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36 Traditional and Modern Ideas For a 10th Anniversary Gifts

When celebrating a decade of marriage, most husbands and wives don’t hold back with honoring the time that they have shared together. 10 year anniversary gifts are a must, since this is an important milestone.

If this major milestone is approaching and you’re unsure about what would be the perfect gift for your spouse, have no fear! Take a look at our thoughtful recommendations for 10th anniversary gifts! 

If you and your spouse are planning on giving romantic gifts to each other, keep in mind that your presents should be made of aluminum to follow the traditional theme. 

 While this kind of metal might not seem romantic from a first thought, your traditional gift of choice is meant to symbolize the strength of your marriage within the past decade. 

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts For Her

With aluminum being one of the most abundant metals in the world, you might be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless possibilities for a traditional 10 year anniversary gift.

If you need help with narrowing down your gift options, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve organized a section for our favorite traditional 10th anniversary gifts

Groovy Flower Pendant

Make the most of your 10 year wedding anniversary by gifting her with a groovy flower pendant. She’ll adore this themed gift especially if you tied the knot during a bohemian wedding

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings aren’t becoming any less popular as 10th anniversary gift ideas. These gorgeous pieces of jewelry will never go out of style while elevating your wife’s everyday outfits. 

Tree Cuff Bracelet

Show your love and devotion to the most important person in your life by gifting her with a tree cuff bracelet as her 10th wedding anniversary present. It’s hard to imagine a better possibility if you exchanged your vows during an outdoor celebration

Watering Can

For a spouse who enjoys gardening during her free time, chances are that she’ll appreciate receiving a watering can during your 10 year anniversary. Be sure to personalize this meaningful gift with her name or favorite romantic quote! 

Sea Stone Sponge Holder

Pay tribute to your beach wedding by giving a sea stone sponge holder to your wife as her present for your 10th wedding anniversary. She’ll certainly appreciate the creativity of this kitchen decor! 

Vintage Fan

You can never go wrong with choosing a vintage fan as your 10 year wedding anniversary present. These aluminum gifts will last longer than their plastic counterparts.

Row Boat Serving Bowl

Give your wife the full experience of a 10th wedding anniversary by ordering a row boat serving bowl as a throwback to your nautical-themed ceremony. This interesting piece of kitchenware will definitely start some conversations among your dinner guests. 

Bluetooth Record Player

Go the extra mile with your 10th anniversary gift ideas by picking a Bluetooth record player for your spouse. She’ll love playing your first dance song and other music that reminds her of your wedding day.

Grill Pan

A grill pan is a must-have for any wife who enjoys cooking as one of her favorite pastimes. Find one of these 10th anniversary gifts with an oil draining filter for easier cleaning and healthier meals! 

Star Lantern

If you and your spouse planned your special day with a celestial theme, a star lantern will certainly do the trick as a sentimental gift for your 10 year anniversary. She’ll never have to worry about accidentally bending or breaking this gorgeous decor! 

Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts For Him

A traditional 10th wedding anniversary isn’t complete without giving an aluminum gift to your husband.

If you want to follow this theme but don’t know where to begin with ideas, check out our suggestions for a traditional 10 year anniversary gift!

Puzzle Piece Necklace

Nothing says 10 year anniversary jewelry quite like a puzzle piece necklace for your husband. He’ll be proud to wear this symbol of your love throughout the day. 

Bullet Ring

Bullet rings were made to be received as a 10 year anniversary gift. This creative accessory is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on him! 

Lunch Box

Play up the aluminum theme of your 10th wedding anniversary by purchasing a lunchbox for your spouse. Don’t forget to customize the design with his favorite band or movie! 

Metal Detector

Take your 10th anniversary gift ideas to the next level by choosing a metal detector. Order a waterproof version so your present can last as long as possible!

Hand Warmer

A hand warmer never fails as a 10 year wedding anniversary gift. This alternative will come in handy especially during his skiing or hunting trips. 

Can Crusher

If you prefer eco-friendly ideas for your traditional 10th anniversary gifts, look no further than a can crusher. Don’t think twice about picking one that matches your wedding colors! 

Grill Scraper

Get your husband ready for his next barbeque by selecting a grill scraper as his 10 year anniversary gift. He’ll appreciate using this present to clean your outdoor kitchen appliance without the extra effort. 

Camping Table

A camping table might not be the first idea that comes to mind with thinking about 10th anniversary gifts, but this option proves to be inexpensive and useful. Pick this present to bring a smile to his face!

Stag Decor

If you’re looking for creative ideas for a 10 year anniversary that will remind him of your woodland wedding, stag decor becomes the best decision. This possibility will definitely add some flair to your living room and other household spaces. 

Beer Growler

Every husband needs a new beer growler from time to time so think about ordering one for his 10th wedding anniversary gift. He’ll certainly be in a good mood when getting some use of this drink container. 

Other 10th Anniversary Gifts For Her

Traditional 10th anniversary gifts are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the perfect idea for your romantic commemoration.

Find your inspiration for other kinds of 10 year anniversary gift ideas by reading our list!

Mini Envelope Wallet

Who wouldn’t be happy after being given a mini envelope wallet as a 10th wedding anniversary gift? She’ll feel thankful about swapping out her heavy handbag for this lightweight clutch! 

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet 

Get creative with your 10th anniversary gift ideas by finding an essential oil diffuser bracelet for your spouse. This relaxing present will definitely win her over! 

Silhouette Sand Art

If you and your significant other exchanged your wedding vows during a destination ceremony on the sandy shores, nothing feels fitting as your 10th year anniversary gift than silhouette sand art. She won’t be able to take her eyes off this gorgeous decoration.

Pop-Up Photo Box

Set the nostalgic tone of your 10 year anniversary by giving her a pop-up photo box. Your wife will be more than proud to display your engagement pictures and other important moments of your relationship inside of this special keepsake!

Spice Grinder

A spice grinder is never the wrong decision for a 10 year wedding anniversary gift. Make sure to buy a dishwasher safe version for the sake of her convenience. 

Wine Aerator 

Keep your 10th wedding anniversary celebration going by giving her a wine aerator. Your wife will certainly appreciate the time that she’ll be saving when using your thoughtful present.

Smartphone Vase

When it comes to making a decision from your 10th anniversary gift ideas, a smartphone vase is hard to beat. Include your wedding flowers as a touch of romance! 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Who could say no to a Himalayan salt lamp as a 10 year anniversary gift? Your spouse will enjoy the health benefits of this bedroom decor for a long time after your personal celebration. 

Other 10th Anniversary Gifts For Him

If your husband doesn’t have his heart set on traditional 10th anniversary gifts, just know that you don’t have to settle on those options. A modern choice will make his heart soar in the same way!

Get inspired with our list of 10th anniversary gift ideas!

Adjustable Laptop Desk

If your husband works from home instead of commuting to an office, go with an adjustable laptop stand as his gift of choice. He’ll feel extra thankful if you buy him one with a storage drawer!

Driftwood Charging Dock

For a spouse who enjoys 10 year anniversary gift ideas that are handcrafted, nothing is better than a driftwood charging dock. This minimalist decoration definitely won’t feel out of place in any of your living spaces. 

Whiskey Barrel Frame 

Bring some rustic charm to your 10th anniversary gift ideas by picking a whiskey barrel frame for him. The curved design allows your present to be hung up on the wall or left as a freestanding structure. 

Shower Speaker

A shower speaker is always a safe decision for a spouse who hasn’t dropped the hint about what he wants for his 10th anniversary gifts. This present will surely add some extra fun to his daily routine! 

Celtic Wall Clock

If you and your husband tied the knot during an Irish wedding, he’ll love nothing more than a Celtic wall clock for your 10 year wedding anniversary. This sentimental keepsake will be treasured by him for the years to come! 

Beard Straightener 

It’s no surprise that beard straighteners have recently gained in popularity as 10 year wedding anniversary gifts. Consider purchasing one with different heating levels that’ll match his type of facial hair.

Electronic Chess Board

Take your ideas for a 10 year anniversary gift to the next level by ordering him an electronic chess board. Your spouse will enjoy every minute when using this thoughtful present. 

Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Keep your 10th anniversary ideas short and sweet by finding touchscreen leather gloves for your husband. This modern choice becomes especially helpful during the coldest seasons of the year.


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