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40 Must-Have Wedding Photo Ideas and Poses

Incredible wedding photos should include more than just pictures of the newlyweds walking down the aisle and at the first dance. 

Instead, the wedding photographer should commemorate the special day with many different wedding photo ideas. 

bride and groom posing for wedding photo

We’ve compiled some unique wedding photo ideas for bringing creative photo evidence of your special day. 

Take a look at these 40 wedding photoshoot ideas for an in-depth way to remember that once-in-a-lifetime experience forever. 

The Wedding Dress

vintage wedding dress

Of course, no album is complete without a close-up of the wedding dress. Whether hanging up in the dressing closet or across a bench, this shot sets the tone for the day. 

Invitation Suite

wedding invites no kids

Creative wedding photo ideas that some people forget are the invitation suite and stationery.

Arrange the invitation, envelope, and rsvp card with flowers from the wedding bouquet or other simple accents. 

Getting Ready Photos

bride with mohs

Getting ready for the big day can go by quickly. First, have the photographer take some snapshots of the bridal party getting ready.

The choices are endless for this setting, from applying makeup and doing hair to zipping up dresses and putting on shoes. 

The Bride Putting on Her Dress

bridesmaids helping bride

No wedding photoshoot ideas are complete without a few photos of the bride putting on her wedding dress.

They can include help from the Mother of the bride or the bridesmaids to give an intimate look at these moments. 

The Bridal Bouquet

bride holding flowers

The bouquet the bride has on her special day showcases her style and taste. So it’s essential to capture a shot of what flowers she chose for the momentous occasion.

Wedding Day Shoes

bride putting on white high heels

Depending on the dress style, the bride’s shoes may not be front and center during the day. However, be sure to have a shot of the wedding day shoes as part of the wedding photo ideas. 

Bride Portraits

royal wedding gown

Before the hustle and bustle of the day’s festivities, portraits of the bride beforehand can capture the anticipation and excitement of the day to come.

A photographer can also take these singular portraits after the ceremony as the bride shows off her new ring. 

The Bride and Her Bridesmaids

large bridal party

Of course, having a few beauty shots and a group photo of the bride with her bridesmaids is essential for any wedding album.

These photos can be more traditional or more modern to emulate the bride and her friends’ personalities. 

The Groom Getting Ready

groom wearing blue tux

You do not want to forget the groom in the wedding photoshoot ideas. There can be some classic poses of him attaching cufflinks or straightening his tie before his big appearance. 

The Groom and His Groomsmen

groom with his groomsmen

Be sure to capture a few group photos of the groom with his groomsmen before making their big debut.

Some wedding photo ideas include using props such as sunglasses or hats to give some personality to the pictures. 

First Look Photos

romantic first look

The first time the bride sees her groom is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that a photographer needs to freeze in time. It helps to have two photographers at this particular moment to focus on the bride and the groom separately for the perfect photo. 

Whether at the wedding ceremony or a separate private moment, these photos will be intimate and treasured for many years to come. 

The Wedding Party

bridesmaids and groomsmen with couple

The wedding guests the bride and groom choose to have by their side during their wedding ceremony are essential. These friends and family members mean so much to them, and these photographs of the wedding party should show that connection. 

Full Family Shots

bride and family

Once married, two families become one. What better way to showcase this union than having both families combine for an exquisite full family shot?

The photographer can also break up each family with the bride and her entire family and the groom. 

The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

young boy and girl at wedding

The flower girl and ring bearer are critical aspects of many wedding ceremonies.

Do not forget the little ones in the commemorative photo album as part of your wedding photo ideas! 

The Walk Down the Aisle

father of the bride side

The anticipation of the ceremony can be evident on the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.

Not only is this a great way to see her excitement, but if she’s accompanied by her father, but this can also be a terrific shot of him giving his daughter away. 

The Groom Waiting 

groom waiting at the altar

Don’t forget the groom at the altar waiting for his bride. Although her trip down the aisle may only take a few minutes, this is plenty of time to take photos of the groom’s patience or impatient demeanor. 

The Couple at the Altar

Indian wedding couple at Indian ceremony

The ceremony at the altar is one of the most special moments for the couple and wedding guests alike. Once the bride joins her groom, there will be plenty of chances to include photos of the couple at the altar. 

While this is a predominately common wedding photo idea, it is still a necessary one. 

Ring Exchange

saying wedding vows

The ring exchange is an intimate moment between the bride and groom that should be part of the wedding album.

This moment does not take much time, so a photographer needs to be quick with the shutter.

First Kiss as Husband and Wife

bride and groom first kiss

That first kiss as husband and wife is one of the best wedding photoshoot ideas as the focal point of the big day. 

Ceremony Exit

bride and groom exiting church

Once joined together, they walk back down the aisle. As they exit, the ceremony is a joyous occasion. Getting photos of this exit can show the joy on both the bride’s and the groom’s faces. 

Close Up of the Rings

man and woman with wedding rings

It can be challenging to see the rings on the bride and groom, so be sure to use a close-up shot in your wedding photoshoot. 

Candid Bride and Groom Moments

jewish wedding

Capturing candid photos of bride and groom moments on their wedding day may be one of the best wedding photoshoot ideas outside of the traditional ones. Side glances, stealing kisses, and other intimate moments are ideal. 

Photos with Parents

bride with parents

A family photo is a must-have wedding staple. Be sure to include the parents of the bride and groom on this momentous occasion. Get the photographer to snap some pictures with just the parents for some unforgettable memories. 

Wedding Tables

wedding table settings

Many photographers forget about the tables in their wedding photos. A lot of time and money goes into decorating the tables for the event, so be sure to have a photograph to remember this day. 

Table Settings

place card

The table settings can showcase the detail of the place settings, name cards, and decorative features for the guests. 

Cocktail Hour Decor

wedding grazing table

A photographer should grab a photo of the venue before everyone arrives to remember the cocktail hour decor. An empty space waiting for guests is a terrific way to add anticipation. 

Guests Mingling 

rehearsal dinner attire

As the guests begin filing in and mingling, there should be plenty of photographs. This mingling stage is the perfect time to capture those greetings and conversations. 

The Wedding Cake

traditional wedding cake

Remember to take a picture before the couple takes their turn at the cake. Try to include any intricate details or accents before it becomes dessert. 

The Dessert Table

wedding cake tables

No wedding reception would be complete without an elaborate dessert table, so be sure it is in the wedding photos. 

The Reception Entrance

bride and groom reception entrance

The reception entrance will be the focal point of the bride and groom entering as a married couple. Therefore, wedding photoshoot ideas should include capturing them as they enter the venue for the first time together. 

Reception Decor Details

wedding signs

There may be some small details in the reception venue to commemorate forever in a wedding album. From banners or table runners, be sure to let a photographer know about any intimate details to include. 

The First Dance

bride and groom dancing

The first dance as husband and wife will only happen once that evening, so the photographer must have this in their wedding photo book. 

Parent and Sibling Dances 

father and daughter dancing at wedding

Some may forget wedding photoshoot ideas that include the parents and sibling dances. However, these instances can be terrific pictures for the bridal party and their family later on. 

The Head Table or Sweetheart Table

Burgundy wedding head table

Whether there is a head table with the complete bridal party or just a sweetheart table with the couple, there should be a few memorable photos of the table and the couple seated together. 

Speeches & Reactions

best man speech

More wonderful wedding photo ideas come with the speeches and the reactions of the happy couple. These moments are terrific for wedding photoshoot ideas. 



There will be more than one toast during the wedding reception. Some beautiful wedding photos can include the person making the toast and the entire venue raising their glasses. 

The Cutting of the Cake

naked wedding cake

The cake cutting ceremony is a joyful wedding photoshoot idea that can give the couple some impromptu pictures. 

Bouquet Toss

bride tossing bouquet

A photographer should not forget the bridal bouquet toss in the wedding photoshoot ideas. This event can showcase the excitement of those anticipating her toss. 

Reception Party Photos

karaoke game

The reception party will provide a multitude of opportunities for some candid and intimate wedding photos.

Take photos of the dancers, the DJ, and the kids mingling around the room. You can also get pictures of the bride or groom dancing with family and friends. 

The Grand Exit 

sparklers at wedding

The grand exit of the bride and groom as they leave the venue is one wedding photo idea that the photographer should not forget.

Surrounded by friends and family, this picture can emulate the love and affection for the happy couple as they leave to start their life together. 

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