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25 R&B Love Songs For Your Wedding Day

Some brides and grooms can’t imagine their marriage celebrations without listening to R&B love songs as background music. 

If you and your future spouse have the same vision for your wedding festivities but don’t know where to begin with finding romantic R&B songs, have no fear! We’ve come to the rescue with our music list of R&B wedding songs!

As a genre that originated from the 1940s, R&B music offers plenty of options for your espousal from some of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry.  

If you need help with narrowing down your choices for romantic R&B music, get inspired by reading our list!


“Ain’t That Love” by Ray Charles

Lyrics: “Ever need a friend / I’ll be with you (be with you) / Yes, until the end / Now, ain’t that love?”

It’s no surprise that Ray Charles’s “Ain’t That You” has been played time and time again as R&B prelude music. Choose this classic wedding song and you definitely won’t regret it!


“My Girl” by The Temptations

Lyrics: “Yeah, I don’t need no money, fortune or fame / I’ve got all the riches, baby, one man can claim / Well, I guess you’d say / What can make me feel this way? / My girl/ 

Capture a romantic vibe on your wedding day by requesting couple procession songs like “My Girl.” This R&B track by The Temptations will feel right at home during a vintage festivity


“That’s How Strong My Love Is” by Otis Redding

Lyrics: “I’ll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears / And you can go swimming when you’re here / And I’ll be the rainbow after the tears are gone”

Take a trip down memory lane by playing R&B wedding ceremony songs from previous decades such as “That’s How Strong My Love Is.” Otis Redding’s emotional tune has pulled at people’s heartstrings during marriage celebrations since 1965! 


“Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me,” by Gladys Knight & the Pips 

Lyrics: “If anyone should ever write my life story / For whatever reason there might be / Oh, you’ll be there between each line of pain and glory”

When it comes to finding romantic R&B songs for your espousal, “Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” is hard to beat. This Motown cover will bring back some cheerful memories for the older people in your wedding party. 


“Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

Lyrics: “Just one look at you / And I know it’s gonna be / A lovely day”

Step back in time with your R&B wedding music by picking “Lovely Day.” Don’t be surprised if people sing along to Bill Withers’s timeless hit! 


“Caught Up in the Rapture” by Anita Baker

Lyrics: “​​When we met, I always knew / I would feel the magic for you / On my mind constantly / In my arms is where you should be”

Set the romantic tone of your special day by including “Overjoyed” on your playlist. Anita Baker’s famous track will definitely become a favorite R&B wedding song among your guests!


“Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder

Lyrics: “For did my dreams / Come true when I looked at you”

“Overjoyed” has truly earned its place among the most incredible R&B wedding songs. Stevie Wonder’s sentimental tune works especially well for the first dance!


“Always” by Atlantic Starr

Lyrics: “And we both know, that our love will grow / And forever it will be you and me, hey / Ooh your life is sun / Chasing all of the rain away”

If you prefer R&B wedding ceremony songs that are sweet without being too sappy, Atlantic Starr has got your back with “Always.” Even if your guests aren’t a huge fan of this genre of music, they will enjoy every minute of listening to this melody!


“Forever My Lady” by Jodeci

Lyrics: “Forever my lady / It’s like a dream / I’m holding you close / You’re keeping me warm”

Add some variety to your wedding playlist by incorporating romantic music such as “Forever My Lady.” Don’t be shocked if Jodeci’s 90s R&B wedding song brings happy tears to everybody’s eyes! 

“Kiss of Life” by Sade

Lyrics: “There must have been an angel by my side / Something heavenly led me to you / Look at the sky / It’s the colour of love”

“Kiss of Life” never fails as a lush love song during the cocktail hour. Sade’s R&B sound is simply too heartwarming to be excluded from your music choices.


“For You” by Kenny Lattimore

Lyrics: “For you I give a lifetime of stability / Anything you want of me / Nothing is impossible”

Curate the ultimate playlist by choosing “For You” as one of your R&B wedding ceremony songs. Kenny Lattimore’s sincere lyrics will certainly reflect how you feel towards your future spouse. 


“Everything” by Mary J. Blige

Lyrics: “It’s all because of you / I’m never sad and blue / You brighten up my day / In your own special way”

Turn back the clocks with your R&B wedding songs by including “Everything” as part of your music selection. Mary J. Blige’s wholesome tune ensures that your guests will be having a good time!


“I Gotta Be” by Jagged Edge

Lyrics: “’Til the end of time / Never part / Take my heart / Hold it tight, it’s true love” 

If you favor a 90s vibe for your R&B love songs, “I Gotta Be” becomes a must-have for your wedding playlist. Jagged Edge’s romantic track will definitely create the ambience that you’ll want to experience during your nuptial. 

“Angel of Mine” by Monica

Lyrics: “When I first saw you, I already knew / There was something inside of you / Something I thought that I would never find / Angel of mine”

Bring some R&B charm to your espousal by requesting “Angel of Mine.” Monica’s famous song always works with moving people’s emotions during these wedding celebrations.


“Have You Ever?” by Brandy

Lyrics: “Have you ever found the one / You’ve dreamed of all your life? / You’d do just about anything to look into their eyes”

“Have You Ever?” was made for wedding playlists consisting of romantic R&B songs. Brady’s timeless hit will certainly leave a lasting impression on your attendees. 


“Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo

Lyrics: “See I don’t need no alcohol / Your love makes me feel ten feet tall”

If you’re searching for R&B wedding ceremony songs that have yet to go out of style, look no further than Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo’s “Nothing Even Matters.” This tender track will certainly become a crowd-pleaser for all ages! 


“Back at One” by Brian McKnight

Lyrics: “One, you’re like a dream come true / Two, just wanna be with you / Three, girl, It’s plain to see / That you’re the only one for me”

 “Back at One” is a solid addition to any wedding playlist focused on R&B love songs from any decade. Brian McKnight’s sweet song certainly deserves some airplay during your espousal!


“Summer Rain” by Carl Thomas

Lyrics: “You wash away the pain / My summer rain / In the middle of the night when i’m alone / I feel her kisses on me even when she’s gone”

Create an unforgettable moment that celebrates love and devotion on your special day by playing “Summer Rain.” This classic wedding song is perfect for couples who have a preference towards stripped-back sound instead of over-the-top music. 


“If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

Lyrics: “Ever need a friend / I’ll be with you (be with you) / Yes, until the end / Now, ain’t that love?”

“If I Ain’t Got You” is a no-brainer for brides and grooms who gravitate towards listening to R&B music. Alicia Keys’s perfect song will surely be a heart-melter!


“Umbrella” by Rihanna and Jay-Z

Lyrics: “You have my heart, and we’ll never be worlds apart / Maybe in magazines, but you’ll still be my star”

If you’re looking for R&B dance song ideas that’ll get everybody out of their seats, Rihanna and Jay-Z have got you covered with “Umbrella.” It’s hard to imagine a better option as wedding reception music for the bride and groom entrance!


“Share My Life” by Kem

Lyrics: “It makes any difference / I give you all my heart / Girl my sun sets / Anywhere you are”

“Share My Life” has the sentimental ideas that you would expect to hear from R&B wedding ceremony songs. There’s nothing about Kem’s famous hit that you and your spouse won’t love! 


“A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michelle 

Lyrics: A couple of forevers / I’m the only one, you’re the only one / Together ’til never”

“A Couple of Forevers” is a staple for any brides and grooms who are looking to include romantic songs from the R&B genre. Chrisette Michelle’s wholehearted lyrics become the perfect background music for your marriage festivities. 


“Fall For You” by Leela James

Lyrics: “Here we are, together / And everything between us is good / I’m riding this cloud, baby”

Spruce up your wedding playlist by including R&B love songs such as “Fall For You.” Leela James’s passionate track will definitely inspire tender feelings in your entire guest list.


“Get You” by Daniel Caesar and Kali Uchis

Lyrics: “Through drought and famine, natural disasters / My baby has been around for me / Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling / None of that could ever make me leave”

Switch up your music celebration by picking contemporary R&B songs like “Get You.” The younger attendees will surely appreciate hearing this collaboration between Daniel Caesar and Kali Uchis. 


“Stan” by 6lack

Lyrics: “Time will never wait on us /But it never can age our love”

Show your love for R&B music on your wedding day by requesting “Stan.” 6lack’s beautiful song will definitely win everybody over! 


“Home” by Dylan Sinclair

Lyrics: “we are built to last for life / in a state of mind / if until we die”

“Home” is never the wrong decision for brides and grooms who want to play romantic R&B songs during their nuptials. The sweet lyrics of Dylan Sinclar’s music will surely leave your wedding guests in awe. 


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