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9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

One of the best things about celebrating a meaningful anniversary is giving your spouse an anniversary gift. Anniversaries are important because they show just how long you’ve been in love and they’re a time to reflect upon and remember the day you made such an important commitment. The big anniversaries are one thing, but what should you get as a 9 year anniversary gift?

After 9 years, you may be wondering what your spouse even needs for an anniversary gift. Thankfully, there are some traditions that give you some guidelines for what to get for each anniversary year. Keep reading for some 9th anniversary gift ideas.

Yearly Gift Traditions

There are several different lists that you can follow for anniversary gifts by year. As you can see above, the most well-known one is the traditional list, which includes famous themes like paper for the first anniversary and diamond for the sixtieth anniversary. These are very well-known traditions that you can find a lot of ideas for.

The other list is the modern list, which is a more up-to-date spin on the traditional list, due to some items growing quite old fashioned. It has traded in items like tin and ivory for things like appliances and desk sets. This is always a good option for gift ideas, too.


I’ve Never Heard of Color or Gemstone Anniversaries!

If you do some Googling, you may also find that there are lists for the yearly anniversary gift color and gemstone. These often go hand-in-hand, though they do not always correspond. These are options that are more loosely interpretable and give a lot of leeway when settling on gift giving.

The anniversary color is a good option because you can usually get plenty of things in a specific color– it’s not restrictive the way that the traditional and modern gifts tend to be.

The gemstone anniversary list was started by the jewelry industry because of how many husbands like to get their wives jewelry for their anniversary. By getting them a specific type of gem each year, then each piece is specifically connected to each anniversary.


What Gifts Mark 9 Years Together? 

anniversary gift

9 years is a long time, and an anniversary as important as any other! The traditional gift for 9 years is willow or pottery, which are a bit specific, but also have a lot of beautiful options. The modern counterpart is leather, which is very accessible, though some might not want it because it’s an animal product.

The 9 year anniversary color is terra cotta, which corresponds with pottery as a traditional gift. However, terra cotta colored products don’t necessarily need to be pottery themselves. The 9 year gemstone is lapis lazuli, which is a beautiful, mystical blue.


Traditional 9th Anniversary Gift: Willow or Pottery

If you’re deciding to go traditional, you have the option of choosing between willow and pottery. Willow is a wood made of the beautiful willow tree, which is a majestic tree that represents flexibility and magic. Willow products tend to be lightweight and masterfully crafted.

Pottery is manipulatable and representative of the ways that you work toward shaping and hardening your relationship. Pottery comes out more beautiful once it goes into the fires, just like a strong marriage grows.


Willow Ideas

Willow branches in a vase are a gorgeous gift idea. They add a lovely texture in every room, and their spindly nature adds a unique touch to every room. Forgo the standard roses for your anniversary this year and go for some willow branches instead!

Instead of something made out of literal willow, this art piece representing a willow is especially beautiful and will look amazing in any room. Every time you look at this incredible piece, you’ll think about the 9 years of your marriage.


Pottery Ideas 

If you’re looking to get some pottery, a berry bowl like this is a great option. This is especially great if you know that your spouse loves to pick or buy the freshest berries available and a bowl to wash them out and enjoy like this would be really well used. It’s also a romantic gift for sharing some sweet fruits!

This gorgeous bird planter holds a super sweet succulent inside of it. It has an earthy and natural look, like the planter itself is some sort of ancient artifact! This is a great gift for a spouse with a green thumb, or at least one who’s trying to grow one!

These artistic fish spoons are another perfect pottery gift idea. These are handmade and pretty quirky, so they’re perfect for a spouse with a fun sense of humor who loves to see something funny. 


Modern 9th Anniversary Gift: Leather

The modern counterpart to willow and pottery is leather, a fabric made out of dried cowhide that is incredibly versatile, used in clothes, accessories, and furniture. Leather is an easy good to find, however, some people do not like to wear or purchase it because it is an animal-based product. There are also non-animal alternatives.

Leather is an incredibly cool, stylish, and special gift that’s extremely versatile. It comes in a lot of different forms. Keep reading for some more traditional leather gifts, plus a few more creative uses.


Leather Ideas

One of the best leather gifts is a wallet! A wallet is practical and stylish, and something that everyone needs to freshen up every few years. This small leather wallet is perfect as a little clutch or for holding some necessities in a larger bag.

Another leather gift idea is a customized belt! Some people, either for work or because they like to, have to wear a belt pretty much every day. Having a really nicely made, personalized belt is a great gift to have from your spouse.

There’s also the classic leather jacket! This is a great gift to have your spouse feeling super cool and stylish everywhere they go. They’ll get tons of compliments and think of you every time!


Getting Creative with Leather

For something a bit more interesting, you could get a leather wine carrier! This is a fun gift for a spouse that loves a glass of red or white. Every time you bring a bottle of wine somewhere, your friends will be incredibly jealous of this awesome 9 year anniversary gift.

There’s also this gorgeous leather bracelet! This bracelet is totally androgynous so each spouse can all have matching ones. That can be really cute and everyone will be asking about your chic leather bracelet.


9 Year Anniversary Color: Terra Cotta

The 9 year anniversary color is terra cotta. Terra cotta is a color based on the color of pottery, connecting to the traditional gift. However, many items that are not made of terra cotta come in terra cotta colors because of the appealing earthy orange hue.

This warm and homey color represents the same thing as pottery, a color that has grown more and more beautiful after being sculpted and put under fires.

Terra cotta Colored Ideas

Terracotta is an awesome color for a bedspread! This comforter and sheet set in terra cotta looks cozy and homey while still being chic and trendy. It’s airy, bohemian, and can work with pretty much any style. Plus, it’s a couples gift that you could both enjoy crawling under at night!

This modern vase is warm and looks amazing with green plants coming out of it. This is an especially lovely terracotta gift to give with a sweet bouquet of flowers. It looks great in a rustic room or a modern room.


9 Year Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

The 9 year anniversary gem is the lapis lazuli, which is actually a rock! However, it has been used in the jewelry industry and classified as semi-precious because of its vibrant blue color. It’s a mystical and spectacular stone that you’ll be enchanted by.

Traditionally, lapis lazuli is used for enhancing intellectual curiosity and memory, as well as encouraging honesty, harmony, and communication– all things encouraged in a 9 year marriage.


Lapis Lazuli Ideas

One jewelry gift idea is this gorgeous lapis lazuli bracelet. This bracelet utilizes the crystal’s electric color to its full effect, acting as a nice bangle to any other bracelets you might regularly wear. It also shows off the lapis’ natural striped pattern, perfectly imperfect, just like your marriage.

This unique lapis lazuli ring features three stones, resembling the night sky. The gold band is especially vibrant against the dark blue of the stone. This will look amazing next to a pair of wedding rings!

One of the most unique and striking pieces of jewelry is a brooch. This lapis brooch is in the shape of the moon with gold stars and pearls. This is totally striking and shows your spouse that they are your sun, moon, and all of your stars.


More Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with all of your wedding needs, even after the day itself. From five year anniversary gifts to gifts for 25 years together, keep reading for everything you need about anniversary gifting.

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