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12 Best Italian Wedding Songs to Play at Your Wedding

If you plan on having a themed Italian wedding ceremony that reflects your family’s origin, culture, or religion, then it is highly likely that you are on the hunt for some great traditional music.

Italian wedding songs commonly include catholic hymns as most Italians are catholic. However, when it gets to other parts of the wedding ceremony including the reception, these songs take a vibrant, joyous and passionate twist.

While there are tons of amazing Italian classics to pick from, not all songs are appropriate on your big day. In this read, we’ll take you through some special picks that will be ideal, depending on what part of the ceremony it is.

Italy has a reputed culture and exciting history when it comes to music, spanning from classical music to modern hits of the 21st century. Below is a list of top songs to consider you’re your big day’s playlist. Enjoy!

Italian Wedding Processional Songs

No music delivers a majestic and serene wedding ceremony processional scene than Italian music. Here are some top songs to consider, and justifiably so.

The Intermezzo- Cavaleria Rusticana

This song was written by Pietro Mascagni in the year 1890, instantaneously becoming a huge success! In case you were wondering, intermezzos refer to brilliantly done instrumentals written for an opera’s intermission.

To date, this song is still performed widely and it is no surprise that it consistently remains on the list of top wedding processional songs. This specific intermezzo makes an ideal choice for a number of reasons; it is slow, peaceful, regal and serene, with the violins evoking romantic emotions, leaving your guests completely struck in awe!


Ave Maria

Although this classic was composed by a German, Franz Schubert, it is still popular within Italian culture. All the lyrics in the song are in Latin.

Not only is the song famous and a favorite for most, its romantic melody make it a perfect wedding processional song. Whenever it is performed, it is sure to inspire deep romantic feelings in your guests, setting the mood just right.


O Sole Mio

There is a typical cliché of Venetian gondoliers performing O Sole Mio, though the origin remains unknown. However, Venice happens to be in Vennetto, a state in northern Italy. On the other hand, O Sole Mio’s composers, Eduardo di Capua and Giovanni Capuro, are both from Naples, Campania, which is found in the southernmost part of Italy. So how this song gets performed in one of Italy’s northern most states is a mystery.

Clichés aside, this song is a package on its own. It is popular, mellow, romantic, slow, and majestic – evoking the best of moods for a wedding processional. 


The Overture – Aida

This is yet another brilliant instrumental derived from an opera. It was composed by Giuseppi Verdi, a true legend when it comes to the list of amazing Italian-based opera geniuses.

This overture begins the tragic opera, with its melody building up into an awe-inspiring intense climax, taking your wedding processional to a whole new level of awesome.


Italian Wedding Recessional Songs

As the newlyweds walk down the aisle, the music played should be triumphant! To get you going, here are some of our few favorites that will do the job perfectly. 

Allegro – La Primavera

Allegro is a genius composition that is as traditional as it can get, and La Primavera, the spring time, is the perfect part to play at a wedding. If you are looking to throw in a traditional song to your recession’s playlist, this makes an ideal choice.

This Italian wedding song is a brilliant, joyful, and super triumphant composition from Antonio Vivaldi. It is for this very reason that it makes it to the top of the list when it comes to matters Italian wedding songs. 


Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)

This is a Domenico Modugno and Franco Migliacci composition done back in 1958. Ever since it was composed, it has been exceptionally performed by an array of singers, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Al Martino, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti and even the famous flamenco band, “Gypsy Kings”, which probably explains the song’s popularity.

The lyrics to the song are incredibly romantic, and the melody highly spirited, making it a perfect choice for your big day’s recessional.  


That’s Amore- Dean Martin

If you are looking for an Italian-American kind of vibe, then you cannot go wrong with this choice. This song is probably one of Dean’s most popular Italian-American wedding songs, and it makes an ideal choice for your wedding recessional. 


Funiculi Funicula

Composed in 1860 by the legendary musical giants Peppino Turco and Luigi Denza, this traditional and rather Neopolitan song is rather lively and light, matching up to the celebratory vibes that ought to accompany your wedding’s recessional. 


Scuiri Scuiri

This is a Sicilian based folk song whose title basically translates to “Flowers”, and the chorus, perfectly done in the Sicilian dialect, goes “Flowers all year long, the love that you gave me comes back to you” in English.

The sweet lyrics, well punctuated by a smooth, beautiful and passionate melody that smoothly oscillates between minor and major keys make this song all the more perfect for your wedding recessional.


Italian Wedding Reception Songs

We all know Italy for its historically rich folk music, which is always perfect for the dance floor. Whether it’s your first dance or the last song of the night, these Italian wedding songs are a great pick. Let’s get dancing with the Italian Wedding Reception Songs below:


It does not matter what region you hail from; any Tarantella will do just fine. The saying goes that dancing any tarantella heals the lethal bite of a spider. We can definitely agree to the fact that dancing to any Italian Tarantella cures the soul, making them perfect choices for your Italian wedding repletion’s playlist.


Te Amo

Te Amo was a 1977 Italian hit from Umberto Tozzi. This classic Italian song is sure to please your older Italian relatives, and its lovely lyrics are perfect for a wedding day.


Arrivederci Roma

This farewell song to Rome is another classic Italian song that will fit right in at your reception! You can’t go wrong adding this to your wedding playlist. Play your favorite classic version or this modern take!


Concluding Thoughts

Italian wedding songs are simply infectious. However, simply because it is Italian, it does not mean that it automatically qualifies to take a spot on your wedding songs playlist.

Be sure to search the lyrics just to be sure that the song in question is up to the task. You do not want to offend any of your guests, or settle for a selection that will leave the crowd murmuring in dissatisfaction.

However, with the list above, you can be sure to have an Italian Wedding that you will enjoy for a life time. After all, music sets the mood for your whole event! 

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