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8 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for All Couples

While 8 years may not be the biggest anniversary, there are still plenty of 8 year anniversary gifts to choose from!

After 8 years of marriage, you and your spouse know each other inside and out. Though all different couples have different plans when celebrating anniversaries, giving each other gifts is an exciting way to show your undying commitment to one another. 

Though you may have a great idea in mind for your spouse’s anniversary gift, you may also be looking for ideas and thinking about the various traditional anniversary gifts for every year. Thankfully, there are a ton of different ways to interpret the yearly lists, and a lot of great gift ideas to gain from them. Keep reading for tons of ideas for the 8 year anniversary gift.

Anniversary Gifts for Each Year

As you can see above, there are several different lists for anniversary gifts. Most people are familiar with the traditional gift, best known for famous items like paper for the first year and diamond for the sixtieth.

As a result of the old-fashioned nature of the traditional list, the modern list was put together a few years ago in order to represent must-needs for the modern couple. Items like tin and ivory are cast to the wayside in favor of things like watches and appliances.


Why Color and Gemstone?

Not listed above are the yearly color and gemstone, which was a list put together by the gemstone industry with the knowledge that a lot of husbands like to get their wives jewelry for their anniversary. 

That comes with the yearly color, which sometimes corresponds with the color of the gemstone, but sometimes doesn’t. Getting an anniversary gift in the yearly color is a great option for a couple who don’t want to feel limited by things like the traditional or modern lists. You can read more about the anniversary gemstone here and the anniversary colors here.


Gift Ideas for 8 Years

five year anniversary gift

The 8 year anniversary has items for all of these different lists. The traditional gift is either bronze or pottery, and the modern gift is either linen or lace, which both offer a ton of options. Having multiple choices for what kind of gift you want to get your spouse is a really positive thing!

The 8 year color is also bronze, which corresponds with the traditional gift, but opens it up from genuine bronze goods to anything bronze colored. The 8 year gemstone is tourmaline, which is a very versatile stone that comes in a variety of colors.


Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift: Bronze or Pottery

The traditional 8 year gift is bronze or pottery. Both of these classic materials evoke the styles of places like Ancient Greece and Rome, where both bronze metal and clay pottery were very notable in the art and remains of the area.

Bronze symbolizes the incredible strength and shine of your relationship, while pottery shows that you’ve worked hard to shape and harden the love you’ve built over the years. They’re also both great options for presenting things like flowers and other decor.


Bronze Ideas

This gorgeous bronze candle holder will look amazing in any home and is perfect if your spouse is a candle and scent lover. It has a more rustic finish, so it offers a really cozy appeal. Put a candle in this and light it up for a cozy and romantic evening together.

If your spouse is an art lover, this bronze sculpture shows two figures embracing, just like the two of you after eight years of marriage. This is a large and formidable statement piece, so make sure it’s something that you know your spouse will love!

Since bronze is such a moldable metal, a keychain like this one that marks off your anniversary is a perfect gift to remind them of the 8 years you’ve spent in a happy marriage. It’ll be awesome every time they grab their keys!


Pottery Ideas 

There are so many options for a pottery gift! Pottery is something made in so many different ways and in so many different forms. For something sweet, this honey pot is perfect for your honey! This is particularly great if you drink a lot of tea or love some honey in your yogurt.

Another great option is a cozy ceramic mug that you can enjoy your morning coffee in together. This is a special representation of pottery because you can see the love and care put into it by the sculptor.

You could even get jewelry in the form of pottery! This pottery pendant is great for a spouse who loves the ocean since it has those tropical vibes. This is a loving and meaningful gift for someone who maybe doesn’t wear very much jewelry!


Modern 8th Anniversary Gift: Linen or Lace

Instead of the formidable strength of bronze and pottery, the modern gift is two soft and feminine fabrics: linen or lace. Linen, however, is strong, durable, and breathable, just like your relationship as it grows. Similarly, lace is delicate and beautiful, intricately designed just like the intricate nuances of your marriage.

These two gift options might be a bit difficult in a relationship because not everyone likes the look of such fabrics. Lace, specifically, is most often associated with women’s clothing and feminine-looking things. However, there are still plenty of ideas that anyone can like.


Linen Ideas

For couples that love to cook and eat, a nice set of linen napkins is a gorgeous asset to any dining room and will have any guests fawning. It’s also a shared gift that both members of the marriage can enjoy, as it’s a more sustainable option to disposable napkins.

It’s also possible to buy linen clothes, like this classy and airy men’s shirt! This is a great anniversary gift if you’re planning on getting a nice dinner to celebrate, because then he can wear it out! It’s also a great option for a guy in need of a style upgrade.


Lace Ideas

One of the most obvious options for a lace gift is a doily. Though doilies may feel like they belong in grandma’s house, she liked them for a reason! They’re a lovely decorative option for tables, shelves, and all other kinds of decorative fixtures. They bring a bit of beauty into every part of your home they touch.

The other obvious lace gift is underwear or lingerie. This is a romantic anniversary gift, showing your spouse that after 8 years, they’ve still got it!


8th Anniversary Color: Bronze

Like bronze as a traditional anniversary gift, the 8 year color is bronze. Even if it’s not literal bronze as a metal, bronze colored items still evoke the same classical sensibilities and impressive strength that real bronze does.

The best thing about the yearly anniversary color is that it gives you tons of options in terms of gift ideas, and is not nearly as limiting as some of the other list options. When looking for bronze colored items, just make sure it’s something your spouse will still like! Keep reading for some bronze colored ideas.


Bronze Colored Ideas

This bronze saguaro cactus painting adds a bit of Southwestern flair to even the most Northeastern home. It shows the large cactus in all of its beauty, strong and impressive despite being a bit thorny, just like your marriage.

Obviously, one of the most well-known bronze things is bronzer, the makeup! If your spouse loves that sun-kissed look then getting them a fancy set of bronzers is a great anniversary gift option.

Bronze colored clothing is also incredibly beautiful. This customized and hand-knit sweater will always make your spouse feel like they’re getting a big hug from you. The gorgeous bronze color is really unique.


8 Year Gemstone: Tourmaline

As for the yearly gemstone, year 8 is the tourmaline, which is a versatile and colorful gem. Tourmalines come in a variety of colors, from earthy oranges to vibrant pinks, greens, and purples. As a result, tourmaline jewelry comes in a variety of styles and cuts.

Tourmalines are also incredibly strong and long-lasting as jewelry, just like the last 8 years of your marriage have been. Their versatile nature also shows the many ways that a couple grows over 8 years.


Tourmaline Ideas

This gorgeous gold and pink tourmaline bracelet is not too flashy but grows more and more beautiful the longer you look at it. It can go with just about anything and will look really nice and dainty on the wrist!

A green tourmaline ring like this one is ornate and incredibly beautiful. It’ll look gorgeous next to your wedding and engagement ring and will draw a ton of attention, always reminding you of the accomplishment of being married for 8 years.


More Anniversary Gift Ideas

With seven years of anniversary gifts behind you, it can start to get hard to come up with ideas. Use these 8th anniversary gift ideas to celebrate!

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with every aspect of your anniversary. From anniversary activities to what to get your parents for their anniversary, keep reading for everything you need for the years to come.

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