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17 Creative Ideas for a Star Wars Wedding Theme

You love Star Wars, from Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon to Darth Vader and the Death Star. Naturally, you want to find fun Star Wars themed wedding ideas to help you start your married life in style. 

star wars wedding cake

Whether you want Star Wars phrases engraved inside your wedding rings or you have an idea for a Han and Leia wedding cake, we’ve gathered an idea or two that will leave you inspired.

May the Force be with you in making your wedding day as cool and epic as weddings can be!

stars wars wedding costumes

A great thing about a movie themed wedding is how easy it is to get ideas from re-watching the movie or browsing websites made by super fans. 

With a franchise as big as Star Wars, your biggest challenge will probably be narrowing your choices to an idea or two that work well with your plans. 

A Star Wars wedding sign, a bride with a lightsaber handle on her bouquet, and a course at dinner with a fun Star Wars name can all be inspired parts of your wedding. 

Whether you have an idea for a few chic touches or you want to go hardcore and wow your guests with a cool, immersive Star Wars theme, we can help you with your search so you can find something you love. 

May the Fourth Wedding Date

Star Wars is set in a galaxy far, far away, so you won’t be limited by the season as you would with some other wedding theme ideas. You can tie the knot any time of year, so why not get married in late spring? 

Since you’re a Star Wars fan, you probably like to say “May the Force be with you” anytime, but you only get to say “May the Fourth be with you” once a year. A Star Wars themed wedding held on “May the Fourth” would be perfect – many fans consider it official Star Wars Day!

Themed Save the Dates & Invites

No Star Wars wedding ideas would be complete without appropriate save-the-date cards and themed wedding invitations. Use the iconic title font from the films and well-known symbols to ensure your guests expect a Star Wars wedding bash on your big day.  

Set up a valid email address for R.S.V.P.s with a name pulled from Star Wars for a totally film-themed invitation experience. 

Star Wars Engagement Photos

You can dress as cool Han Solo and Princess Leia in a white gown with long sleeves for your engagement photography session, but you don’t have to limit yourself to one look. One or both of you can dress up as a Jedi or Darth Vader for these fun photos. 

Recruit some friends to dress like stormtroopers trying, but unable, to pull you apart. 

Princess Leia Buns

If your wedding dress brings to mind Princess Leia, go that extra step and wear your hair in Leia’s iconic around-the-ear buns. 

If you prefer, you can wear them for only photos or the wedding reception, or you can wear them during the wedding and change to a different hairstyle after the ceremony. 

Leia and Han Cake Toppers

The traditional groom in a tuxedo and the bride in a white gown as a cake topper won’t fit into your Star Wars wedding. You can create a cake topper using photos of Han and Leia or decorate the figures with things like a gun belt and spiral hair buns to represent the characters. 

A quick search shows that you can also purchase a wedding cake topper that looks like Han and Leia in different styles and shapes if you don’t want to make one yourself. 

“I Love You” “I Know” Decor

When tough-as-nails and independent Princess Leia finally told Han Solo, “I love you,” Star Wars fans held their breath. When he replied, “I know,” hearts melted, and so began one of the most famous screen love affairs in history. 

Your Star Wars wedding decor incorporating this famous scene will add romance to your special day and show off one of your favorite character moments from the film. You can add the phrases to wedding signage, reception decor, your rings, or your wedding vows themselves.

Lightsaber Exit

Make your wedding exit unforgettable in the coolest Star Wars style. Guests will get a kick out of watching you exit the ceremony as a couple when you walk out beneath a canopy of colorful light sabers illuminating the way! 

Bridesmaids and groomsmen can hold them, or people seated on the aisle can be part of your big day by holding lightsabers aloft as you walk out. 

Cantina Inspired Cocktails 

Carry the space opera ambiance to your Star Wars wedding reception with fun cocktails inspired by the original film

Shaped glasses and bright colors will make your guests feel like they’re in the cantina, drinking with space pirates and aliens. Play music from the scene in the film to make it even more special. 

Star Wars Photo Booth

A booth where your guests can enjoy some Star Wars photography while posing with cutouts of characters like Han Solo, Yoda, Chewbacca, or Darth Vader will add sci-fi charm to your Star Wars themed wedding.

Stormtrooper Groomsmen

Your guests will wonder if they’re at a wedding or if you’re tempting them to go to the dark side when the groom’s side of the wedding party dress like storm troopers. 

However, if you’d prefer a more traditional bridal party look, opt for the ushers to wear the costumes instead.

Millennium Falcon Guest Book

A unique guest book alternative for a Star Wars wedding is one more detail that can make your wedding the best in the galaxy. 

You can purchase cool frames shaped like the Millennium Falcon or other images from the films where guests deposit signed tokens to create a hanging reminder of your wedding. 

A search for a unique or alternative wedding shop online should help you find ready-made guestbooks in a style that will fit your Star Wars decor. 

You can find the wooden Millennium Falcon guest book above right here on Etsy!

Star Wars Groomsmen Socks

Socks in a Star Wars theme are details few people will notice, but you’ll know they’re there. Details that add Star Wars to even the tiniest parts of the day will make your wedding even more amazing.

Planetary Table Numbers 

Using planetary names or numbers from the Star Wars films is a creative idea for the reception table numbers. 

Naming the tables after planets like Alderaan, Coruscant,  or Tatooine and giving each place setting a number will lead your guests to their assigned seats in style. 

Jedi Officiant

Harry Potter weddings might have someone dressed as Dumbledore doing the honors, so why not have someone dressed as a Jedi officiate your Star Wars wedding?

Any ceremony will be epic if you start your married life with Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader pronouncing you joined in matrimony. 

Death Star Desserts

Offer partygoers some dessert options with cookies or cupcakes decorated in a Death Star theme alongside your amazing Star Wars wedding cake.  

A groom’s cake that looks like the Death Star could be a fun dessert to serve alongside a wedding cake with Force or Jedi decorations. 

Star Wars Cufflinks 

Cool Star Wars cufflinks are another fun idea. Even if you want traditional wedding party attire, cute themed cufflinks for the guys add another nod to one of your favorite movie universes. 

Droid Centerpieces

Awesome centerpieces that look like C3PO or R2-D2 add some creative fun to Star Wars weddings with film-inspired table decorations. 

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