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21 Fun Wedding Piñatas That All of Your Guests Will Love

Whether you are looking to Mexican culture as inspiration for your espousal or just prefer a unique activity to include during your reception party, a wedding pinata feels like a no-brainer.

If you need help with narrowing down your choices among the countless wedding piñata ideas so your paper mache decoration feels appropriate for your romantic celebration, you’ve come to the right place! 

Read on to find the perfect piñata for your special day!

In recent years, wedding piñatas have become one of the biggest trends for many brides and grooms across the United States.

No matter what kind of theme you have picked for your marriage festivities, there is a piñata design that’ll make your special day even more thrilling!


A list of wedding piñata ideas would feel incomplete without mentioning a heart arrangement. Don’t think twice about personalizing this decoration to match the color scheme of your romantic celebration! 


Embrace the celestial theme of your espousal by finding a moon-shaped wedding piñata. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this tissue paper detail! 

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake piñata is never the wrong choice for your reception venue activities. Don’t be surprised if somebody steals this entertaining idea for his or her own special day! 

Hot Air Balloon

When it comes to these fun wedding decorations, a hot air balloon piñata is hard to beat. This choice feels especially meaningful for brides and grooms who are planning an elopement


Keep your wedding piñata ideas short and sweet by customizing one in the shape of a star. This paper mache detail will definitely leave your guest list in awe. 


Car piñatas aren’t only reserved for a kid’s birthday party! Include this tissue paper decor on your wedding day and you definitely won’t regret it. 

Disco Ball

Get the party started by breaking open a disco ball wedding piñata with your significant other! This activity will feel particularly exhilarating if you request songs from the same genre as background music. 


If you’re looking for wedding piñatas that’ll feel right at home during a fall ceremony, a pumpkin arrangement will certainly do the trick. There’s nothing about this paper mache decor that you and your significant other won’t love! 


Play up the theme of your dessert wedding venue by considering a party piñata with a cactus design. Finish off the look by including flowers that originate from this arid climate. 


If you’re searching for wedding piñata ideas that are easy to DIY, look no further than a pomander structure covered with flowers. Your guests will definitely be impressed by the creativity of this choice.


Make the most of your nautical theme by ordering a wedding piñata in the shape of an anchor. As an uncommon option, you won’t have to worry about anybody thinking that this paper decoration is trite. 


Watermelon wedding piñatas are no strangers to summertime ceremonies. The younger people on your guest list will definitely appreciate this decorative detail!

Christmas Ornament

For brides and grooms who are planning a wintertime ceremony, a Christmas ornament piñata is the way to go. This tissue paper piece will look so pretty that you won’t want to break it open!

Diamond Ring

Go all out with your wedding piñata ideas by selecting one that resembles a diamond ring. This extravagant design will feel right at home during a royal-themed celebration!

Champagne Bottle

Champagne bottles are among the most popular design choices for wedding piñatas. Your guests will definitely remember this decorative detail during a new year’s eve ceremony! 


Ghost piñatas are a must-have for any brides and grooms who are planning a Hallowen wedding day. These tissue paper decorations won’t hold back from stealing the show!

Beach Ball

Take advantage of your seaside ceremony by picking a beach ball wedding piñata. This uncommon decor will definitely start some conversations among your guest list! 

“I Do”

If you prefer wedding piñata ideas that will bring a romantic vibe to your reception, go with an “I Do” design. This sweet option definitely won’t be missed by any of your guests. 


When most people think of numbered piñatas, birthday parties usually come to their mind. Consider using this tissue paper arrangement to represent the years that you’ve spent with your significant other before tying the knot!


Show off your LGBT pride by breaking open a rainbow wedding piñata with your spouse! This option is versatile enough for receptions during all four seasons of the year. 

Palm Tree

Jazz up the venue decorations at your destination wedding by incorporating a palm tree piñata. This fun detail will definitely help with creating wonderful memories on your special day!

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