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7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for All Couples

If you’ve been married for 7 years, you know by now that anniversary gifts are a big deal. They only come around once a year, and they show how much you love one another and how many years you’ve honored your commitment. That’s why it’s important to plan your 7 year anniversary gifts! 

Anniveraries are a truly special occasion and a celebration of your love. However, it’s hard to know what to get your partner might want for something like an anniversary when you already live with your spouse and know everything they might want!

Thankfully, there are gift ideas for each different anniversary, including traditional and modern ones. Keep reading for 7th anniversary gift ideas.

Anniversary Gift Traditions

There are a bunch of different anniversary gift traditions by year. There is a classically accepted list, which is seen above categorized as “traditional”. This is the list that most people are familiar with, knowing paper for 1 year and diamond for 60 year, etc.

However, that list eventually grew a bit outdated, especially in terms of something like ivory, which is not sold anymore due to elephant poaching. Therefore, there’s also the modern list, which trades in some of the more traditional items for modern necessities, like appliances and desk sets.


Color and Gemstone Explained

Not shown above is the anniversary color and gemstone, which is a newer idea pioneered by the gemstone industry with the knowledge that many husbands like to get their wives jewelry.

The idea behind the gemstone idea is that each year of your marriage can be represented by a unique piece of jewelry that is significant to your partner.

With that comes the color, which is a more loose interpretation of the gemstone and offers a ton of ideas for the big gift. Though the color is definitely less specific, it’s great for a couple who doesn’t want to follow super specific rules.


7 Year Gifts and Ideas

25th anniversary gifts

After being married for 7 years, you should surely know what sort of things your spouse likes. That means that the gift ideas by year are more of a loose suggestion and that you should get your spouse something they really like or need!

However, if you are interested in following one of these gift guidelines, keep reading for 7 year gift ideas for the traditional and modern guidelines, as well as the 7 year color and gemstone.


Traditional 7th Anniversary Gift: Copper or Wool

The traditional gift ideas for 7 years are copper and wool. These are significant because they represent the home that the two of you have fostered over the last 7 years, as copper is a metal that warms easily and wool keeps you cozy and comfy.

These are also ideas that offer themselves nicely to a warm, earthy home, offering some wonderful interior design advice for your anniversary.


Copper Gift Ideas

One of the first copper ideas is this gorgeous hammered copper pitcher. This is a beautiful piece to bring out for any guests and even on the day to day! This is probably the most beautiful way to serve water ever.

This adorable penny keychain is perfect for celebrating 7 years together. The penny on the keychain is produced in the year you got married, so it will be perfect for showing off your lengthy marriage as you grow older together!

If your spouse really wants jewelry for your anniversary, then look no further than these gorgeous copper earrings! With a soft blush colored crystal and a gorgeous dangle, these are really head-turners!


Wool Gift Ideas

One of the best gift ideas for wool is the obvious comfortable blanket. This is a great way to show your spouse that you care for their comfort and well being. They also make wool blankets in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you can surely find something that fits your home’s style.

There are also plenty of options for other nice wool decorations at home. These gorgeous coasters hardly look like wool but will do a stand up job keeping your wood furniture protected from ring stains. These are a great anniversary gift for a couple that likes to do smaller things!


Modern 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Desk Sets

Though there are obviously a lot of great options for copper and wool, the modern choice is a desk set! A desk set can be a lot of different things, from organization tools, to desk lamps, to framed photos of loved ones.

A desk set is obviously a great gift for a spouse who works quite a bit and has a lot of free rein to decorate their desk at work. It’s even better if they work from home– that way, you really know how to spruce up their desk space!


Desk Set Inspiration

For some desk set inspiration, look no further than this gorgeous set up. From the adorable chair and pillow to the cork board, where you can place any idea, this desk has everything your partner may need. The bookshelves above are also great for any bookworm.

Your spouse may also like something a bit more minimalistic, like this grey and gold desk set up. Some great ideas are small plants like the one shown here and a gorgeous desk lamp, like this gold one. There are also posters with motivational sayings and unique decor, like a fake animal skull. All of these are unique takes on the standard desk set.


Desk Set Gifts

If your spouse loves the look of rose gold, you could get them this wonderful and useful organizational desk set. It can hold binders, looseleaf reams of paper, and plenty of pens and pencils. There’s even a little holster for their business cards!

They may even be in need of a whole new desk! The modern design of this desk is moveable and useful, fitting into almost any at-home office space and adding a chic twist to even the mustiest of old rooms. Your spouse will definitely appreciate this as a gift.

If your spouse works by doing things like crafting and construction, this set with a pair of gold scissors, a fancy stapler, and some lovely tape measures will have them DIYing everything, whether it’s for work or for fun.


Seven Year Color: Yellow or Off-White

If you want a looser interpretation of the gift traditions, you could get something in one of the 7-year designated colors, yellow and off-white! These colors represent happiness and sunshine, indicating how you’ve felt about the past 7 years of your relationship.

Though the color tradition may not feel as significant as the things like the traditional or even the modern gifts, it’s a way for a couple who are not interested in restricting their gift options to honor each different year of their marriage. Yellow and off-white are a great place to start off year 7!


Yellow or Off-White Ideas

For a yellow gift, these sunny bee trivets are perfect for bringing a bit of buzz into your kitchen. They are vibrant and spectacular, perfectly protecting your counter from any hot goods. Bees are also notoriously loyal to their Queen, just like you are to your beloved.

One great off-white gift would be an incredible new rug for your home. This natural jute rug will look soft and earthy in any space, adding a cozy look to your home, just like the copper and wool gifts would. Off-white is one of the most versatile colors, so you really can’t go wrong with any off-white choices.


Seven Year Gemstone: Onyx

Since so many couples like to give jewelry as a gift, there is also an anniversary gemstone for every year! 7 year is onyx, an incredible and interesting black stone that you can never go wrong with. From earrings to non-wedding rings, onyx gifts are always a great choice.

Even though the obsidian black color of onyx may seem a little dark, it’s also an incredibly tough and versatile gemstone, just like your relationship, which has been beautiful even in its darkest times. It also is traditionally used to prevent marriages from strain and to represent harmony.

Onyx Ideas

If you think your spouse would love some decorative rings, these varied onyx beauties will look incredible on any finger. From a large square cut to more dainty styles, an onyx shiner right next to your engagement and wedding rings will be a spectacular way to show off 7 years of marriage.

There are also totally awesome onyx necklaces. This pendant is insanely beautiful and will look great with just about any outfit. It comes in a gold, beaded chain, with an onyx square hanging tastefully.

For earrings, these incredible marble and onyx triangle earrings will be a unique statement piece with any outfit. They represent the yin and yang harmony of your relationship– on your ears, of all places!


More Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with all of your anniversary plans. From anniversary card wishes to anniversary plans, keep reading for everything about your post-wedding celebrations. Start planning for year 8 early with our suggestions!

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