenery, bouquets, and small lit candles. 

When it all comes together, you will find yourself sitting at a beautiful, rustic head table for your wedding reception. 


Elegant Accents

Burgundy wedding head table

Make your wedding table classy with the addition of elegant accents. By using a burgundy polyester table cover, you will already have a romantic color scheme for your wedding head table. Accent the burgundy with a light pink ruffled curtain draping from the corner of the table onto the floor. 

To make this look even more appealing, safely set tall-standing candles on top of the ends of the pink curtain, keeping the cloth in place. To complete this color scheme, use burgundy and light pink floral decor for your table centerpieces. Your high-class wedding head table is now complete for your special day. 


Modern Touch

modern wedding head table

If you know anything about home design, you will know that mirrors make any room appear larger. Utilize this trick with your own wedding head table. Keeping a white, chic color scheme, you can surround the edges of your white table with a mirrored glass. 

When you add your floral centerpieces on top of your table, the hanging pieces will reflect off of the mirror, making the scene much more colorful. This tasteful design is as bridal as it is modern. 



What is the head table at a wedding called?

The wedding head table can be called the wedding party table or the bridal party table. It is centered at the front of the reception hall, where the bride and groom will dine. Others, such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, and close relatives, may also sit here during the meal with the married couple. 


Should I do a sweetheart table or a head table?

A sweetheart table is a small table that sits only the bride and groom. If you wish to create an intimate moment for you and your partner, this would be the way to go.

However, if you want to mingle with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, a head table would be the best choice. The head table is much longer so it can sit a various amount of attendants. 

If you’re still not sure which table you want to sit at, learn the pros and cons for each here. You can use the same decor ideas for the sweetheart table or the head table!



Deciding the decor for your wedding head table may seem like work, but the process can be quite enjoyable. There are wonderful decor ideas for any wedding theme. From rustic to modern to Jazz Age-inspired themes, there is a wedding centerpiece idea for every couple.

Find your perfect table decor with these breathtaking examples and you will be on your way to having the wedding reception of your dreams. 

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