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Is It Necessary to Give Wedding Favors?

Many newly married couples still give out wedding favors, but there are likely as many that do not. So are wedding favors necessary to give?

Experts say that no, wedding favors are no longer the obligatory ritual that once permeated the occasion. And it’s the rare guest who has an opinion either way.

Before shopping for favors, take into account how attitudes toward the tradition have evolved. Here’s what you need to know if you’re wondering are wedding favors necessary.

party favors

In today’s wedding world, it’s absolutely okay to not have wedding favors.

When wedding planning, you need to think about what you want out of your big day – it is yours, after all.

Do you feel handing out wedding favors has to be on the wedding checklist? Can your budget handle it? Are you ready to manage that project on top of the thousands of other things you have to do before the wedding day?

You can delegate the chore to a family member or a member of the wedding party if you do want to give out favors. Ultimately though, the end result still rests on the shoulders of the bride and groom.

Are Favors Necessary for Destination Weddings?

beach wedding ceremony

Some sort of welcome is still considered a tradition in even a destination wedding. It’s customary to thank guests for traveling to share in your wedding day by giving a meaningful gift. Again, this rule is not mandatory. But wedding planners may pencil the gift into the agenda.

You no longer need to fill a bag with monogrammed candy, key chains, and personalized golf balls, unlike yesteryear. Think on favors that are practical and purposeful when wedding planning.

Maybe come up with an idea that is related to the local destination. Say, if it’s a beach wedding, give guests beach towels and sunglasses. Or, consider local delicacies like a bottle of honey from a nearby farm

Your best bet is to keep it simple. Wedding guests famously leave the favors behind. By not going too far, you show your appreciation yet cut waste and save money. Edible gifts remain a good choice. Boxes of candy or a cocktail kit make for affordable wedding favors.

What is the Point of Wedding Favors?

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Wedding favors for guests are a definitive way of saying you embrace your loved one’s support. They are a great way to thank family, close friends, and everyone at the wedding for celebrating with the happy couple.

But today, couples don’t rely on traditional gifts like tchotchkes or customized bottle openers. It’s understood wedding favors don’t need to be expensive or even extravagant.

The wedding favor was and is a commemorative gesture. It’s a way to give your guests an extra something to take home after the festivities, a fun memory of the occasion.

Wedding favors are also a great way to add some fun to a reception. They can include party favors, streamers, and glow sticks left. Guests will have a good time with them on the dance floor or even at their table.

Ultimately, you offer wedding favors for guests to put a smile on their faces, to promote a good time.

Favors are already becoming more creative, personalized, and fitting to the budget. Guests are receiving notices about donations to charity. Couples have designed handmade booklets that tell their story.

You no longer have to spend to make a statement with your wedding favors for guests. There are inexpensive DIY wedding favors that can be memorable and whimsical.

Average Cost of Wedding Favors

It doesn’t matter how much your wedding favor budget is. Like any aspect of a planned wedding, things can change without notice. So, it can be hard to set a pin on the average cost of wedding favors.

Decide what you want to spend and go look at your options. Order more favors than you have guests. It’s not unusual for a guest to grab more than one or for unexpected guests to attend. You also might want to send a favor to anyone who didn’t attend but sent a gift.

Wedding Favors on a Budget

The value of wedding favors for guests should be the sentiment and significance behind the gift. Buy or create a wedding favor that’s personal and less likely to find itself left on the table when the day ends. You can also find DIY favor ideas.

How To Choose a Wedding Favor

If you choose to give away wedding favors, pick something that commemorates your day that’s also useful. Use these wedding favor ideas to find a simple, meaningful favor that guests will really love. Even a small thank you gift is nice – it’s the thought that counts.

Something Theme-Related

hand sanitizer

If there’s a theme to your wedding, it only makes sense to use it for favors. If the theme is classic movies, give out miniature Oscars, perhaps with labels. A folding fan will be ideal if your wedding is Asian-themed. Or, for a Paris theme, a box of macarons.

For those getting married in 2020 or 2021, consider favors like hand sanitizer that are COVID themed.

Something Useful


Come up with wedding favor ideas your guests can use after the wedding. Plants, soaps, candles, or water bottles guests will put to use. Save a little cash, and don’t bother with inscriptions. Just tag favors with wedding information. Using picture frames as place cards kills two birds with one stone.

Something Edible

bride and groom pretzels

People look forward to a good eat. Think cupcakes, cookies, candies, mini bottles of spirits, jam, and more as favors. Take a look at regional specialties if the wedding’s out of town. If you put together a treat of your own, hand it out with the recipe.

Something Personal

wedding favor candies

Go with a wedding favor that has value to both bride and groom. It can be a favorite snack when you watch Netflix. Choose an item connected to a hobby or favorite place. Make sure to include a note that explains the importance of the favor.

Consider Donations Instead of Favors

in lieu of favors

Charitable favors have become a go-to. It’s ideal for couples that want to avoid the waste associated with wedding favors and also love the idea of giving back. Couples take funds budgeted for favors and donate them.

Choose your own charity or let guests decide. At the reception, leave a column in the book so guests can select between two charities.

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