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How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months

Although it may seem impossible, you can definitely plan a wedding in only 3 months. Here is your ultimate guide to planning your wedding on a short timeline! 

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The typical wedding takes a while to plan. Brides usually take about a year or more to plan their wedding. This is usually due to the fact that wedding planning is overwhelming. There are lots of details to consider and wedding vendors to book months in advance.

If you are organized and use a wedding planning timeline, the impossible is definitely possible! You can plan a wedding within any desired time period that you choose.

Keep in mind that you may not get everything that you want. Typically brides book their wedding venue far in advance, so your options may be limited in your short time period. 

Things such as shopping for your wedding dress should come as your first priority if you are trying to rush the wedding planning process. Typically wedding boutiques consider anything ordered less than 6 months before your wedding to be a rush order.

Since this wedding planning guide is for 3 months, you may find that you have to compromise on things that would normally take a while to plan outsuch as your wedding dress. 

Planning Advice

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Realize that if you are planning your wedding quickly, you may not get everything you ever dreamed of. If you just want to get married to your spouse, and do not care about the extra little details, this timeframe is for you. 

There is a strict schedule that you will need to follow in order to get all the wedding planning done. There are different priorities for each month leading up to the wedding, and it is important to stay true to them since you will be operating on a much shorter schedule compared to most brides.

Be prepared that you may not be able to get your absolute dream wedding on short notice. Things like wedding dress shopping, booking the perfect venue, your bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even your bridal shower may not be as exactly planned due to time restraints.

If you don’t mind not having all the extra added frills of your wedding and you just want to get married, this guide is perfect for you! 


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Here is your ultimate guide to planning your wedding on a short timeline. This timeline follows a 12 week long guide on how to plan your wedding within 3 months. 

Three Months Before the Wedding

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Here is a list of all of the things that you should do three months before your wedding date. 

Two Months Before the Wedding

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Here is a list of all the important wedding planning steps that you should take 2 months before the wedding! 

One Month Before the Wedding

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  • Obtain your marriage license
  • Speak with your wedding party
  • Arrange wedding party outfits including bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s suits
  • Make any final alterations to your bridal look including shoes and any accessories
  • Book appointments for manicures, pedicures, haircuts, spray tans, or anything beauty related 
  • Review your final RSVP list and get a final headcount for your ceremony and reception organizers 
  • Make the seating chart for your reception
  • Meet with your florist to make sure your flowers are almost ready
  • Give gifts to your family, friends, or anyone that may have helped you organize your wedding in a short time period! 
  • Have a bridal shower if you are going to have one 

Two to Three Weeks Before the Wedding

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Make sure you complete these important wedding planning details two to three weeks before your date! 

  • Book your rehearsal dinner venue
  • Speak with your photographer and give them a shot list
  • Double check with your vendors that everything is on schedule
  • Make booklets for your ceremony
  • Complete any last minute DIY details
  • Give a final headcount to your caterer and other vendors 

The Week of the Wedding

The week before your wedding, here are some last minute details to get done before your wedding!

  • Give your wedding planner a final timeline
  • Do your wedding rehearsal and have your rehearsal dinner
  • Get the groomsmen’s suits 
  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • Put together a day of the wedding survival kit for the bride complete with hairspray, bandaids, or anything that may help a bridal emergency!

The Day of the Wedding

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On your special day, make sure it is absolutely perfect by completing these tasks!

  • Get checks to pay your vendors
  • Thank your wedding party for helping you out and being a part of your wedding
  • Have the best day of your life!

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