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how to freeze wedding cake

How To Freeze Wedding Cake: Preserve the Top of Your Cake

There’s usually some cake left over after the wedding, and it’s a common tradition to save the cake topper. Learn how to freeze wedding cake so that you can preserve the top of your cake.

This is a tradition symbolizing good luck as well as prosperity for the newlywed couple. The wedding cake’s top tier is well preserved, then shared by the couple during their first anniversary.

While the tradition is slowly being phased out, it is not uncommon for couples to freeze their wedding cake topper. For some couples, it is more of a family tradition, while for others it is a way of celebrating the achievement of their first ever milestone together during their anniversary.

Regardless of personal reasons and preferences, there are many couples who find the entire preservation process somewhat daunting.  In today’s read, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about wedding cake preservation, just to ensure that your one-year-old cake will still be as good as new. Read on to learn how to freeze wedding cake so that it lasts!

How To Freeze Your Wedding Cake 

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If preserving your wedding cake is a custom that you hold so dearly, then have at it by all means! Remember that you want your cake to taste just as good after being frozen, so it’s important to do it right. Follow these steps to freeze your wedding cake: 

  1. Immediately after the wedding, remove any decorations that are non-edible from your tier
  2. If the tier is in a cardboard, be sure to seal it in aluminum foil first
  3. Place the cake’s top tier in the freezer unwrapped for a couple of hours to keep the outer layer of the icing frozen
  4. Carefully wrap the cake with a plastic wrap that is freezer-safe, seeing to it that no part is left exposed. This helps in warding off unpleasant freezer burns
  5. Place the top tier in a cake box. This is available in local crafts shops. Alternatively, you could ask your baker to give you one ahead of time.
  6. Using the same plastic wrap, seal the cake box to prevent it from getting any air or moisture. The more wrap you use, the better, as it keeps everything airtight
  7. Place the wrapped box at the back of the freezer or any part of the freezer where it will remain undisturbed for a year to keep it safe
  8. One day before your anniversary, transfer the wrapped cake to your refrigerator
  9. After a couple of hours, remove the wrappings to continue defrosting
  10. Take the cake out of the fridge to reach room temperature
  11. Dig right in!

What if you have plans to move?

If you are moving within the year, you can still hack the wedding cake preservation process. In this case, you could ask your parents or your parents-in-law to keep the cake safely for you. With this option, you will avoid all those frazzled and last minute predicaments.

It is highly likely that your wedding cake preservation might be the last thing on your mind on your wedding day. Having someone to take care of that for you will ease your mind, allowing you to enjoy your wedding with utmost peace of mind. Moving in itself is stressful enough as it is; why not have someone take care of the entire preservation process on your behalf?

Types of Cakes that Hold Up Best

Everyone’s wedding cake is different, and not all cakes freeze as well as others. There are very many types of cakes out there, and some just won’t do the job. To avoid any kind of frustrations, it will be best to work with a cake that holds up well when it comes to matters of preservation.

Generally, dense cakes, including chocolate cakes or English fruit cakes preserve better than the rest when frozen for a period as long as one year. Cakes with fresh fruits or curd are not as ideal, as they tend to go bad quickly. 

The History of Wedding Cake Preservation

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Some people emphasize that you have to save your wedding cake’s top tier. But has anyone ever told you why? Who knew that wedding cakes were rooted in tradition ever so deeply? Did you even think that there was a superstitious belief surrounding wedding cakes?

Well, saving that wedding cake is a tradition dating back to centuries ago. Back then, couples would share a piece of their wedding cake during their first child’s christening, which was expected to be within the first year after their wedding. 

Traditionally, the top tier of your wedding cake is usually saved, then preserved for consumption at either one of two events; your firstborn’s christening, or your one-year anniversary. This post-wedding custom began in Great Britain. Here, fruit cake was their preferred type of cake during weddings. This is because fruit cakes tend to keep really well, and couples would save their wedding’s top tier for up to a year during their anniversary or first child’s christening.

The custom of preserving wedding cakes has some reasons behind it, the first one being the symbolic aspect of recycling that special piece for celebrating your first child together. The second reason is the sentimental aspect it brings, alongside the superstitious belief that it is a sign of prosperity and good luck for your marriage. The third reason is the fact that sharing the preserved wedding cake allows you to relive your wedding day one year later.

Alternatives to Wedding Cake Preservation

If the idea of consuming a one-year-old cake does not particularly appeal to you, fret not. You can always contact your baker to make you a mini version of the original cake, with the exact same flavors as your wedding cake. That way, you can end your wedding night and focus on your honeymoon! Avoid the work of freezing your cake and save some space in your freezer – just go with a freshly baked cake and dig in! 

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