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27 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Dresses

A wintery wonderland creates the perfect setting for a dream wedding. With the bride being the star of the show, her dress should help her stand out on the big day. And, it always helps when the winter wedding dress complements the beautiful season.

woman in vintage wedding dress in frozen

Although it might feel like winter limits wedding dress options, the opposite is true. Winter weddings feature incredible gowns, from more flashy and sparkly stand-out options to subdued, tranquil, and simplistic dresses. A winter wedding is a perfect event to go with an understated dress layered with a fur shawl or wintery robe that flows in the breeze.

In other words, a winter wedding dress can come in almost any form, so don’t feel limited in your options. Choose from various silhouettes, necklines, and styles to fit your personality and your wedding theme. You can even get away with wearing a wedding pantsuit to go for a more out-of-the-box look.

Are you preparing for a wintery wedding? Our guide to winter wedding dresses explores some of the most popular types for a winter bride-to-be, including lace wedding dresses, sparkly winter gowns, and gorgeous long-sleeve dresses. Use it as inspiration to round out your dream wedding.

Wedding Dresses for Winter Brides 

Winter weddings favor long dresses to combat the colder weather, but other than that, brides should see their options as plentiful. Our list below details some of the most popular traditional and non-traditional winter bridal looks to fit within different styles and budgets.

Long Sleeve Winter Wedding Dresses

The weather for winter weddings is certainly chillier than other seasons, making long sleeve winter wedding dresses the perfect option.

Brides tend to steer clear of long sleeves during the spring and summer months, especially for outdoor weddings. But these wedding dresses were meant for blustery days, and they fit right into snowy, cozy wedding settings.

Long sleeve wedding dresses don’t need to feel old-fashioned, either. Many modern options allow for bared shoulders, v-shaped necklines, dropped backs, or lace or sheer sleeves to allow just the right amount of sexiness and romanticism. This David’s Bridal Collection trumpet gown is an excellent example.

long sleeve wedding dress
Source: David’s Bridal

When choosing a long sleeve winter wedding dress, consider how it feels after putting it on. Do the sleeves give you plenty of freedom to move your arms comfortably, or do you feel hot or constricted? Some dresses come with detachable sleeves for an additional cost, adding the convenience of removing them when it’s time to dance the night away.

Simple Winter Wedding Gowns

If you’re planning a winter wedding decked out in flowers, snow, and other elements of a winter wonderland, perhaps your dress should be more understated. In this case, a simple winter wedding gown will do the trick.

Simple dresses have trended in more recent years, skipping sparkly embellishments for a more streamlined, minimalistic look. Simple dresses fit well with winter weddings, which tend to be tranquil and subdued compared to spring and summer events.

The good news is that simple things can be far from boring. A simple winter dress can still have interesting necklines and silhouettes to help them stand out at the wedding, like the Chisholm Gown from Rebecca Schoneveld New York.

simple winter wedding gown
Source: Rebecca Schoneveld

Plus, a beautiful hairdo and sparkly accessories can add just the right touch without creating an over-the-top look.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Dresses

Winter weddings are often festive, but they can come in several forms, like holiday-focused or farmhouse-inspired. Winter wonderland weddings are among the most popular kinds, featuring snowy scenes, icy elements, and sparkling magic.

To match this theme, a wedding dress typically sparkles, shines, and makes a big statement, like this blue wedding gown!

Ball gowns are a hit for this type of wedding. Some brides choose to go with colors other than white for their dresses, like shiny silver or baby blue. Other dresses come embellished with eye-catching accents, like wintery floral embellishments or lacey patterns. This sparkly beaded gown from Darius Collection is a complete knockout.

grey wedding dress ball gown
Source: Darius Cordell

Brides who feel more comfortable in a big dress will love the ball gown style these dresses often come in. The shape accentuates the bust and waist while allowing for more flexibility on the hips and thighs.

Winter Wedding Gowns with Fur

Stay cozy and classy with a fur-accented winter wedding gown. Winter wedding dresses with fur look like they’re right from a fairytale, incorporating fur shawls, fur robes, and other fur-focused accents to boost the gown’s warmth factor.

Perfect for outdoor winter weddings, these dresses look stunning on almost any figure and make for excellent showstoppers in wedding photos. Plus, a bride can’t beat the warm comfort these dresses provide.

Long, flowy hairstyles look beautiful with fur wedding gowns. Braids and tidy updos work well, too, especially with fur-lined hooded gown styles. 

These dresses tend to be more expensive than others because of their added fur. However, brides can opt for faux fur gowns to keep costs more budget-friendly.

Lace Wedding Dresses for Winter 

winter bride ideas

Colder-weather weddings might require a little more material to keep the bride comfortable and warm, but that doesn’t mean lace is out entirely. If you’ve always dreamed of a lacy wedding dress, your winter wedding can still accommodate that.

Lace dresses come in various styles for every bride. This simpler option from Torrid would pair well with a fur shawl for an outdoor wedding. Or, go for more of an all-over lace look with a dress like this stunning gown below with a lace illusion neckline and open back.

Wedding dresses with lace generally look better when they don’t go overboard on details, like beadwork and floral embellishments. However, choose from several cuts, including ball gown, sheath, mermaid, or A-line gowns with different necklines and sleeve lengths.

Winter Ball Gowns 

If you love the idea of a ball gown wedding dress but don’t want to step deep into the winter wonderland theme, choose a more relaxed ball gown instead. These dresses make brides feel like the princesses they are, and they can be fun to play with for a fancy winter wedding.

Best of all, these dresses can be as romantic, sexy, or full-coverage as you’d like them to be. Many have off-shoulder busts with short or long sleeves, but plunging necklines or backs can also spice up the look.

This ball gown would fit seamlessly into a gorgeous vintage-inspired winter wedding.

Casual Winter Wedding Dresses 

There’s no rule stating that wedding dresses need to be elaborate or break the bank. Some of the most memorable dresses are casual, letting the bride shine on her own.

Casual winter wedding dresses are best for brides who want to get a little more creative with their hair or accessories, as they won’t be competing for attention. Try a new, fancy updo or wear a statement necklace to elevate the look.

This two piece set is a fantastic example of how stunning a casual dress can be for your winter wedding. The solid, plain bust creates a blank canvas for accessorizing with drop earrings or a shiny necklace or choker.

Winter Wedding Pantsuits

Gone are traditional brides who feel obligated to wear a dress for their wedding. Welcome to modern times, where pantsuits are completely okay, especially for weddings in colder climates.

While some brides choose to get playful with a dress-pantsuit combination, others go with full-on pantsuits. For a winter wedding, we love an elegant pantsuit like the one below.

The best part of a jumpsuit? They’re flattering for every figure. Shop pantsuits in all women’s sizes, including petite, misses, and plus, to find one that fits every curve just right.

Pantsuits are usually also much easier on the wallet than dresses, making them a good fit for a wedding with a strict budget. 

Sparkly Winter Bridal Gowns

Sparkly winter bridal gowns mimic the glistening snow outside and beautiful holiday lighting. Create a little sparkle at your wedding with a gown with beaded embellishments, pairing well with sparkly earrings or other jewelry pieces.

Beaded accents run through the silhouette and sleeves. Keep warm with a gray or ivory fur shawl if you’re heading outdoors.

Sequins can make for a more stand-out, over-the-top look. Add a shiny hair accessory to your updo, or wear sequined shoes to complete the look.

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