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10 Stunning Sweetheart Table Ideas You Are Sure to Love

A sweetheart table is a great choice for the couple that wants some time alone during their reception. Be amongst your guests while sitting with just your partner as you eat, drink, and fall deeper in love. Before the big day, consider what sweetheart table decor ideas you’d like to incorporate for your special seat!

Since your wedding day is all about you, your sweetheart table should reflect your personal style. Here are the ten best decor ideas for your unique sweetheart table set up. 


Sweetheart Setups

Your sweetheart table will likely be a focal point of your reception. It is imperative that it not only looks amazing, but that it also matches with the rest of your decor. Whatever your style, read on to learn more about the most gorgeous decor ideas for your sweetheart table. 


A Loveseat


Opt for an intimate seating arrangement at your sweetheart table. A loveseat allows you and your spouse to be as close together as possible during your reception.

Cuddle up behind a beautifully decorated table with the love of your life as you party the night away. If you like that vintage vibe, choose an ornate velvet loveseat to relax on. Decorate your table with neutral blooms and pillar candles to tie the look together.


Green Backdrop


A lush green backdrop is the perfect decor piece to place behind your sweetheart table. To add to the mood, consider accenting the wall of greenery with some soft white string lights.

The light and dark colors will combine together and perfectly compliment one another. You are sure to be the center of attention with this at your back. 




An arch is a great option if you love rustic vibes. There are a few different options for arches.

You can go for a simple arch made out of wood beams. Spruce it up with floral garlands that match your bouquet and wedding flowers. Like the green backdrop, you could also add some soft white fairy lights for a beautiful, ethereal glow that will provide a gorgeous halo around you and your spouse.

Another option is to make the arch entirely out of flowers rather than accenting a wooden arch with flowers. This is a good option if you are looking for a more natural backdrop.


Adirondack Chairs


Adirondack chairs are the perfect choice if you are having a relaxing woodsy reception. Consider pairing a short round table with the short chair duo.

Accent with a few boho inspired rugs and add some pillar candles atop a bed of pine branches for your centerpiece. The combination is perfect for your bohemian inspired forest wedding reception.

If your reception is taking place somewhere with a breathtaking backdrop, the Adirondack chairs are a great choice so as to not block the gorgeous view you may be seated in front of. 


Calligraphy Sign


Decorate your sweetheart table with a unique calligraphy sign of you and your spouse’s last name. String this up across the front of your long wooden sweetheart table. You can purchase a customized calligraphy sign on Etsy for a decent price.

If you are a particularly crafty person, you could also choose to create your sign by hand. Add bouquets of bright cabbage roses, pampas grass, and eucalyptus for a nice pop of color and some added texture. Position these on the ground beneath the sign and you will have a cohesive set up for your reception.  


Textured Chairs


Textured chairs not only feel nice, but they look stunning. Whatever your style, the perfect textured chair is waiting for you.

Crushed velvet chairs are reminiscent of the 70s. The luxury of the material will only add to the opulence of your reception.

If velvet is not your style, opt for plush white chairs with gold hardware for a sophisticated yet fun look. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to textured chairs. It is just a matter of finding the one that best fits with the aesthetic of your reception. 

Since the chairs will likely act as the statement piece for your sweetheart table, it is best to opt for simple table decorations. White candle holders with neutral colored tapers are a simple addition that can also be used to add some light to your table.

Consider choosing a white tablecloth and accenting with neutral tans, browns, grays, and blush pinks for an extra pop of color. 


Antique Table


Sometimes it is better to focus on the table itself rather than the decorations you put on and around it. Choosing an antique table ensures that your setup is unique to you and your spouse. You can purchase an antique table at your local thrift store or antique store at a low price to ensure you don’t break the bank.

To make it especially unique, consider sanding it down and painting it to match your reception style. When finalizing your vision, include some white pillar candles and a centerpiece that matches your bouquet to take this simple yet sophisticated design to the next level. 


Monochrome Magic


Whoever said variety was the spice of life never saw a monochromatic sweetheart table. An abundance of bright color is not always needed to make an impression. Up against a gorgeous backdrop, a monochromatic sweetheart table will shine.

Mix and match the textures of your chairs, linens, and florals to help draw the eye to various parts of the table. Keep the decorations minimal and cohesive for an overall look that is sure to wow all of your guests. 




If you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day, choose to style your sweetheart table around a pair of thrones. These regal seating options are the perfect choice if you like the finer things in life, creating a royal look.

If you are feeling particularly extravagant, add to the grandeur by getting thrones with ornate designs on them. Pair these thrones with sweeping white linens seated atop a French style sweetheart table. For even more splendor, include gold accent pieces for your table.


Vintage Window Frame


What better way to frame you and your spouse than with an actual window frame? If you are looking for that rustic vintage feel look no further than this.

A distressed vintage window frame with or without the panes of glass removed and the wood wrapped in thick vines ensures the perfect mixture of vintage flair and natural beauty. This basic decor piece can act as the backdrop to you and your partner or the main attraction of your sweetheart table. It all depends on how you decide to decorate your remaining space. 




Since it is your wedding day you have every right to be selfish. Having a sweetheart table is one small selfish thing you can do for you and your spouse. Grow closer to them while also remaining the center of attention at your reception. Not only will your display be gorgeous, but you and your partner will look amazing amongst your decor. 

Still undecided on whether you want a sweetheart table or a larger head table? Weigh the pros and cons before you begin planning decor!

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