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What to Get Your Parents for Their Anniversary

There are always certain celebrations in which we’re expected to give gifts. From birthdays to holidays, gift giving is an essential transaction in our society. Though gift buying ranges from being a nightmare to a joy, it’s a wonderful way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them and appreciate them.

Getting gifts for your parents is sometimes even tougher, because you may be more used to them giving you things than returning the favor. Thankfully, there’s a lot of good ideas that your parents are likely to love. Based on what they already like, keep reading for ideas for anniversary gifts for parents.

Why Give Your Parents an Anniversary Gift?

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If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if you even need to give your parents an anniversary gift. While it’s not commonplace in every family for the children to give their parents an anniversary gift, it’s still a nice thing to do, especially if they’re celebrating a special anniversary, like their 25th or their 50th.

It’s also a good thing to do if your parents are having an anniversary party or something similar. A nice thing to do at an event is to come with a gift to show your appreciation for them and for the event.


33 Gift Ideas for Your Parents’ Anniversary 

The first place to start when thinking about gift ideas for your family is to think about what they like or seem to need. If they’re terrible cooks and mostly eat takeout, you probably don’t want to get them a fancy cooking appliance. If they’re total technophobes, the latest gadget is probably not on the list.

Though there are also options to get them separate gifts for their anniversary, you should probably start by thinking about something they can both love and share. This would probably feel more like a standard anniversary gift than something separate.


Celebrate Their Love

Though it’s maybe been a while, if there’s any way you can find out what their wedding vows were, like on a video, you can have them made into these gorgeous framed pieces they can hang and remember the vow they made each day.

A gorgeous framed star map of the sky the night and place they got married would look lovely on their walls, reminding them of the cosmic force of their relationship.

For something a bit more comprehensive, this gorgeous metal plaque can be engraved to include the day they met, got engaged, and got married. This can display the longevity of their marriage.


Tap Into Some Nostalgia

A print that displays all of your family’s oldest photos in the form of a family tree will not only show them the incredible longevity of their love, it will help them realize what an incredible lineage they’ve built.

For a greater dose of nostalgia, you could get them a lovely collage of their wedding photos, honoring how long they’ve been married and displaying the endless bond of that love for all to see.


This is specific for mom, but a gorgeous illustration of her wedding dress will surely be an art piece that she looks at with fondness and love. It’s a subtle tribute to the day that changed their lives.


A Love-Affirming Experience

If you feel that it’s time for your parents to relax, you could get them a day or a weekend couple’s package at a local spa. This will surely be time for them to reconnect with their marriage and themselves.

If your parents are roadtrippers who have the RV ready, this 50 states map is a perfect buy! They can put pictures of themselves in each state in each spot, eventually making a gorgeous collage.

If they’re more like jet-setters than highway rollers, this push-pin globe helps them mark off each incredible adventure they’ve taken together. They’ll surely spend some time laughing while reliving the memories of each pin.


Hosting Masters

If they’ve always loved having friends over for dinner, getting them a lovely serving tray and cheeseboard like this one will surely do the trick of making them feel extra special and appreciated.

Another great gift for the hosts of the year is a carafe that they can serve water, lemonade, wine, or other drinks on a table. These carafes come in several colors, so they can serve multiple drinks without guests getting confused. 

For parents interesting in mixology, a nice bar cart like this is a great way for them to stay organized while they explore their cocktail interests. It’s also great for the guests!


Foodie Family

Maybe your parents love to cook! In that case, you could get them a week’s worth of meals through a meal kit service, so that they can cook together and try their own creations in a week of fun date nights!

If your parents have a taste for the spicy side of life, a set of fancy hot sauces will surely have them over the moon with excitement for their next cooking ventures.

Some people develop a love of baking because they learn it from their parents. If that’s the type of relationship you guys have, a box of homemade cookies of their own favorite recipes is a perfect way to show your love on their anniversary.


Decorative Darlings

Maybe you know that they always like a new mantlepiece item. A fresh bouquet of flowers for their anniversary in a beautiful vase is a special way to show them that you’re thinking of them. Plus, it’s technically two gifts in one– flower and vase!

If some of the more personalized wall art didn’t seem like “them”, maybe something a bit more classic would work! These lovely botanical prints should be just up anyone’s alley.

As parents get older, they start to find regular handiwork a bit harder to do. Show them that you’re there for all of their anniversaries by installing some nice new shelves for them to put keepsakes of their long marriage on.


Personalized Possessions

If they’re grandparents, this pillow with all the kid’s names on them will surely put a huge smile on their face. Whenever they’re missing the grandbabies, they can just give this a squeeze and feel the love.

Some lovely matching mugs for them to enjoy over morning coffee will have them celebrating their anniversary every day! There’s nothing quite like cuddling up each morning and sharing a special moment after all those years.

This awesome cutting board not only includes their anniversary date, but also their name as a family, because when you’ve been married that long, that’s what you are.


Techie Togetherness

Maybe your parents love going to the movies, but haven’t been able to recently, or just don’t feel like going out as often anymore. You could instead buy them an at-home projector, which they could use to create their own home cinema.

Or, maybe you’re just trying to get them off of cable! The best way to do that is to get them a streaming service, like a Roku or something of the like. This way, they can dig into everything Netflix and Hulu have to offer together!

If you think they might be into the VR thing, you could try getting them a cool headset like this! A VR headset is a totally exciting option for tech-savvy or curious parents.


Matching Gear

If you’re parents love to share their love with the world, matching “Hubby” and “Wifey” shirts like these are perfect! They can wear these wherever they’re going, letting the world in on their epic love!

Maybe they like matching jewelry, which would make these necklaces with their anniversary date perfect for everyday wear, keeping their marriage close to their hearts.

If they love some punny humor, these sweet potato hoodies are too funny and great for anyone who lives in a chillier climate. 


Gifts for Mom

If you decide to go the separate gifts route, getting something for mom can be a little tough. This lovely wooden plaque shows that your mother is a special and irreplaceable part of your life, and that on her wedding anniversary you want to honor her.

This incredible handwritten note blanket will show your mom how much you and your siblings adore her. This is a great way to make her feel cozy and comfortable on her anniversary.

If you feel that mom needs a spa day, get her a cozy robe that she can relax in and take advantage of her anniversary while wearing.


Gifts for Dad

If your dad is a big comic book fan, this adorable wall hanging will remind him how loved he is and how he compares to his own idols.

You have to slide a dad joke in here! This one is Star Wars themed and will make dad laugh every time he grabs his morning coffee.

For a dad who’s always on his feet, it’s good to get him a nice pair of slippers that he can relax in! This will show him how much his family cares for him on his anniversary.


More on Anniversary Gifts

Here at Yeah Weddings, we want to help you keep the love alive after the wedding day passes. Picking anniversary gifts for parents doesn’t have to be difficult – just use some of our gift guides!

From 2 year anniversary gifts to 25 year, keep reading for everything you need for years of great anniversaries to come.

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