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25 Trendy & Traditional Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Searching for a wedding dress is one of the most important parts of wedding planning for many brides. There are so many styles on the market and even many variations in those styles themselves. Off the shoulder wedding dresses come in many forms and are super flattering for any figure. 

off the shoulder wedding dress on bride

Narrowing it down to the type of dress or silhouette we want is critical to helping ourselves out with the process. Now that we have decided we want an off-the-shoulder wedding gown, it is time to decide on the specifics.

These dresses are often less traditional due to the off-the-shoulder style. The design can use traditional materials like lace and organza. 

This style is perfect for the modern bride, the boho bride, the traditional bride, and anything in between. Achieving a stunning wedding day look is easy with an off-the-shoulder gown. 

Keep reading to find out what specific style to try out! All of the options have a unique feature that makes them stand out among the rest. Check out our list of the best off-the-shoulder wedding dresses below! 

Gorgeous Off the Shoulder Bridal Gowns 

Off-the-shoulder gowns are versatile as they look good with a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs. There are many different options to fit a range of bridal looks, budgets, and personalities. 

Off the Shoulder Lace Wedding Dresses

Commonly, lace gowns are highly requested by many brides. The lace element is both traditional and sexy, which is a great combination in a wedding dress! This Stella York gown, available at Kleinfeld Bridal, is absolutely stunning, with garden inspired detailing!

stella york off the shoulder wedding dress
Source: Kleinfeld Bridal

Off-the-shoulder lace wedding gowns can either be form-fitting with button detailing on the back or more sheath-style for a more relaxed fit with a romantic feel to the dress with the off-the-shoulder detail. The loose lace sleeves on this Callista lace off the shoulder wedding dress give off a Bohemian vibe!

Callista lace off the shoulder wedding gown
Source: Dreamers and Lovers

Depending on the material, you won’t find yourself paying tons of cash for this style. It is a good option for someone who wants a form-fitting dress with lace elements that are still elegant and tasteful. This sheath style lace gown from Watters Designs is somewhat form-fitting, but timeless.

Watters Visconti lace sheath gown
Source: Watters Designs

Many people choose to wear their hair up to emphasize the beauty of the gown. 

Off Shoulder Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

More people today opt for sleeves with their wedding gowns. Whether it is from necessity, like having a winter wedding, or a preference like maintaining modesty, sleeves are in. For a simple, off the shoulder look with sleeves, the Wtoo by Watters Miles Gown is available at BHLDN in sizes from 00 to 26W.

off shoulder long sleeve gown from bhldn
Source: BHLDN

Either way, having an off-the-shoulder gown with sleeves is an elegant choice. This long sleeve off the shoulder gown from Olivia Bottega on Etsy features lace sleeves.

olivia bottega long sleeve gown
Source: Olivia Bottega

This dress looks best with a trumpet or mermaid style dress. Since the dress covers most of the body, minus the shoulders, neck, and clavicle area, it is a good choice to accentuate the body with a tighter silhouette. This gown from LD Couture on Etsy has a fitted bodice with loose, tulle sleeves

LD Couture long sleeve off shoulder dress
Source: LDCoutureByLDcouture

You may want to accessorize with dramatic earrings or simple earrings but a nice necklace to complete the look. 

Cold Shoulder Wedding Gowns

Cold shoulder tops, like the Sottero and Midgely gown above, have emerged as a popular fashion choice for many people. The style has transferred into wedding gowns in a modern way.

The neckline of these types of off-the-shoulder wedding dresses often is a higher cut, thus leaving the drama to the sleeves. This vintage cold shoulder gown is stunning!

The cold shoulder wedding gown trend looks good with many types of fabrics, but it looks best with an a-line silhouette and dramatic sleeves. It is a good option for flowy sleeves with cutouts at the top and flows down the arms. We love the long sleeves on this ombre gown from ChrissyWaiChing, available on Etsy!

The sleeves on a cold shoulder dress are often lacey and embellished. We love the dramatic sleeves on this dress from Wilderly!

This type of gown, with an a-line silhouette, is usually fairly affordable. Since the skirt is not as full and the train isn’t as long as other types of dresses, the cost goes down. 

Off the Shoulder Ball Gowns 

A lot of people dream of looking like a queen on their wedding day. One way to do that is to pick a beautiful ball gown with a full skirt and a cinched waist. The off the shoulder look pairs well with a ball gown. Think Cinderella’s blue ball dress! 

One great example is this dotted tulle wedding dress from Vinio Dresses, with a full skirt and pearl beading!

off shoulder tulle wedding dress
Source: Vinio Dresses

Many people choose to wear their hair up in an elegant bun with this style. Pair a beautiful necklace to finish off the look. You are sure to be elegant and regal in an off-the-shoulder ball gown on your special day. This Faille Ball Gown from Justin Alexander will have you feeling like a princess!

off the shoulder ball gown
Source: Justin Alexander

This shape is flattering to all body types, and it shows off the neckline and waist beautifully. This Sareh Nouri Florence Gown offers a modern take on the classic off the shoulder princess dress.

off shoulder ball gown
Source: Sareh Nouri

You may find yourselves paying a bit more for these dresses and more for alterations to the dress, due to the amount of fabric involved and the complexity of hemming multiple layers. However, if you want to achieve the queen look of your dreams, it is worth it. 

Off the Shoulder Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho weddings are all the rage in the current time. Many people are opting for smaller ceremonies and more intimate receptions, which lends itself to a more laid-back vibe at the wedding. This bohemian off the shoulder gown from A Thrify Bride Shop offers the perfect beach boho look.

Source: A Thrifty Bride Shop

For dresses, the bride still wants to stand out among the rest of the guests. Having a heavily detailed boho-style dress with an off-the-shoulder element is a great way to do that. We love the detailing on this WildGirlsGR puffy sleeved dress, available on Etsy!

These dresses are often more flowy in the body like an a-line or sheath style. Sometimes they may have an open-back style as well. Consider the Amelie Gown from Savannah Miller for a timeless, romantic look.

off shoulder savannah miller gown
Source: Savannah Miller

The off the shoulder look goes well with this style of dress. It brings the relaxed feel to another level and contributes to the boho romance in the decor. 

Off the Shoulder A-Line Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are gorgeous and an a-line silhouette with an off-the-shoulder style is glamorous. This type of dress is flattering to all body types and figures. It flares out at the bottom so it thins the waist and it exposes the neckline. This simple but elegant A-line off the shoulder dress from Amber Bride Store on Etsy would look great on any bride.

off the shoulder wedding dress
Source: Amber Bride Store

These dresses won’t break the bank when made of simple material free of embellishments. However, if we want to add a lot of detail and beading to the dress to amp up the elegance, it will up the cost. This Justin Alexander A-line gown has leafy detailing and detachable shoulder straps, so you can convert from off the shoulder to strapless at your wedding!

off the shoulder gown Justin Alexander
Source: Justin Alexander

This is a good style for someone who wants a half-up-half-down hair look. This way the hair is mostly away from the face and neck to show off the neckline, but we can still have some hair falling in the back without overwhelming the eye because of the sleek fit of the dress. 

Satin Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Satin is a good fabric option for all wedding dresses. Having a satin dress with sleeves that goes off the shoulder and cuts the neckline in a straight across fashion would be a great choice for anyone’s wedding day, like this Tadashi Shoji gown available on Couture Candy.

We can style satin with a few matching hairpins in an updo. Since satin has a glossy look, you can go with or without extra embellishments on your dress; a sleek satin dress doesn’t need much! This simple satin gown from Svetlana Nikitina on Etsy is stunningly simple.

satin off the shoulder wedding dress
Source: Svetlana Nikitina

This classic satin off the shoulder gown from Boutique DeCharm on Etsy has unique detailing near the shoulder, but otherwise relies on its gorgeous simplicity.

satin off shoulder wedding dress
Source: BoutiqueDeCharm

These dresses are usually mid-range in terms of price point.

Off the Shoulder Tulle Wedding Dresses

Tulle is a tricky fabric to work with. Often, we need a satin underline or silk slip to compliment the tulle. It is a see-through, flowy fabric that is often used to add volume.

Despite its fickleness, wearing a gown with off-the-shoulder details, a silk underskirt, and flowing tulle on top would be a dream! This tulle off the shoulder gown from Alex Veil Bridal on Etsy is straight out of a fairytale.

tulle wedding dress
Source: AlexVeilBridal

We can also use it under a satin, silk, or organza dress to amp up the volume. Many times, tulle serves this purpose in wedding dresses. If you want more detailing, check out this Lazaro Alexandria gown available from JLM Couture, with intricate detailing on the removable tulle skirt.

tulle off the shoulder bride dress
Source: JLM Couture

Tulle can tear or break easily, so be sure to have a reception gown or outfit on hand. The tulle may not make it through the celebration! 

Vintage Off Shoulder Wedding Gowns

Many people want to wear a version of a vintage gown on their wedding day. Whether it be a family heirloom or a unique vintage find, vintage gowns are always glamorous. They evoke a sense of home and comfort since they are worn-in and previously loved. It is a beautiful touch for a wedding day! 

Vintage dresses are typically one of a kind, so you’ll have to search for the perfect one! This one-of-a-kind dress is available on Etsy from ShopExile.

vintage lace wedding dress
Source: ShopExile

Though off-the-shoulder trends have been in and out of fashion since the 1800s, in the 1960s Bridgette Bardot sported off-the-shoulder styles in almost everything she wore. After that, the off-the-shoulder look has been a staple in fashion. Check out this unique off the shoulder scalloped neckline dress available on Etsy from PsychedelicAesth!

vintage wedding dress
Source: PsychedelicAesth

You are sure to be able to find an elegant vintage look for our day online or in other consignment shops. This vintage cold shoulder gown is stunning!

As with any dress, we can make alterations to a vintage dress. We can turn anything into an off-the-shoulder style! 

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